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You Saved Me (a Daryl Dixon Love Story)


At 10, there was a yell out in the field, scream. Me and Daryl both stood up and started bolting across the field, just behind Rick. There was a walker leaning over something. It wasn’t until the walker was killed that we saw who it was. Dale.

I panicked, and started crying. I hadn’t lost anyone important to me since the start of the infection. I hadn’t had chance to start caring about anyone. I looked away from his face, and his gaping mouth, only to be greeted with the sight of his intestines and the rest of his insides. I turned and started being sick in the grass. I heard Andrea beg for his suffering to be ended. I tensed, waiting for the gun shot to come. Dale was going to die. There was a long pause, then the shot came, and I continued crying and being sick.

Daryl came up behind me. “Come on Ditzy, get it all up.”

I started just dry heaving and curled into Daryl’s arms. “It’s my fault. We were on watch. I should have seen it coming.” I wailed.

“Don’t be silly. Dale didn’t tell us he was going out for a walk, we didn’t know to keep an eye out for him. Look how far we are from the house. We’d never have seen the walker well enough to shoot anyway.”

I sniffled, and Daryl guided me back to camp. “Do you want to get some sleep?” I shook my head. “Okay then, let’s get you some blankets to settle down with in case you change your mind.”

We stopped by the tent, and picked up my pillow and blankets, before climbing up the ladder. Rick stopped by around 11pm to tell us he was talking Glenn on a walk around the perimeter. I fell asleep shortly after.

It was 2am, when I sat up, breathing hard from my nightmare. Not only were my dreams plagued with the walking dead, they were also filled with Shane, touching and cutting me, and Dale’s mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water as his life drained out of him. I felt a hand on my hair, and turned to see Daryl stroking my head softly, trying to sooth me.

“Nightmare again?”

I nodded and shifted along the roof of the RV to sit next to the chair he was sat on. “It was different tonight. But I’m glad you were here.” I added with a smile.

He smiled back, then frowned, “I’m not sure what we’re doing today? I don’t want to leave you alone.”

“I think Rick wants to try and cut Randall loose today. Dale managed to talk a few people round yesterday, no one feels quite right about just killing someone, especially someone so young.” I stopped and thought about Dale. I was going to miss him, and his constant voice of reason, being the angel against Shane’s devil on Rick’s shoulders.

Daryl nodded. “I’ll check with him when the watch changes. See what the plan is.”

I leant my head against his knees and let him stroke my hair softly, as we kept an eye on the farm. I’d just started dozing off again when Rick turned up, and I gathered up my things whilst Daryl spoke to him about tomorrow’s plan. I hardly heard a word, and jumped down the ladder, ignoring the fact that I wouldn’t see Dale’s smiling face in the morning, coming out of this van. Daryl followed me after a couple of seconds and we walked over to our tent, snuggling up in bed.

“Kat, I forgot to ask you earlier. What are those bags?”

I looked up and saw him motioning to our kit. “Oh. It’s all our stuff. I put together an emergency kit. I figured one of us could carry it, in case we ever need to get quickly out of here.”

“Ha, good idea.”

“I know,” I smiled. “Everyone has one now. We spent all afternoon putting them together.”

“My clever girl.” He stroked my hair softly. “Hopefully we won’t be needing them anytime soon.”

I smiled and nodded. “I like it here mostly. It’s calmer than on the run.”

We soon drifted off.

The next morning, Hershel had told Rick we could move into the house. Me and Daryl took down our tent, and loaded them into the pickup, then we loaded as many bags as we could onto Daryl’s bike. He rode up to the porch, while I took the backpack and the remaining bag up to the house with Carl in tow, clarifying some of the details of poker. I reached the house, and saw Daryl had found us a corner to get settled into. I plonked down our bags down, and started to make up our bed. I shoved them up together, and placed out blankets on top. It looked homey almost, and it was nice to be inside a house instead of a tent.

I looked out of the window and saw Daryl and Rick talking about where to take Randall. Carl came and bounced down next to me with his cards. We started a game of snap, and halfway through Daryl came in to tell me they were heading out shortly. I smiled and he kissed my hair.

“You take care of my lady, little man.” He said to Carl.

“Yes, sir!” Carl grinned up at him from under his hat.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside. Me and Carl put our cards down and rushed outside after everyone, as they headed to the barn. We got there just as Shane came out of the forest.

“Rick! He’s armed! He’s got my gun!”

I frowned. Something wasn’t right. Then I saw Daryl taking off with Glenn, Rick and Shane.

“Wait! Daryl!”

He paused and turned as I caught up with him.

“I don’t like it. I don’t trust Shane. You shouldn’t go.” I held his bicep.

He leaned in and kissed my forehead. “You go inside with Carl. You keep him occupied, and out of trouble. And most importantly Kat, you stay safe. Do not go off on your own. You hear me?”

I nodded, and he turned to catch up with Glenn. I walked back towards Carl, and we went into the house together. We sat down on the bed, and played cards until darkness fell. Carl was staring out of the window.

“I need to go and find my dad.”

“Carl sit down. I bet I can get Maggie or someone to come and play with us if you want.”

“Kat, I need to find my dad. I’m going whether you like it or not.”

I groaned. Daryl was going to kill me. “Right, fine! Go and get your emergency kit. If something happens, I don’t want you to not have it.” I picked mine up and grabbed my crowbar, heading to the door. Everyone else was in the dining room, and didn’t see us creep out. We walked over the fields until we saw two figures standing facing each other.

I pulled Carl down to a crouch, and together we got closer and closer until I could see who it was. Rick was standing facing Shane, who had his gun pointed at Rick. I pushed Carl down flat, as Rick killed Shane. Then we both stood and ran over.

“Rick what the hell just happened?” I walked up to him, leaving Carl at the fence. He looked past me at Carl, almost in shock.

“Carl don’t.” I turned and saw Carl had his gun up, pointing at the two of us.

“Carl what are you doing? Hear your dad out.”

He didn’t point it down. And when he shot, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Me and Rick turned to see Shane fall to his knees, and then the floor, a bullet in his head. He’d turned.

“Rick? He was bitten?” I frowned. We started walking back towards the house. There wasn’t much to say before we heard a groan. We turned and saw hundreds of walkers. My heart jumped to my throat.

“Come on. Follow me.” Rick lead us to the barn and barricaded the door.

I felt sick. He covered the floor in gas while me and Carl climbed up into the hayloft.
Then he opened the door. Carl dropped the lighter. The fire would at least attract the walkers away from the house. Away from Daryl. I watched the walkers burning, and looked out the window. What would happen when the wood burned through?

The moment I thought it, Jimmy pulled up in the RV. We jumped down onto the roof, and as we climbed down, I heard his screams. We started running for the woods. I hit as many walkers as I could. We got into the woods. I stayed right beside Carl. Suddenly there was a group of walkers coming right for us.

“Carl go with your dad. I’ll go around them the other way, split them off. I’ll meet you on the road. Go!”

I ran off to the left, making as much noise as I could as I went. When I got to the road, I saw no one. I started walking up, thinking I’d find someone. I walked all day, and into the next night. Not a soul in sight. I kept walking up the highway, all the way to the car where Sophia’s message was. No one. Nothing. Not even Daryl.

I was alone again.


Yeah yeah yeah... I needed to get those last two episodes out of the way. And there's not a lot to be said on Kat's part when she's alone so... Please stick with it


PLEASE write another chapter this story is PUUURRFECT!!!!!! it must go on you are a brilliant writer:)

kaileyE kaileyE

So good love this but apart of me wants to say you fucked that your not touching kat carol crazy land. But at least Carl. Has someone. And I love daryl

dombast dombast

I be pissed carol. Get better and just leave because carol new he was your man. Bitch. Or see how he like you being with someone else. Yes rick would have stay for Lori or even carl

dombast dombast

No carol and Daryl so wrong on so many levels kat should me on fuck the both of them.

dombast dombast

So good

dombast dombast