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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 3: First Date, and Not The Last

"Lori, it's immediate." Kayla begged over the phone. She needed Lori to come over her house-now. It was the day of her big blind date with Shane, and she didn't even know what to wear.
"What is it?" Lori asked, slightly annoyed. She knew that Kayla wanted to call off the date at the last moment, but that wasn't going to happen.
"I'm having a clothing crisis. Just get your skinny ass over here." Kayla said.
"You can't figure out what to wear? Are you kidding me?"
"Yeah. That's why I need you."
"Well, here's a hint. Make it somethin' fierce n' sexy. Guys like flashy things."
"Like cleavage-flashy things?"
"Like anything-flashy things. As long as your showing something, he'll be all over it. Trust me. I know Shane."
"Sure. Just come over here and tell me what clothes like that look like."
"Kayla... Fine, I'll be right over." Lori sighed and grabbed her car keys.
"Bye Rick! Bye Carl!" She called out.
The two came out of their rooms and immediately asked the same question, "Where are you going?"
"I'm going to help Kayla find an outfit for her date."Lori told them, opening the front door. At that, Rick said goodbye, kissed her, and went back into his room.
"What date?" Carl asked. Oh yeah. She hadn't told her son about the blind date, only because she knew that the little guy would spill all about Kayla to Shane, and all about Shane to Kayla.
"She has a date with somebody." Lori replied. Oh wow. No shit Sherlock.
"Who?" Carl asked. Why did he have to be so nosy?
"Shane." Lori finally admitted. She didn't know why she couldn't just make a name up. She really should've.
"Shane? Woah, Shane's gonna be Kayla's boyfriend? Are they going to get married?" Carl asked.
"Let's not go that far. It's their first date." Lori said, kissing the top of her son's head. She wanted to get out of there now, before he kept asking questions.
"Bye mom!" He called as she walked out the door. "Bye honey!" She called back.
She breathed a sigh of relief, got in her car, and was on her way.
"Is this good?"
"How about this one?"
"Is this one flashy?"
These were the questions that Kayla kept asking, each time holding up some outfit that she didn't even give Lori time to fully look at.
"How about this?" Kayla asked, holding up a black dress. Then she promptly threw it on the floor. Lori swiped it off of the ground.
"At least let me see these things before you throw them on the ground." She snapped, unfolding the dress to get a closer look at it.
"What do you think?" Kayla asked her friend, standing right behind her.
"I think it's nice. Go try it on." Lori said, handing her friend the dress and waving her off. Kayla went in the bathroom(which was located in her bedroom).
"This might be a little short..." Kayla said.
"Just come out and let's see it." Lori said, laughing at how much of a prude Kayla was sounding like.
Kayla stepped out of the bathroom. Sure, the dress was a bit short, but nothing too terrible. It came a little bit above Kayla's knees, and it was a little tight, but that was the way it was supposed to look.
"Too short? Hon, I think it looks great on you. It totally shows off your legs, which we all know as your best feature." Lori said, smiling. Kayla had super long legs, and at times they would make Lori jealous. But now she knew that Shane would like that about her, and maybe things would go along a little better. She knew it wasn't right for someone to just show off themselves for their date to like them. But Kayla could come off a little inexperienced and naïve, and she needed help to look like she knew what she was doing. Lori really wanted this date to work out, for both Shane and Kayla's sake. They both needed someone in their life. Badly.
"Really?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah." Lori said.
"Ok, then I'll wear it."
Lori breathed a silent sigh of relief. She had come here thinking that this would take hours, but it only took about ten minutes.
"What time should I go? Where the hell are we even going?" Kayla asked, once again looking in the mirror.
"You're going to that fancy little Italian restaurant that just opened up. Rick's going to pick you up, since you have no sense of direction at all." It was true, Kayla always got lost when she was driving somewhere, and always had to call Lori or Rick to give her directions to get wherever she was going. It was quite annoying at times. That's why tonight, Rick was going to drive her. Because if she got lost on the way to her date and showed up extremely late, who knows what would happen, but it wouldn't be very good.
"Good." Kayla was happy that she was getting picked up by Rick for two reasons. One, she didn't want to get lost. And two, she wanted to see him right before the date, to cool her nerves a little bit. She knew Rick was just the guy for that.
Kayla slipped the dress off as soon as Lori left. She didn't want to wear it any longer than she had to. She would put it in a half hour before she had to go.
She worked on her hair, and decided on messy-but-cute bun. She sat on her couch, and turned on the TV. She should've been doing work, she had to teach tomorrow. But she decided that she would do it later, after the date.
She flicked through the channels, finding nothing. She shut her eyes, trying to calm the nerves brewing in her stomach. God, what would she do? She was so inexperienced. And it didn't help that this was a blind date, and she didn't even get to meet the guy.
She felt sick to her stomach. Oh, the nerves were really building up.
Kayla looked in the mirror at herself. Her glasses were covering most of her face. Her dress fit good, but it was way too long, and it buttoned up to her neck. She felt like a granny. And it was the day of the big Valentines day dance for sophomores, and Kayla was actually bringing a date this time, a first for her.
She tore her glasses off if her face and headed down the stairs slowly. Her father was down there, grilling her date. Kayla stopped halfway down the stairs to listen.
"What do you plan on doing after you get out of school?" Her father asked. Why did he have to be so overprotective? They were just going to a dance. It wasn't like they were going to get married or something.
"I want to become a professional athlete." Her date, Barry Greenburg, responded.
"And if you don't make it or get injured?"
Kayla could practically feel his sweat. "Oh... Uh... I..."
Kayla ran down the stairs, nearly falling on her ass because she was wearing heels. That was a first for her too.
"Hey!" She said, and saw Barry giving her a once-over.
"You look great." Barry told her, taking her hand. Kayla's father stared at them in disgust.
"Don't try anything." He warned Barry.
"I w...w... I won't, sir." Barry stammered, and he and Kayla left. Kayla's house was extremely close to her school, so they'd be able to walk to the dance, which was in the school gym.
They had a good time at the dance. A great time, actually. But it all went downhill at the end.
"I'll bring you home tonight, but after this, I don't think... I don't think we should go out anymore." Barry told her. Kayla stared at him in shock. Oh, hell no. He couldn't be dumping her. Not tonight, the first time they had ever went out. Could a school dance count as a date? There were too many thoughts in Kayla's head.
"I... Why?" She asked. She never did get a response.
Kayla got home that day and stayed in bed for three more days. Her parents asked no questions, they just let her sulk in bed. She should've called Lori and told her what a scumbag Barry was. But she didn't any to associate with anyone, not even her best friend.
Kayla doubted she would ever go on another date again. She had no desire to go through that ever again.
Kayla snapped her eyes open. Oh, god. When had she fallen asleep? Had she even fallen asleep, or was she just daydreaming? Either way, she rubbed her eyes and made sure her contacts intact. She got the contacts shortly after her sophomore year in high school, as a Christmas present.
There was a knock at the door. Kayla shot upstairs and shoved on her dress. She was sure the person was Rick.
She looked in the mirror. Her hair looked fine, but she was wearing zero make up. She shoved on some lipstick. Then she grabbed a pair of black wedges out of her closet, put them on, and ran downstairs.
"Rick?" She called out loudly as she ran down the stairs.
"Yea?" He called back.
She opened the door to reveal Rick, all dressed up in his cop get-up. Poor thing probably just got off work, and now he had to drive her to her date. She felt bad, but it was better him than Lori, right? Lori would probably lecture her the whole way on how to act on a date, but Rick would actually have a smooth conversation.
"You ready?" He asked her.
"Yeah, let's go." She replied.
They got into his car. "So, are you excited?" He asked.
"A little. But I'm nervous I guess." She replied, riding shotgun.
"You'll be fine. Shane will like you. I know it. Just... He may come off a little heavy at first, but just give him a chance. You two will be good."
"You think?"
"I know. Give it a chance."
"I will."
Soon they arrived at the restaurant. Rick let Kayla off at the front of the restaurant, and Kayla promptly went inside. There were a bunch of people in the waiting area, waiting to get their tables.
Kayla surveyed them. A guy in a suit, a young girl with a baby, an old man, a fat guy, and two teenagers holding hands.
"Shane... Walsh?" She asked, and everyone looked at her.
"Anyone?" She asked.
Everyone continued to stare at her like she was crazy. She sighed and sat down.
She waited and waited, and watched as other people got their tables. She was beginning to think that's he was getting stood up.
She sighed again and twirled a piece of her light blond hair around her finger. She wanted to shoot Lori an angry text, but decided against it.
The door opened, and a new guy stepped inside. He was wearing a crisp black suit and a tie. Kayla put her palm up to her mouth and snickered quietly.
"Kayla Hammond?" She heard someone ask. She looked up. The person speaking to her was the guy who had just came in with the suit.
"Yea... Shane Walsh?" She asked.
"That would be me. Now let's just get this over with, shouldn't we?" He helped her up and they got their table.
At their table, they say across from each other. Kayla examined him quickly. He we good looking, clean cut, and he appeared to be very muscular, he filled out his suit nicely.
Shane did the same and checked out Kayla. Sure, she was cute, but she seemed nervous and on edge. And she was rarely making eye contact with him. Hey, at least she had nice legs, which he got to see first hand after he helped her up and they headed for their table.
There was a basket of bread at the table already. Shane immediately took a piece and opened a packet of butter. He began to butter the bread, glancing at Kayla every chance he could. Would she ever start a conversation?
Kayla leaned over to get a piece of bread for herself, and as she did so, Shane checked out her cleavage.
"So... You're a cop? Must be scary." Kayla said. Finally.
"Scary? Nah. It gets tough sometimes, but never scary. At least not for me." He smiled. Kayla laughed.
"Is it fun?"
"Eh, sometimes."
"I'm sure you have tons of stories."
"Yeah, but I want to hear a bit about you. What do you do?"
"As a job?" Kayla felt like an idiot for asking a dumb question like that.
Shane shot her look, one of those no-shit looks. She wanted to crawl under the table, curl up, and promptly die. But that be even worse. She'd look like a complete freak.
"Yeah. As a job." Shane finally answered.
"I'm a teacher. 9th grade." Kayla said, trying to get over her embarrassment.
"What subject do ya teach?" Shane asked.
"English. It's hell."
"Them freshmen." Shane said. Kayla had no idea what the hell he was trying to say, but she laughed anyway.
"Exactly." Kayla answered.
They talked a while more, laughing and having fun. When the waiter finally came, they both ordered wine and pasta dishes.
As they waited for their food, they talked more. And when the food arrived and they began to eat, they talked and laughed more.
Kayla was having so much fun. She did like Shane.
Soon, they asked for the bill. They were much too full for dessert. When the bill came, Kayla tried to swipe it up. But Shane was too quick and swiped it too quickly for her.
"Give me it." She said, knowing it wouldn't do anything.
"Here." Shane held it out.
Kayla went for the grab, but Shane pulled it away from her too quickly.
He laughed.
"Wow. Mature." Kayla said, rolling her eyes.
Shane put the money on the table. "Maybe another time. How 'bout I take ya home?" He asked, smiling. Kayla felt like she was floating.
Lori was right. Oh, she was totally right.
"Thanks Lori." She said quietly to herself.
"What?" Shane asked. Great. Now he probably thought she was a weirdo.
"I didn't say anything." She said, trying to sound convincing.
"Ok." He replied. She breathed a fast sigh of relief. He believed her.



Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX