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You Saved Me (a Daryl Dixon Love Story)

Back Again


I woke up with a banging headache. Maybe the whiskey wasn’t such a good idea. I rubbed my eyes and opened them, squinting in the light that streamed into the cell. I was suddenly aware of a weight on my hip. Had I slept with Glenn or something? No I definitely left him and Maggie in their cell. I frowned and turned over. Oh shit. It was Daryl.

“Fuck.” I slid off the bed and onto the floor. I was still fully dressed which was something. Damn it Katherine! He’s got a new girl. It’s not you! I stood up and straightened my clothes, running a hand through my hair. I bit my lip and walked out of the cell to go and find Carl or Glenn or someone. I bumped straight into Carol.

“Oh uh… Hey Carol. Good to see you again. I had no idea what had happened to you all after the farm was abandoned. I’m glad to see you made it off safely.”

She smiled. It was almost a sickly smile. “Yes, Daryl saved me. It was truly heroic. We’re in a relationship now. Did you hear?”

This definitely wasn’t the Carol I’d known at the farm. She was almost cruel. “Yeah. Glenn told me. Daryl’s still in there, in case you’re wondering, luvvie duck!” I said sarcastically. I walked down the stairs in search of breakfast and maybe painkillers. She had no reason to be nasty. I, on the other hand, had spent 7 months with no human contact. I think I can afford to display a lack of social skills.

I sat down at a table with Glenn and Maggie, all three of us holding our heads and groaning. Hershel threw 3 painkillers onto the table and we scrambled for them. “Maybe you’ll all never do this again. I won’t be giving you anything to help next time.”

I snorted softly and took the pill with a glass of water. “Hey, do you guys still stock coffee?” I sniffed.

Glenn laughed, then held his head in pain. “Not on purpose, but if you can wait an hour, we can go and see if there’s anything left in the kitchens?”

“Yeah. I think I’ll need the caffeine fix. If not, I don’t mind going and taking a look in a Walmart, or a pharmacy or something for some tablets. I’ve been eating instant coffee.”

Both Maggie and Glenn looked at me. “Eating it?”

“Well yeah. I couldn’t afford the time to stop and heat water for it. So I just stuck my finger in the jar.”

Maggie raised her eyebrows. “Well, you do what you gotta do.”

I smiled. “I think I handled being alone admirably!”

They laughed at me, trying to ignore how hard it must have been for me. I didn’t want to dwell on it any longer. So I wouldn’t.

“So does anyone know what happened to my stuff? I don’t know where it went after I got here.”

“Yeah, it’s in the stock room over there. We weren’t sure what was going on, so it got dumped there when you got here.” Maggie pointed in the corner where I glimpsed my bag with the machete beside it.

“Thanks Maggie. I’ll go grab my shoes, then breakfast?” I said as I stood, rubbing my head.

“Yeah. Powdered eggs it is!” Glenn smiled up at me. “I missed you Kitty Kat!”

“Missed you too, Widdle Glennie!” I waved him off as I headed back into the cells. I found the one I’d woken in the night before, and pulled on my shoes. I could hear Carol going on about something a few cells down and laughed. At least she was having a bad day.

I looked at my clothes. They were filthy. I needed to change them, but I didn’t have anything spare that was clean. “Hey Maggie!” I yelled out the cell door.

In a matter of seconds, she was at my door, trying to tame her hair. “What can I do for you?”

“Do you have any clothes I could borrow? Mine are all… walker-y.” I wrinkled my nose, picking at the evidence on my shirt.

She laughed. “Yeah come with me. I think we’re about the same size.” I smiled and followed her to her cell, where she pinned up a curtain behind us. She dug through her duffel bag, and pulled out some jeans, a shirt and a tank top. “These should fit you just fine.” She put them on the bed, and smiled at me. “I’ll see you at breakfast!” She smiled, and walked out, leaving me to get changed.

I pulled off all my clothes and changed into the clean ones. I was glad to be back part of the group. I’d missed it; missed being able to rely on others, missed being able to sleep without worrying about what would happen while I slept. I pulled my boots back on, and fluffed out my hair. I’d ask about a proper shower in a bit. But first, breakfast.



“I di’n’t ask her to come in here and sleep in my bed! An’ I couldn’ climb over her without pushing her out the bed! I told her to leave but she was so drunk, I don’t think she even knew I was here ‘til she woke up! She’s been on her own fer more than half the damn year! I think we can forgive her one little mistake, don’ you?” Waking up to Carol yelling at me was not one of my favourite wake up calls, but there’s not an awful lot I could do about it. Apparently she’d met Kat on her way to waking me up, and now I was dealing with the fall out.

“You could have picked her up and dumped her in her own damn cell maybe? You might have been together once, but things have changed now Daryl. You’re with me now. You need to go and tell her that so no more ‘little mistakes’ happen.” She was being horrible, nothing like the Carol I thought I knew.

“Carol, she ain’t seen any of us in months. Last time she was with us, she was in a damn relationship with me. She don’t know ‘bout any changes in the dynamics in the group. She don’t know ‘bout the change in Rick and Lori, and she di’n’t know about us. She’s gonna need time to adjust. Just leave it the fuck alone, Carol!”

“I will when you tell her you’re not interested anymore! You’re going to tell her. She needs to hear it. You don’t love her anymore!”

I broke. “How would you know? I’ve been dreaming about her since we left her. Been having nightmares about what happened to her. I never stopped mourning her. I still love her damnit. And I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna let you tell me what my feelings are!” I suddenly realised what I’d said as her face darkened. “Carol, don’t. I was in love with her and I thought she was dead. I di’n’t stop loving her ‘cause she was dead. I needed ta move on if she was. But it will always be her, as long as she’s alive. I can’t stop loving her. Ever. I’m sorry Carol. I’m sorry if I led you on. I never meant it to turn out like this. But I can’t live this if she’s alive.” I bit the inside of cheek nervously. I’d never really had a break-up before.

Carol looked like she’d been slapped. “You picked that waif over me? She’s dirty, covered in walker blood, behaves like an animal. She’s unstable, volatile, unsociable. What do you see in that?”

I actually laughed. Hard. “Well you see Carol, I think you just described me there. So if you think those are all bad traits, what do you see in me?”

That stopped her in her tracks. “You’re not really like that. You’re kind underneath your bravado.” She took a step closer to me, as if to hold me or kiss me.

“What the fuck? Don’t touch me. You don’t think she’s put on a bravado. She’s been alone for months. She just found out we’re together. I think she may be a little upset. I’m sorry Carol, but I think you’re the unstable and volatile one. I’m not doing this with you. It’s over.” I walked past her, but she stopped me at the door.

“If you do this, you will regret it, Daryl.”

I glanced back at her. “How could anyone ever regret following their heart?” It was horribly cheesy, but true none-the-less. I left the cell with my crossbow and headed outside to the yard to start helping Rick out with getting the cars we still hadn’t got in.



We finished breakfast and then Glenn said he and Maggie were going to go and help
Rick and Daryl out with the cars. I nodded and said I’d stick around and catch up with Carl. I went to Carl’s room and sat down with him. “I see you finally got a gun, kid.”

He smiled. “Yeah. Dad said I needed it to help protect Mom and the baby.” he said, shoving steel wool into the homemade silencer.

“Well how about that game of cards?” I grinned.

We got halfway through a game of rummy when Lori and Beth announce they were thinking of giving Hershel a go outside to get some fresh air.

We followed him outside and down the steps. I sat back on a bench, looking down to where Daryl, Glenn and Rick were gathering wood. I watched Daryl intently until I heard Carl.

“Walkers! Look out!”

I spun and grabbed my machete, doing as much damage as I could, protecting Carl and Lori in close quarters. Maggie called and I followed her, Carl and Lori up the steps and inside. We almost got to the cells when walkers came out and we took a different corridor. We were panicking. Everything was as bad as being out in the woods, if not worse. I could still hear shots and shouting outside. I felt sick.

Suddenly an alarm starting blaring, tearing through my still sensitive head. I kept watch behind Lori, when suddenly she leaned up against a wall, groaning.

“Something’s not right.”

“Are you bit?” Carl panicked.

“No. I think the baby’s coming,” she gasped.

Walkers suddenly came from the direction we were going.

“Shit.” I swore, as Carl led the way to the boiler room. Carl and I scoped out the place for walkers, while Lori gasped and groaned from the pain. The alarms were still going. Lori was going to the have the baby in there.

Maggie lay her down to check if she was dilated. Carl and I stood, not knowing what to do or how to help. Lori started pushing. There was blood. I felt sick. Everything was starting to come in small glimpses. I hadn’t seen anyone alive die since Dale. I froze momentarily, before walking away to vomit in the corner. The blood brought it all back.

The alarms stopped. They lay Lori down on the floor.

“I’m not gonna make it.” She whispered. “You’ve gotta cut me open.”

“Carol’s the one that practised that, Dad only taught me the steps. I have no anaesthetic, no equipment-“

“Carl has a knife.”

“You won’t survive.”

“My baby has to survive. Please, for all of us.”

I couldn’t look. I didn’t want to see anyone die again. I tuned out. Until…


I turned and saw Lori looking at me. She smiled softly. “You look after Carl and my baby. You keep them safe when their daddy can’t. I need to know, they’ll always have their big sister. And you do right by that man of yours. I know he missed you. Tell him he’ll be a great uncle.”

I nodded and a tear dropped from my nose. “I promise I will.” For the first time, Lori made me feel like a really was a part of the family. “Neither of them will ever feel alone, Lori. They will always have me.” I smiled, as she held out her hand to me, and I kissed her fingers. “Sleep well Lori.” I murmured to her.

I turned away again, putting one hand on Carl’s shoulder. Lori breathed her last words, and I squeezed my eyes shut. My teeth grinded together as I heard a scream. Then nothing. Nothing at all. Until a baby cried. I turned, not looking at Lori, but at the little baby she held. Carl took off his jacket, and Maggie swaddled the tiny thing in it, and got up to leave.

“Wait!” Carl said. “We can’t just leave her here. She’ll turn.”

Maggie looked at me. I nodded and she darted up the steps towards the door.

“Carl.” He turned to face me. “We can do this. You and me.”

He nodded and I took his hand, as he raised his gun. I winced as the shot rang out. Carl gripped me and cried into my shirt. I stroked his head a moment before kneeling down.

“Carl. We promised to be strong, didn’t we? We have to be strong for that little baby. Now me and you are going to head back out to the yard with Maggie, and find your dad, and Hershel, and Daryl. It’ll be okay.”

He sniffed and nodded, leading me away from the body. I looked back one last time as we went up the steps. In the time I’d known Lori, we’d gotten along. She’d always been there for me, always making sure I was happy. If not for her, I’d never have told Daryl my feelings. If not for her, I wouldn’t have had such happy memories to cling onto as I’d traipsed through life those last few months. I was glad she’d named herself my surrogate mother, because there was no one I’d rather have.

We made our way through the maze of the prison and out to the courtyard in a mournful silence. No one knew what to say. As we got outside, I saw Rick. This was going to be hard. No one said anything. Maggie started sobbing, and Carl held onto waist, tears tracking down his face and mine.

“Wh-where is she? Where is she?” Rick made to walk past Maggie but she stopped him and he started crying. Carl clung tighter and I pulled of his hat and stroked his hair. I took the baby from Maggie and gave her to Carl, and got him to sit between my legs, as we cried, and listened to Rick wail for his now dead wife.

Rick went into shock, Daryl couldn’t get his attention. Hershel came over and looked at the baby.

“She looks healthy, but she needs formula, and soon, or she won’t make it.”

I heard Daryl from somewhere behind me. “No. No. Not her. We ain’t losing nobody else. I’ll go.”

I stroked Carl’s hair softly as he held the tiny girl close to his chest. I looked back and watched as Rick grabbed an axe and headed inside the prison, in anger. I stood and helped Carl up with the baby. She was crying a lot, but she was probably hungry.

We went inside, and regrouped. I sat down, and sat with Carl for hours while he mourned his mother. We held the little girl in turns, and when I held her, I stroked her hair, and imagined a day where I had my own baby to coddle. I shook the thought out of my head and focused on the one I needed to coddle now. I let her suck my knuckle for a while, which, whilst it didn’t stop her hunger, it entertained her for a while. I took a wet cloth and rubbed the blood and gunk from her face, trying not to think where it had come from.

I handed her back to Carl as Glenn followed me to a cell. I was trying to find a new shirt to wrap her in, since the old one was bloody, from hands and from her. “So who didn’t make it?”

He looked down. “Only three. Lori, T-Dog, and Carol.” I bit my lip. That one was sure to hurt Daryl.

I pulled out one of Lori’s shirts, and found it still smelt of something that could only be called Lori. I let a tear trail down my face. “At least it wasn’t all of us.” I sniffed.

Glenn gave a small smile and we went back to the tables, where I transferred the baby to the clean shirt. We needed to find some clothes for her really. But food first.

It was night when Daryl and Maggie came back. Carl was holding the baby when they arrived and Daryl stripped off his gear straight away and went to her. “How’s she doing?”

Carl handed her to him, and she quieted a little almost immediately. Beth ran over and handed him a bottle, and Daryl held it to her mouth. “Come on.” She latched on, and I smiled as Daryl looked around almost proud. “She got a name yet?”

Carl looked over at me. I nodded. “Not yet. I was thinking maybe Sophia. Then there’s Carol, too. And Andrea, Amy, Jacqui, Patricia, or… Lori. I don’t know.” He came and sat back by me.

Daryl looked down at the tiny baby. “Yeah… You like that? Huh? Little ass-kicker.” Everyone chuckled softly. “Right? That’s a good name, right?” he said. I could have kissed him just then. Even Carl was smiling, which was more than I’d hoped for today. Daryl was being so good with the baby. “You like that, sweetheart?” he cooed at her, as she finished off her formula.

I watched him, and soon he looked up at me. He nodded for me to follow him, as he passed the baby to Carl. Carl passed her to me, when he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. So I took the now sleeping baby with me to Daryl’s room. I went to sit down on the floor across from him, but he shook his head and motioned for me to sit beside him. I did, and he looked at the baby a moment before speaking.

“I broke up with Carol this morning.” I frowned but didn’t say anything. “She was mad, that you slept in my cell last night. I defended you, but she kept getting madder and madder, until I told her something she really didn’t want to hear.”

“What?” I almost didn’t want to know.

“I told her the only reason I was in a relationship at all, was because I thought you were dead. If I’d known you were alive, I wouldn’t have even considered anyone else. I told her it would always be you.” He frowned and looked at his hands. “She hated me, I think, when she died. I don’t know if I’m okay with that. But I do mean what I said. I still love you. Even after all these months.”

He looked up at me now. And I looked back. I took a breath before staring at the wall opposite. “In all the time I was alone, there must have been a thousand times I thought I was going to die. My main comfort in those moments was the memory of you.” I laughed almost sarcastically. “Before Lori died, she told me I was Carl and the baby’s big sister, and I needed to take care of them. I remembered it was her who made me tell you how I felt.” I looked down at the baby girl, who’d woken but was now cooing softly in my arms. “She made me feel like family, whenever I saw her. If not for her, you’d never have had me in the first place. Even as she lay dying, she told me to do right by you. She said you’d be a great uncle. Uncle Daryl.”

I smiled at him and he grinned. “So what now?”

I bit my lip. “I want to keep my promise to Lori. It was her dying wish for me. Not to mention it would make me happy too.”

He pressed a kiss to my forehead. “There’s something I have to do for Carol, when daylight comes. But once I’ve done that, I’m all yours.” I nodded. “So what, you’re lil ass-kicker’s guardian now?”

I shrugged as way of a reply. “She and Carl need someone to look out for them, and with Rick still MIA, I think I need to. I dunno where she’s gonna sleep though. Can’t sleep in a bunk in case she falls out, and we can’t sit her on the floor.”

Daryl thought a moment. “Well, if we can get everyone to take shifts with her tonight, I think I saw some pretty big, but shallow, plastic boxes in the kitchens. We can line one of those with towels and blankets and pop her in there.”

“That… isn’t a bad idea. I’ll take first shift with her tonight. I think everyone else needs time to settle down and recuperate. I’ll wake Beth when I need to sleep.”

“I’ll stay up with you. Got nothing better to do.” I smiled and handed him Lil’ Ass-Kicker. “She likes you.” I saw the flicker of a fire outside, and led Daryl to pit on the floor to stay warm through the night. Maggie passed me the rucksack with everything they’d picked up from the nursery they’d raided.

I opened it and found some disposable diapers, some reusable ones, and some baby clothes. I looked up and thanked her. I realised it was a miracle Lil’ Ass-Kicker hadn’t pooped yet. I quickly lay her down in her bundle, and strapped a disposable diaper on her. I gently slid her tiny arms and legs into the sleep suit, and did up the front, before wrapping her back up in the shirt, and handing her back to Daryl, who looked relieved to now be safe from the baby’s backside. I laughed and stroked the baby’s head softly, humming random notes, so she’d drift off to sleep. Slowly everyone else went to bed, leaving the fire burning for me and Daryl. I watched him coo at the little girl whenever she was awake. I laughed softly.

“What?” He mumbled, looking at me from underneath his eyelashes.

I shrugged. “Never thought I’d see the day Daryl Dixon was all soft about a baby.”

“Yeah well. I always wanted a little me running around but I thought it’d be too much for the world.” He said with a laugh.

I leaned against the wall. “I wanted a family more than I can ever tell you. My mum wasn’t so hot about me being born. She had me quite young, in England. I was a bit of a pain in the backside to her I think. She left me with nannies. Apparently she was quite well off, or at least her family was. When I was twelve, she disappeared one day. The nanny at the time thought nothing of it, and sent me to bed, and to school the next day. After three days there was still no sign of her. Her parents reported it to the police. They found her the next day in the woods behind the house. Her suicide note said she couldn’t handle me.

“I got shipped off to my father, over here, except he wasn’t much interested in raising a 12 year old girl all of a sudden. So he made sure the house was always stocked with groceries, I always had money, and occasionally took me clothes shopping. Once I hit 18, I went to college, and when I finished, I never came home. Moved out to Georgia. I worked at a daycare centre.”

“Ahh that explains how well you handled the diaper situation.” He smiled at me.

I winked. “Yeah well. I always wanted to have a family, look after my own children the way my parents never did. Then the world ended.” I smiled.

Daryl rubbed his hair a moment. “I wanted to be better than my dad too. He was a bit of a di-…” he paused and looked at the sleeping baby. “He wasn’t a great dad. Pretty much the opposite.”

I smiled and looked at the clock that was still ticking away on the wall. About 4 hours had passed since Lil’ Ass-Kicker’s first feed. She was due to either poop or feed again. I stood and made up a bottle of formula, before taking her from Daryl and checking her. “Ahh… Thanks for the little present Ass-Kicker.” I looked at Daryl. “Don’t suppose you feel like learning how to change a diaper? I think everyone here needs to learn, just in case.”

Daryl wrinkled his nose, but followed me dutifully to the table, where I lay the little girl down, and undid the tabs, lifting her legs up. “Is it always that color?” He said, peering over my shoulder.

“No. It’s because this is the first one she’s done. If you’re really worried about the color of it, ask someone.” I smiled and cooed at the baby girl as I cleaned her up, and put a fresh one on her. I did up her suit, and handed her to Daryl. “Now you take care of feeding her, while I go get a shower. I can’t remember the last time I had one.”

“Go on, get out of here stinky.” He smiled.

I grabbed a towel, and went to the shower block, shutting the door behind me. It seemed safe enough. I pulled off my shirt and turned the shower on.

Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me down to the floor. I screamed, trying to grab for anything. My luck was really out when I was with this group. Someone straddled me and hands went around my neck. I frowned. Walkers don’t strangle. I didn’t have time to think of anything else. My eyes focused on my attacker as they started to squeeze. “Carol?” I gasped.

“I told him he’d regret it. Now you’ll actually be dead, and he’ll have to pick me over you. I’ll feed you to a walker when I’m done; all poor little Daryl will know is that you were eaten. Bye bye, Kitty Kat.” She looked wild, covered in blood and dirt.

I felt the blood vessels popping in my eyes, and my vision started slipping away.



I sat rocking Lil’ Ass-Kicker, as she gulped down her bottle. “That’s nice huh sweetheart?” I heard a noise, and looked up to see Maggie watching me. “Hey, can’t sleep?”

She walked over to sit by me. “Nah. Keep seeing Lori. May I?” She held her arms out for the baby. I handed her over, and Maggie held the bottle to her mouth. “She’s strong. That’s a good sign.”

I smiled, when there was an ear-splitting scream from the showers. Kat. “You good?” I called to Maggie as I grabbed my bow and knife.

“Yes! Go!” She looked scared as I ran from the room. I threw the door open and saw someone crouched over Kat. No. She couldn’t be dead. She couldn’t be bit. I immediately smacked the thing over her with my bow, and they fell to the side, and didn’t get up. Kat gasped. She had thick bruises forming around her neck. I frowned, and looked to the person lying on the floor.

“Carol?” My knees went and I sat on the floor beside Kat. She was breathing. They both were.

Glenn ran in, armed and ready to go. “What happened?”

I blinked at him. “It was Carol. She wasn’t dead.” I frowned. “She was strangling Kat.”

Glenn raised his eyebrows and looked to Kat. “Is she…?”

“No. I think she just passed out.” I stood and picked her up. “Need to get Hershel to have a look at her.”

Glenn nodded and picked Carol up. I glared at him and he shrugged. “Can’t just leave her here. Carl’s got the keys to all the cell doors; we’ll just get him to lock her in.”

We went back to the cell block where Maggie ran over with the baby. “What happened? Is that Carol?”

“Maggie, get your dad up. Carol tried to kill Kat.” Glenn went to Carl’s cell to wake him up.

I took Kat to my bed, and lay her down. “Please don’t do this, baby girl.” I stroked her hair as I listened to Hershel’s crutches coming up the stairs.



PLEASE write another chapter this story is PUUURRFECT!!!!!! it must go on you are a brilliant writer:)

kaileyE kaileyE

So good love this but apart of me wants to say you fucked that your not touching kat carol crazy land. But at least Carl. Has someone. And I love daryl

dombast dombast

I be pissed carol. Get better and just leave because carol new he was your man. Bitch. Or see how he like you being with someone else. Yes rick would have stay for Lori or even carl

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No carol and Daryl so wrong on so many levels kat should me on fuck the both of them.

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