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Suffering silence (rick grimes)


Physically and mentally agonized eyes squinted, seeking through the towering emerald tree's, as the wind launched them in violent swaying motions. Placing a nimble hand on her swollen yet tender stomach, Amber dashed in that direction, running as fast as she could, in her state that was. She lifted her sword seeing an angular walker stumble towards her. It's jaw hanging loosely as its blank ruthless eyes glared into her, wanting nothing but a meal.

Skilfully, Amber raised her sword chopping the walkers head of, causing its lifeless gurgles to stop as its head was slammed onto the floor. She flicked the blade to the side as the crimson liquid flew to the ground in one motion.

Carrying on her journey, Amber took a large gulp of water from the bottle she had scavenged, before placing it safely in her bag. Amber knew that it wasn't just herself that she was surviving for, it was the growing fetus inside of her.


Amber Carson (portrayed by Miranda Kerr)

Amber Carson (portrayed by Miranda Kerr)

Amber is a pregnant yet beautiful young woman with a distraught past which haunts her to this day. Growing up in an abusive household, finding her mother dead dime to suicide and being offered as prize for a game of cards , and being raped has mentally scarred her. Amber had a harrow life, but found comfort in a woman called Michonne, who turned out to be her saviour. Amber finds herself committing in a relationship for the first time in her life. Despite her horrible past, Michonne helped Amber onto the road of recovery and Amber ended up becoming a model for Victoria secrets- but the walkers destroyed the world, when she was 1 month into the life of being a worldwide model...

Judith Grimes

Judith Grimes

Daughter of Amber and unknown; Rick finds himself being Judith's dad (not biologically) and ends up looking after Judith like a daughter. As Rick is the only one who comforts, looks after and helps Amber during a hard time (while going through one himself) after stealing a kiss Amber asked if she could name Judith, Judith Grimes, which he happily accepts.



Amber's best friend, who knows everything about herself. Without meeting Michonne, Amber would of gone ahead with killing herself.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

After the death of his wife, and a heavily pregnant woman showing up. Rick finds himself comforting a broken stranger and falling for her while dealing with the death of his wife. After Rick decides to put his past relationship behind him, he focuses himself on his future, his and Amber's, Judith's and Carl's future.


  1. O n e

    Just some painkillers

  2. T w o

    "someones coming"

  3. T h r e e

    armour of black and blue

  4. F o u r

    open his eyes

  5. F i v e

    "we all turn"

  6. S i x

    vivid flashes

  7. S e v e n

    "just in case"

  8. E i g h t

    constant drumming of death

  9. N i n e

    she's weak

  10. T e n

    I can't

  11. E l e v e n

    Little kickass

  12. T w e l v e


  13. T h i r t e e n

  14. F o u r t e e n

    large pit of despair

  15. F i f e t e e n

    i have to do this

  16. S i x t e e n

  17. S e v e n t e e n

  18. E i g h t e e n

    Not today, you traitor

  19. N i n e t e e n

    "I can't be responsible"

  20. T w e n t y

    hurt or worse, dead.

  21. T w e n t y - o n e

    a precious, innocent soul

  22. T w e n t y - t w o

    "smart, not crazy"


Thank you:) ill update tommorow:)xxx

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aww so adorable

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i love this story

Blakeray Blakeray

Thank you for both comments, and aw thanks:)x

Theinfected Theinfected

loved the chapter

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