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Sleepless, restless, useless, helpless, hopeless... just less

Ch. 9

Merle is walking from room to room. It’s making me annoyed. I don’t feel like moving so, I have to watch him pace around. He’s been antsy after Daryl left. I don’t know if he wanted me to go. He comes back to living room. I lower the book I’m trying to read.
’’If you are thinking, I didn’t tell Daryl about the pills’’, I tell Merle. He turns to look at me. Like really look at me. It’s making me feel weird.
’’Why?’’, he asks with a flat voice. He looks away from me.
’’Didn’t think it was mine to tell’’, I answer to Merle. He still doesn’t look me. I wait for him to say something, but he doesn’t. He walks back to some other room. I try to read the yoga book again. It’s all about breathing and your body telling you what you can and cannot do. It’s not really making me jump from the joy.

I’m sitting in the floor of ’’my room’’. I haven’t heard anything from Merle in hours. Does he still have the pills or has he taken all of them already. Slowly I get up and walk to the Merle’s ’’door’’. I knock. No one answers. How dangerous he can be if he has taken some pills? I knock again. Then I hear coughing.
’’Merle, are you there?’’, I ask in loud voice.
’’Merle answer me goddammit.’’
’’MERLE!’’ There is no answer. I’m thinking of going in. I knock again.
’’Merle, I’m going to come in now’’, I say and pull the door open. I’m little surpriced that it’s not locked. I look around the dark room. He coughs again. What if he has died? I take my blade from my boot. Slowly I walk next to him. He doesn’t react to me in any way. He is sweating. In the dark room I can’t see properly.
’’Merle’’, I say to him but he doesn’t answer. I push him with my hand and take a step back. He coughs. Cautiously I place my hand to his forehead. He is flaming hot. Did he catch the same sickness I got or has he been bitten? I sit next to him. I know it’s not safe place to sit but I can’t hover over him. My back hurts as it is. I shake him and he finally opens his eyes. He glares at me. He is always so happy to wake up.
’’Merle, have you been bitten?’’, I ask him.
’’No’’, is all he answers. He must be really sick if that is all I get.
’’Okay, good’’, I say, ’’You are sick.’’
’’Ya made me sick’’, he states. Ofcourse he blames me.
’’Yeah, it was all me but don’t worry, I’ll make it better’’, I tell him.
’’Fuck off bitch’’, he tells me. That’s the Merle I know.
’’Yeah, yeah’’, I say and get up, ’’I go get you something for the fever.’’ I walk out of the room. Merle doesn’t answer me. Probably already in sleep.

Daryl walks in the woods. He has noticed that there has been humans. Not just one. He looks around. He walks silently focusing in every step. Then he hears distant moans and growls. Somewhere are walkers. He walks towards the sound. There are walkers tied together like a fence. They are tied from the hands, legs and neck with some kind of wire. He watches them watching him. Snapping their jaws and pulling each other to get to him. The wire sinking in their rotten flesh making it ooze blood. He walks along the walker fence. Then he stops and hears noises. Daryl crouches behind a tree. He sees men around a fire. He eavesdrops them.
’’The prison you say’’, one of them says.
’’Yeah. It’s taken over’.’’
’’How many?’’
’’Don’t know. Lucas is in there watching.’’
’’Good. Tell me everything when you get back.’’
’’Yes Sir.’’ Someone was watching them. He needed to get back and tell Rick about it. Walking back he made sure to keep track of where they were located.

’’Merle, you need to drink’’, I say to him frustrated. Merle knocks the glass of my hands.
’’Fuck you. Get out’’, he yells me in hoarse voice. I take the glass from the floor.Thank God he didn’t knock me over. I get another glass of water and meds. Maybe then he will drink. I wet a towel and walk back to his room.
’’Come on. Take this. It will help with the fever’’, i tell him and he grabs the pills from my hand, not too gently. Then he pops them in his mouth and I give the water. He drinks it greedily.
’’Ya made me fucking sick’’, he yells. How can he still have power to yell at me? I don’t get it.
’’Yes, I did that. Now, I leave you to rest’’, I say to him and place the glass to the table. I put the towel on his forehead. I’m walking out of the door, when something hits me in the back of my head. I turn around and see the towel on the floor.
’’Keep yar stupid rags off my head’’, he yells at me.
’’Sure’’, I say and take the towel. I’m going to be so happy when he gets healthy and I don’t have to be in the same room with him.

Daryl is pacing in the yard. He is thinking Raya. He can’t bring her here until they have taken care of the men in the woods. He told about them to Rick. He wanted us to keep on watch and then decide what to do. Daryl just want to take care of them and get Raya to there. She can start giving birth at any moment. He doesn’t want her to go thru it alone or with Merle. Merle isn’t the best to support when you are in pain. He probably just tells to grow a pair. Daryl doesn’t want that to Raya.

Merle throws the glass to the wall.
’’Fuck off’’, Merle yells. It’s a miracle he can get any noise out of his throat. His voice is barely a whisper. I’m busting my ass off taking care of him. He sure ain’t making it easy for me. More than ones he throws the towel at me and not just the back of my head. I haven’t slept in two days. Nights I stay at Merle’s door. I check his pulse from time to time but only when he is sleeping. He already slapped my wrist ones not too gently. I wouldn’t like to repeat that experience.

We have been watching the guys in the woods. They are going to attack us. We are going to make it seem like we left and are going to ambush them. Everyone is packing. Rick wants to make sure they all die, so we don’t leave lose ends. We take our stuff to a meeting place, and we leave kids and Hershel there. One is left to be our look out and warning us when they come. Things go smoothly. So smoothly, that it feels unbelievable. We cleaned the mess we made and go get others back.

What the group don’t see is the one eyed monster staring the pile of bodies burning. Hate flamed inside him. It’s his prison and his going to take what belongs to him. No matter the cost. Man disappears back to the woods.


This was hard one to come up to. Too me ages but now it's here. Hope you enjoy. Comments?



Lolly Lolly

thatks for feedback :) you'll just have to wait and see :D

invisible_smoke invisible_smoke

thatks for feedback :) you'll just have to wait and see :D


invisible_smoke invisible_smoke

Like it I hope Merle is alive and stays alive

dombast dombast