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Diamonds in our Bones.


The world was gone. It didn't go to Heaven or to Hell. It went to the undeads. Now, as the undeads rule the world, the living are trying to survive the harsh cold world. Especially Emma, a newly college graduated surgeon. She had realized the world was going to the shits when her brother came back, killing her best friend then coming towards her. His eyes were no longer her favorite storm blue. It was silver. It wasn't shinning silver; it was muddy silver. His skin was gray and there was huge hole on his neck when something ripped a chunck of his neck muscle out. Dried blood was everywhere on him but fresh blood covered his face when he took a big bite on her best friend's face. He continued to eat, not noticing her.

From then on, she kept on running. Running away from the dead and even running away from the living. What survivng does to humans, it was hard to imagine. Make them cold and merciless. Making kids grow up faster than ever, making them witness the horrors of the undead. But Emma kept on running. She didn't stop for anything, maybe for scavenging food and cloths, she kept on running.

Until she stumbled upon a group on a camp on the rock quarry right outside of Atlanta. And fearing for her life, they captured her. She thought they were going to kill her but they didn't. They did the opposite, despise one of the guys--Shane-- did not like the idea of having a stranger in a camp at all. They sheltered her.

Everyone got used to her but she doesn't care what the others think. If she makes the one guy think that she is a trustworthy person and always back him up, then its all fine by me. His name?

Rick Grimes.


Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

A recluse and has no control of his anger. May come off as a douche bag but he is one you should be close with. He accepts Rick as the leader and befriends Emma first. Excellent at hunting and his best friend is his crossbow. Cares for Carol. In all seriousness, Daryl Dixon is actually a guy who you can cuddle with.

Emma Standford

Emma Standford

26. Newly- graduated surgeon. Used to be one of the three siblings, now she is the only child. Alive that is. No clue about her parents or her fiance. Strong minded and obviously, not scared of blood. Makes quick decisions. After she arrives at the camp, she doesn't like Shane from the start.

Rick Grimes.

Rick Grimes.

Before the apocalypse, he was the town sheriff. He has wife named Lori and son named Carl. His best friend is Shane, who was also his partner in his work field. He got shot and was succumbed into a coma. Woke up few months later to the world already went down to the shits. He was abandoned but he finally found his family and group of survivors in a rock quarry. He slowly became their leader without meaning to.



Thanks. I will put that in mind

Thanks. I will put that in mind

I'd love to see a follow up - Shane and Lori coming back, and Rick and Emma are married or something. Awesome story.

ihatethesnow ihatethesnow

amazing story

Blakeray Blakeray

I really like this story ._. So like ... Update soon Or whatever ._.

MrsReedus MrsReedus