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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 1: Lori Plays Cupid

Does anyone know what irony is? Anyone?" The English teacher, Ms. Hammond, asked her 4th period students. But the class was much too quiet. She could even hear the crickets chirping.
"Anyone?" She asked again, and felt like facepalming.
There was still no sounds from the students, except for the occasional tapping of a pencil or foot.
"Doesn't somebody at least want to guess?" She asked, wanting to punch all of them and give every last one of them after school detentions for the rest of the week. But she knew that she couldn't. She was here to give them a chance, to teach them things that they didn't know.
When nobody even attempted to raise their hand, she got furious. "You know what? Get out your textbooks and read pages 190-205. This is unacceptable. You should've learned this in 7th grade. And now here you are, ninth graders, and you don't know anything."
The teenagers groaned and then the only sound in the class was the rustling of pages as they opened to their assigned pages.
"This is why I should've taught honors classes." mumbled to herself, wishing that the bell would ring soon and these children(or teenagers) would leave.
"Is what we don't finish in class homework?" A girl named Lucy Liu asked as she raised her hand. Many kids in the class turned to look at her and shot her evil looks. Then they turned towards their teacher, silently praying that she would say no.
Ms. Hammond thought for a moment. Should she give them homework? Sure, they really needed practice, but she had a feeling that they wouldn't even touch the homework.
"No." She finally answered.
"Wooooo!" Barry Clancy, the uncontested class clown, yelled out, pumping his fists in the air. Why were freshmen so immature?
The class worked for ten more minutes, then the bell rang, and everyone rushed out of the class. Ms. Hammond sighed with relief. It was lunchtime for her, which meant eating her homemade lunch and calling her best friend, Lori Grimes.
She took her lunch pale out of her desk drawer and dumped it's contents on her desk. Inside were a sandwich, a bag of Doritos, and a pack of Hostess cupcakes. She felt like a child eating this kind of lunch, but she loved it, so why should she care?
Then she pulled out her phone and quickly dialed Lori's number.
"Kayla?" Lori answered when she picked up.
"No, it's your husband. Who do you think I am?" Kayla laughed.
"Just making sure." Lori answered.
"I'm having a pretty bad day." Kayla complained into the receiver, tapping her fingers on her desk.
"Well, you'll feel better in a few days." Lori assured her friend.
"What makes you say that?" Kayla asked.
"You know... The date."
Kayla groaned and threw her head back. Lori had been trying for a while now to get Kayla to go on a blind date with some guy named Shane Walsh, who Lori said was a great friend of her husband Rick, but Kayla had never met him before. (Wasn't that the point of a blind date?) Which was pretty weird, considering that she was always hanging out with Lori and her husband,Rick. And now that the date was finally set, Lori was super excited, but Kayla really wasn't. She hated blind dates. She liked to meet the guy first, to get to know him a bit. What if this Shane guy was some mentally challenged guy that Lori and Rick felt bad for, and they were just pretending it was Rick's best friend?
"What makes you think that'll make me feel better? I'm a freaking train wreck when it comes to dating." Kayla said, sighing. It was true. Kayla had went out with few guys before, and each one was a terrible mess. What made Lori think that this Shane guy would be better?
"You'll like him. Trust me. He's great friends with Rick, and he's a good guy." Lori said.
"Why? Just because he's good friends with your husband, you think I'll like him?" Sure, Kayla loved Lori's husband. Not literally, even though she did have a slight crush on him at one point... But she had always thought of him as a person that she could confide in, and he could do the same with her. Sometimes, she felt like she could talk to him more easily than she could talk to Lori. He was basically her male best friend, and pretty much her only male friend. She's never told Lori any of this, though. Lori would've surely gouged her eyes out by now.
That's another reason she felt weird about this Shane guy. Since she was with Rick a lot, even without Lori sometimes, how did she not meet him?
"Just trust me." Lori said.
"Whatever you say. You always know best." Kayla said, laughing to herself.
"Yeah. By the way, can you watch Carl tonight? Rick and I are going to go out later tonight..." Carl was Rick and Lori's only son. Lori had always called on Kayla to watch him whenever she went out, which was pretty often. Kayla watched him so much, she wouldn't be surprised if he started calling her "Mommy". Sure, she had a strange love for kids, but who said she wanted to come home every day and raise her best friend's child?
"Sure. I don't have anything better to do anyway." Kayla said, thinking. What would she do tonight if she didn't watch Carl? She'd probably grade papers, eat Chinese food in front of the TV, and fall asleep on the couch. How fun. She'd much rather help out with Carl.
"Good. Thanks." Lori answered, and then promptly said goodbye. Kayla said goodbye as well and they hung up.
About an hour and a half after she got home, Kayla had to head over to the Grimes house to babysit Carl.
"Remember to put him in bed at 9:00." Lori had instructed as she and Rick had walked out of the door.
"Ok." Kayla replied, deciding right then and there that she would put Carl to bed whenever she wanted. Even if he wanted to sleep at midnight, she'd let him, if his parents weren't home. She had no idea why Lori would bother giving her orders when she couldn't even take care of her own damn kid herself.
Soon, Kayla began to regret her decision of letting Carl stay up as late as he wanted. He was starting to get a bit annoying, and kept asking about when his parents would be home.
"Soon." She told him, and then she decided to play monopoly with him. The game was starting to annoy Carl, because of all of the math that he had to do.
"I hate this stupid game!" He said, throwing his pile of money in the air, causing it to fly everywhere.
"Woah, woah. Pick that up now." Kayla instructed, sounding every bit like the teacher that she was.
Carl groaned and picked up the money, and Kayla decided that they should put the game away.
Then Kayla realized that she had a chance to strike gold. Carl was always around his father, so he must know some info about that Shane guy, right?
"Hey Carl, I've got a quick question for you." Kayla said, and Carl lifted his head in interest.
"Yeah?" He asked, smoothing a hand through his own thick dark hair.
"Do you know anything about a guy named Shane Walsh?" She asked, smiling because she knew she was going to get answers.
"Yeah I do! He's pretty cool. He's good friends with my dad, and works as a cop just like him." Wow. That's some juicy info.
Kayla sighed. That wasn't the information she was looking for, but at least it was something. And something was better than nothing, right? Plus, she was half that Carl had just answered her question without asking her why she wanted to know.
"Cool. Are you tired yet?" She asked, hoping to get him into bed.
"No. Can I watch transformers?" He asked, and Kayla gave in.
They watched a bit of the movie, but not too much, because soon they were aware of a car pulling in the driveway and keys working in the door.
Kayla had to think quick. She quickly shut the TV off, and pointed to the stairs, silently instructing Carl to go upstairs. He went speeding, and was in his room with the door shut in a matter of seconds.
"How's out little boy?" Lori asked as soon as she and Rick had walked through the door.
"Good. He's such a good boy." Kayla said, smiling.
"Is he sleeping?" Rick asked.
"Yeah." Kayla answered.
"Good. Thanks again." Lori said.
Kayla went home that night feeling like she wanted to die. She was so tired. She sat on the couch, and flicked on the TV. Some corny love story movie was on, andKayla had no idea why, but she decided to watch it.
The movie was about 2 hours long. She had no idea why, but she felt kind of lonely as she watched the movie. Sure, all of the kissing and hugging had made her sick, but it also made her feel like she wanted to be like those people in the movie. In love.
Kayla sighed, turned off the TV, and went upstairs to her bedroom. Her house was a small place, with only 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Sure, there was a backyard, but what the hell was going to do with that?
She put on her sleep clothes and crawled into the bed. Luckily, today was a Friday, so she wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow. Sure, she would have some papers to grade at home, but at least she didn't have to deal with those kids in her classes.
She buried her head in her pillow, her mind still on the topic of falling in love. She tried to shake it away, but it just wouldn't leave her. Why was she thinking about this, anyway? Some cheesy love movie?
Or maybe Lori was right. Maybe she was lonely and did need a guy in her life to fill that void. Wait, what?
Kayla sighed. Maybe going on this blind date with Shane Walsh wouldn't be too ad after all.
She squeezed her eyes shut, willing sleep to come quick.


I'll update the character list soon. Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter!


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX