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Finding Each Other


Shelter. Food. Water. Clothes. Family.
The things we took for granted before all of this.

Shelter, we've had many. From the quarry outside of Atlanta to the CDC. Hershel's farm to the prison where we thought we'd thrive. The prison was taken from us and destroyed in the process.

After the events in Atlanta with Beth, we left for D.C. On the way we joined a large group in Virginia called Alexandria safe zone. He said it was safe but it wasn't. It fell just like every other place.

D.C. was a bust. It was over run just like every other place. Now we're back on the road. We came across three survivors that heard of a place in Maine. As a final hope of surviving, we're heading there after winter and Maggie has the baby.

We'll find a place. We have to find a place.

The events in this fan fiction doesn't go in sync with the show. Some characters in the show might be dead when this story takes place.
The only characters I have rights to are the OCS. The actual characters from the walking dead I do not own.
The events in this fan fiction takes place four years after everything started.
With that being said, I hope you all enjoy my first fan fiction.

1._- The Original Group (The Walking Dead Cast)
2._- The Newcomers
3._- The Original Four (New Haven Safe Zone - Maine)
4._- Important New Haven Safe Zone Residents
5._- Visitors


1.1- Daryl

1.1- Daryl

Our favorite crossbow welding survivor is still blaming himself for what happened in Atlanta. The majority of his blame and guilt ends when he comes face to face with his past. How will the rest of the group handle the secret he's been keeping from them all these years? (Portrayed by Norman Reedus)

1.2- Carl

1.2- Carl

Being a teenager is hard enough but being a teenager in a world where you have to fight against the living dead, seems nearly impossible. Then one day while he’s out on a run, he comes across something he never thought was possible in this world. Will what he finds change him for the good or the bad? (Portrayed by Chandler Riggs)

2.1 & 2.2- Raymond and Christie Chambers

2.1 & 2.2- Raymond and Christie Chambers

Husband and Wife. Raymond was a General Practitioner and Christie was a Mechanical Engineer. (Portrayed by Blair Underwood and Michelle Rodriquez)

2.3- Antonio Jimenez

2.3- Antonio Jimenez

Father of Christie. Doesn't speak any English. Also wheelchair bound. (Portrayed by Antonio Banderas)

2.4- McKayla

2.4- McKayla

With the disease that took her mother’s life when she was young begins to show its ugly face. And then her husband she believed to be dead comes back into her life after four years. How will she tell the man she loves that she might not be around much longer? (Portrayed by Julianne Hough)

2.5- Mattie Lynn

2.5- Mattie Lynn

With New York still haunting her dreams every night. Mattie fears that her mom is hiding something from her. Then someone comes along and she starts to fall for him. Will he ruin her chance of becoming self-efficient or will he help her to become the person she wants to be? (Portrayed by Peyton List)



Was a Sergeant in the United States Army but after the fall he became close to the other three survivors. They travelled up to Maine where they helped establish a safe zone. His strengths are interrogation protocol and weapons. (Portrayed by Jonathan Tucker)

3.2- Mathey

3.2- Mathey

Was a Private First Class but after the fall, titles didn’t really matter. Even after four years after the fall he has an attitude but it’s kept him alive and the others. His attitude played a major role in the original fours survival. (Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer)

3.3- Izzie

3.3- Izzie

A specialist and a pilot for The United States Air Force. Originally from Australia. She flew the Boeing/Vertol Ch-46 Sea Knight cargo plane before it crashed. Her ability to aim straight and dead on, freaks the men out in the group. (Portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin)



Was a First Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps for nineteen years until he lost his leg. But just because he’s missing a leg doesn’t mean he’s not badass still. Besides he did grow up with the Dixon brother. (Portrayed by Michael Fassbender)

4.1- Dr. Johnathon "Whit" Whitaker

4.1- Dr. Johnathon "Whit" Whitaker

The only Doctor for the New Haven Safe Zone. Has a thick Scottish accent. (Portrayed by Sean Connery)

4.2- Brett Albright

4.2- Brett Albright

Secretary of Defense and served with Aaron Forbes. Him and Aaron don't exactly get along. (Portrayed by Tom Hardy)

4.3- Taylor Begum

4.3- Taylor Begum

Thirteen at the beginning of the apocalypse. He was brought into the group by Aaron and was highly accepted by Izzie. Aaron and Izzie ends up adopting him shortly after finding out his entire family is dead. (Portrayed by Robert Sheehan)

5.1 & 5.2- Nicolas and Pedro Floras

5.1 & 5.2- Nicolas and Pedro Floras

Brothers. Nicolas is the father to Marcus which makes Pedro Marcus' uncle. Nicolas is the leader of their group. Pedro on the other hand is more of a misfit that doesn't like to listen. (Portrayed by Jimmy Smits and Danny Trejo)

5.3- Marcos Floras

5.3- Marcos Floras

Not only does he have to deal with his father, but his Uncle as well. He saved Avery and the two become close. David and him also have a close bond. (Portrayed by Tyler Posey)

5.4 &5.5- Adam and David Cole

5.4 &5.5- Adam and David Cole

Father and Son. Adam is Nicolas' right hand because he's more trustworthy. He gives his son David a hard time because he doesn't fully understand his son's relationship with Avery and Marcus. (Portrayed by Jason Statham and Josh Hutcherson)

5.6- Avery

5.6- Avery

Has one blue eye and one green eye. Was saved by Marcos and feels drawn to him. She also has a connection with David in the process. (Portrayed by Danielle Campbell)

5.7- Tanya

5.7- Tanya

She the ex of Daryl. Not a friend nor foe of either Daryl or McKayla. Was saved by Aiden and they have an intimate relationship. (Portrayed by Willa Holland)

5.8- Aiden

5.8- Aiden

The medic of the group which they’ve used only a hand full of times. Saved Tanya at the beginning outside of Atlanta. Hates that Daryl had her first though. (Portrayed by Idris Elba)


  1. Prologue Part 1: Before the Fall

  2. Prologue Part 2: The Fall

  3. Prologue Part 3: After the Fall

  4. Chapter 1: Just Another Day

  5. Chapter 2: Department Store

  6. Chapter 3: Reunion on Aisle Five

  7. Chapter 4: A Dixon Reunion

  8. Special Announcement

    Literally a special Announcement, not the chapter title.

  9. Chapter 5: The Camp

    Read this one before Chapter Six! I posted back to back with these chapters.

  10. Chapter 6: Battle Wounds

    Read this one after Chapter 6! Once again I say I posted back to back.

  11. Chapter 7: Emotional Rollercoaster

    WARNING: This chapter does get sexual between Daryl and McKayla.

  12. Chapter 8: Pillow Talk

    Carl and Mattie's POV only

  13. Chapter 9: Budding Romance

  14. Chapter 10: It's Your Love

  15. Chapter 11: Two Months

    Aaron's POV

  16. Chapter 12: Next Morning

    WARNING: A slight sexual chapter.

  17. Chapter 13: Prognosis

  18. Chapter 14: New York

    This chapter is only in Mattie's POV and it's a flashback to what happened in New York.

  19. Chapter 15: Project Wildfire

    Aaron's POV

  20. Chapter 16: White Out Part 1

    This chapter is only in Daryl's POV

  21. Chapter 17: White Out Part 2

    Carl's POV only

  22. Chapter 18: Awake

  23. Chapter 19: Everything Has Changed

    Aaron's POV WARNING: Just another sexual chapter :)

  24. Chapter 20: Panic

  25. Chapter 21: No Matter What

    WARNING: Sexual Content in this chapter

  26. Chapter 22: Cleared Weather

  27. New World Order Part 1

    Aaron's POV

  28. New World Order Part 2

    Aaron's POV

  29. The Truth Part 1

    Mattie and Carl's POV

  30. The Truth Part 2

    McKayla and Daryl's POV

  31. Group Meeting

  32. Roommates

  33. Nightmare

    See Notes for Special Announcement

  34. Black Ice

  35. Just A Check-in

  36. Aftermath

    Post 1 of 2!

  37. Unexpected Situations

    Post 2 of 2!

  38. What Now?

  39. Your Idea of Limbo

  40. The Past Came Back

    (Warning) Physical, Mental and Sexual abuse is sort of heavy in this chapter.


Looking forward to both!

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63

Hello and thank you for the feedback. I'm working on posting new chapters for both stories shortly, I promise. My muse and I are arguing at the moment. Finding Each Other only has a few more chapters left until it completes. Bonded by Pain on the otherhand, I'm not sure how many chapters it will be yet.

Heartlove689 Heartlove689

Hey there, discovered your story the other day and have now read both stories, Bonded by Pain and Finding Each Other. Loved them both, and how you have written Finding Each Other from all these different points of view, the different story streams and then bringing them all together. I hope you plan on updating this one soon. On a personal note, I do hope that things have settled in your life and I am praying for you.

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63


Lolly Lolly

I won't leave for long at all. I'm just working on another project and sealing with some stuff. Leaving on a cliffhanger was part of the idea for when I went on a hiatus. Sorry!

Heartlove689 Heartlove689