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A Thousand Miles (GlennXMaggie)


Chapter One

Glenn’s POV -
I looked over at Maggie who was sleeping quietly next to me. Her shoulder length, brown hair was slightly spawn across her pale, dirt stained face, across her closed eyes. I gently brushed it aside and tucked it behind her ears. The room was silent. The only noise was the quiet sound of her breathing through her slightly parted pink lips. I smiled to myself as I watched her in her beauty, I had never seen her wearing makeup or looking fancy, but I didn’t need to, as she was prefect the way she was, walker guts and all.
Her eyes fluttered open as they adjusted to the light.
“Hey” She smiled, her voice croaky and sleepy.
“Morning” I smiled back as I placed a kiss on her lips,
“Sleep well?” She asked as she readjusted herself on the ‘bed’,
I nodded,
“How about you two?” I asked, patting her stomach. Maggie giggled and nodded,
“We slept fine” She said in an almost whisper.
It was still hard to believe that Maggie was pregnant. She was 7 months now and each day was closer to seeing our beautiful baby and we couldn’t be more excited. However, it wasn’t like that before. We had our ups and downs, the baby was an accident, but we don’t call it that, more like, a surprise. It was bound to happen due to the lack of protection and birth control but it was a shock and it was scary, considering with what happened with Lori..

(Flash Back)
Maggie’s POV -
Today was the day, I couldn’t keep it from him anymore. Now that I was 100% positive, now was the time. I paced myself waiting for Glenn to come back from a quick and easy supply run with Rick from the town. He would be back any moment and I still had no idea what to say. I had a speech figured out in my head but now it felt like it didn’t matter. The words would come tumbling out of my mouth and I wanted it to be right. I heard the car pull up and the dust flew up around everywhere making the air dirty. I watched the car slowly come to a stop and the dust began to float in the air before it slowly returned to the ground as the two front doors of the car swung open, Rick on the driver’s side and Glenn on the passengers. I jogged over to him and hugged him. He pecked me on the nose and hugged me back. It was always a relief to see him come home. I never had really thought about the fact that he could go out and perhaps never make it back, in one piece, but I always told myself that he would always come home. I let go of our embrace and he went to go help Rick unload the supply’s from the car. I looked at what they had got. My heart sank a little. It was a good amount but really not enough. We were running out on supplies and food was our biggest problem here.
“You okay?” Glenn asked me as he handed me two tins of chopped tomatoes. He must of seen my face, I smiled in gesture.
“Don’t worry Maggie, there’s enough for everyone here” Glenn said, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder. I smiled as I placed my hand over his and lightly kissed him on the lips, our faces inches away from each other’s,
“I know” I whispered.
“You two gonna stand there smoochin’ all damn day or help us?” A firm voice said from behind, it was Daryl he had his crossbow slung over his muscular body and bags of tools and medical supplies in his hands. Glenn pulled away and gave a nervous chuckle as he quickly helped unload to car. I watched Glenn as he walked up ahead toward camp. I could feel a nervous knot in my chest. How was I supposed to tell him?! There were barely any supplies for the group and now we would need double with a baby on the way. It could go two ways; everyone would be supportive and help out as much as they could or others could find it hard and not want to help out and I hate to be the one to label people but I knew how certain people were gonna feel about this.

Everyone was just finishing their cooked squirrel, courtesies to Daryl, when Glenn mentioned that he was going to go look out for walkers since it was his shifts. My heart skipped a beat when I automatically stood up to follow him, this was it. He had to know. I needed him to know.
“Hey wait up” I called as he looked back towards me.
I skipped over to him and we walked over to the watch tower.
“Maggie, get some sleep, it my shift, plea” I interrupted him,
“Glenn I need to talk to you.” I said sternly,
“Yeah, sure, okay, go ahead” He said nervously, he didn’t like confrontation and I could see I was making him nervous.
I sighed, I couldn’t think of the words and my brain scrambled for what to say and how. I looked at him desperately,
“Maggie what?” He sounded concerned, scared. That’s when I realised, what if he’s not happy? What if he gets mad? I panicked as I stuttered and mumbled, then I looked into his eyes. His dark brown eyes. So full of hope and love. Full of concern and worry.
I just said it.
“I’m pregnant”. Tears were welling up. I couldn’t tell if it was the fear or happiness but I stood there looking at a emotionless Glenn.
“Say something” I said, my voice cracking as small tears rolled down my checks. The realisation. It wasn’t going to be all cute and fun. This baby would be brought up in a world where everything and everyone had gone to shit. And we did this. I couldn’t raise a baby, certainly not on my own but I never thought how Glenn would react. My head was swirling around round these thoughts and it was all interrupted with the feel of Glenn’s lips on mine and his strong arms wrapped around my body. I swung my arms around him and hugged him back. I started sobbing and laughing, a mixture of emotions as he started to rub my back, he was soothing me and I calmed down. The panic faded, I wasn’t alone. I never will be.
“It’s okay” I heard Glenn whisper over and over again.
“It’s okay”.


Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene




aw thanks and hah don't worry it wont just be about the baby, it will have back stories and plot twists like that

PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn

@I'm Charlie

aw thankyou !! it means a lot to me :)
PizzaGlenn PizzaGlenn

I like everything but Maggie being pre

Hi , I find your story interesting , Maggie who is pregnant, it is a good idea and I 'm really curious to know where all this will lead.

Aries Fire Aries Fire