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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 4: Girl Talk

Kayla woke up extra early he next morning, so she had time to both get ready and daydream about her date last night.
She pulled herself out of bed, a huge smile plastered on her face. She was too happy after last night, too hyped up. She had gone on a date with a guy that she already liked, and even better, he seemed to like her! Life could be sweet sometimes.
But it also could be a bitch, which she learned as soon as her favorite English class came in.
"Today we will be learning how to write a 2 paragraph response." Kayla too the kids excitedly, even though she knew that the kids would hate learning it, and she would hate teaching it to them. But no way was she going to let that ruin her good mood. She was still glowing over last night.
The class groaned.
"A 2 paragraph response is a quick way of writing. One paragraph is your introduction and thesis statement, and the last paragraph is your body. You tie up your response in the ending sentence. There won't be a separate paragraph for the conclusion."
Kayla began to hand out the assignment papers. "We'll do the first one together today, then the rest of the assignments will be up to you." She told the students. They all groaned. She was helping them. Why were they pissing and moaning still?
She helped them begin the introduction. They didn't contribute at all, even when she asked them questions like "Does this sound good?" and "Which word sounds better?"
Kayla was beginning to get annoyed. These students were not motivated at all. And they should be. Hell, they were in 9th grade. This was the year that mattered. This was when colleges would begin to observe them. Apparently, these kids didn't give a crap what happened to them.
They continued the essay, Kayla writing most of it. All of it, actually. The students rarely answered any questions she asked, and seldom came up with ideas. It was making Kayla angry. She wanted to scream at them, smack them, and make them do the essay themselves. But she knew she couldn't. Why was being a teacher making her so angry lately? She used to love it. Maybe it was just getting old to her. Maybe it was just these students. She felt like she had to call Rick later and set up another "secret meeting".
"Do any of you want to learn this? Or do you want me to do it all." She asked.
"We want you to do it." A few kids in the class answered in unison. Kayla didn't know which ones they were. If she did, she would chew them out.
"I appreciate your honesty. But you really do need to learn this. You have a big test at the end of the year. And you must pass it. Well, unless you want to end up seeing my face next year." Kayla told them.
"We definitely don't want that." Barry said. The class snickered. Kayla decided to let it slide just this once.
When that class ended(it felt like forever to Kayla), Kayla felt exhausted. When it was time for lunch, she couldn't be more happy. She was really looking forward to talking to Lori.
"Kayla! So how was the date last night?" Lori asked as soon as she picked up.
"Well, hello to you too. I had a great time last night." Kayla replied.
"That's it? Something exciting had to happen? Did he kiss you?" Lori asked.
"No, he didn't kiss me. But we still had fun."
"What did you do?"
Kayla laughed and rolled her eyes. What did Lori think that they did? "We ate dinner and we talked. I learned a lot about him. He's so brave." She swooned.
"Oh, god. Did he tell you the story about the gangsters?"
"Yeah! Why? Is that a fake story or something?" Kayla asked. What good was a guy if he had to lie about his accomplishments?
"No it's real. He just always uses that when he wants to impress someone. Especially a woman."
Shane had decided that it would be "cool" to tell everyone he met how he once took down a few gangsters. It was nothing big, there were only 3 of them, but another deputy was shot in the process if getting them. They had to end up shooting the gangster that fired the weapon, only injuring him, not killing him. Shane thought that since he got out of that mess untouched, he should tell everyone about it. And Kayla really didn't blame him.
"Oh. I don't really care then. It's good to brag about yourself and good things that you do sometimes. It really boosts your self esteem."
Lori rolled her eyes. Of course Kayla would say that. Little miss "All of my students passed their final exam this year!" Just like Shane, Kayla loved to brag about her job. And it always was about those damn test scores.
Suddenly, the bell rang.
"I gotta go, Lor. I'll call you later." Kayla said.
"Why don't you come over later?" Lori asked.
"Ok. Your husband isn't going to be there?"
"No. He's working."
"Ok. I'll see you then."
"Where's Carl?" Kayla asked as she stepped into the house.
"He's outside playing." Lori answered.
"Unsupervised?" Kayla asked. Sure, she was no parent herself, but she knew that kids as young as Carl shouldn't be playing outside by themselves.
"He'll be fine. He's a good boy. He knows when to come back in." Lori said.
Kayla decided not to question Lori's parenting any further. "So... I'm sure you want to hear more about the date. That's why you called me here... Right?" Kayla asked, taking a seat at the kitchen table.
"Yeah. But we can talk other stuff too." Lori said, also taking a seat.
"Yeah. Well, Shane gave me his number last night. Is that a good thing?"
Lori's face lit up. "That's a great thing. Did you give him yours?"
"Yeah. But I'm waiting for him to call me first. Or should I call him?"
"Honey, if you call him first, call me "old fashioned", but you'll seem desperate."
"You're right. I'll wait. I wonder what he really thought of me."
"He did like you. Why else would he give you his number?"
"To give me false hope?"
"Don't think like that."
They talked for another half hour or so. They drank some coffee and had cookies.
"Oh shit. Carl!" Lori said through a mouth full of cookie. She threw her half eaten cookie down on the table and rushed out to the backyard.
"CARL! CARL!" Kayla heard Lori call. Kayla rushed outside.
"He's not here?" Kayla asked. She scanned the yard. No little boy in sight.
"COME ON BABY! MOMMYS HERE!" Lori called. Kayla could see tears in her eyes and hear the nervousness in the voice.
"It's ok. We'll find him." Kayla assured her friend.
But Lori wasn't so sure


Will Carl be found? Find out next chapter! Haha thanks for reading!


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX