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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 5: Rick The Therapist?

"Come on! We have to find him!" Lori shouted at Kayla.
"Alright, alright. Calm down. He can't be far." Kayla assured her.
"Where do you think he went? Why would he even leave in the first place?" Lori was close to tears, and Kayla knew it.
"Let's just look around. Ask the neighbors. He can't be far."
"I'll ask the neighbors, you look around." Lori said. "Hurry."
"Alright, I'm moving." Kayla began to walk away, when suddenly the screen door that led to the backyard opened.
"Lori?" Rick asked, stepping outside.
"Honey, we have a major problem here." Lori said as she hugged her husband.
Rick caught onto the panic in her voice. "What's wrong?" He asked.
"It's Carl. He's gone." Lori said.
"Where did you last see him?" Rick asked.
"He was out here, playing. Kayla and I were inside talking, we came out here to check on him, and he was gone. I mean, you're a cop hon. Just help us find him." Tears began to form in Lori's eyes.
"You let him play out here... Unsupervised?" Rick asked.
"Yeah, I mean he's old enough and everything. I thought he was responsible." Lori said.
"He's 10 years old. You should've at least watched him from inside."
"I know. It's all my fault." Lori began to cry softly. Rick took her into his embrace.
"It's not." He assured her.
Kayla watched all of this silently. The words that Rick had said the other day. "I just can't bring myself to yell at her." That was what was going on here. Rick was about to tell his wife off, but when she said had started crying, Rick caved.
"We better get looking." Lori said, breaking away from Rick. Kayla walked away, pretending that she wasn't listening.
It was getting darker and colder as Kayla walked down the street, calling Carl's name practically every step she took.
Kayla ran a hand through her long hair, wondering what would happen if they didn't up finding Carl. Rick and Lori would be devastated. Carl was their only child so far, and Kayla knew that he pretty much meant the world to them.
"Let's not think about this." Kayla said to herself as she kept walking.
"Excuse me. I'm Lori Grimes, your neighbor. Yeah, you know me. So, have you seen my son? He ran away from our house awhile ago, and I was wondering if you had seen him?"
"I'm sorry, but no."
This was what was happening at every house that Lori went to around the neighborhood. She would knock on the door, ask that same question, and get the same answer. Well, of course nobody would say the same "I'm sorry but no", some preferred "No" or even "No Ma'am."
Lori was getting frantic. She had to find her son.
Rick was also helping to look for him by asking neighbors. He obviously didn't anything from anyone either, because he would've told her by now.
"CARL!" She shouted really loudly. People pulled curtains back in their houses to look outside. Lori just sighed. What did she think screaming would do?
Kayla found him sitting in a park bench. She approached him slowly, like you would a deer. Any sudden movements, and he might run off.
"Carl?" She asked slowly, sitting beside him.
"Hi." Carl replied after a few seconds of silence.
"Why did you run away from your house? Your mom is worried sick. Literally." She told him.
"I don't know. I just... I'm never allowed anywhere. And I wanted to go somewhere... That's all. I didn't mean to scare anyone." He said.
"But you did. Come on, right now. Let's go home."
They both stood up, and Kayla took the boys hand. He tried to get away from her, but she didn't allow him to.
"Are you too big to hold my hand anymore?" Kayla asked him jokingly.
"Kind of." Carl said, laughing.
"Fine. You win. Just walk close to me."
More than anything, Kayla wished that Carl was her child. It sure felt like it. Maybe it wasn't the fact that she wanted Carl as her child, but that she wanted a child in general.
"I'm not going to think about that right now." Kayla said to herself.
"What?" Carl asked.
Kayla smiled. "Nothing."
"Carl!" Lori shouted as soon as she saw her son walking into the house. She and Rick were back inside the house, with no help from neighbors. They didn't to get anyone big involved in this yet. They wanted to wait for Kayla. Lori was about to have a serious panic attack, but some kind of miracle had happened and Carl was already back before she could even dial a single digit of any phone number, or start screaming.
"Carl!" She said again as she pulled her son into a tight hug.
"I'm sorry mom." Cal said, hugging his mom back.
"It's fine. Just never do that again. Where were you?" Lori asked.
"I was going to the park. I really didn't mean to scare you. I think I'm old enough to go places on my own, right?"
Lori laughed. "The hell you are. You scared the shit outta me Carl. Never do that again. You hear me?" She held her son tighter.
"Got it mom. You're suffocating me."
Lori laughed and let her son go. He immediately ran over to his father for a bear hug. Lori smiled and pulled Kayla in for a hug. "Thank you." She whispered into her friends ear.
"No problem." Kayla replied.
Kayla went home satisfied that night. She had found Carl, and Lori and Rick were excited about that. They actually looked happy together with their child. But god knows what would happen when Kayla left.
Kayla lay in her bed, smiling. But soon, her happiness was crushed when she realized something. Something critical.
Shane hadn't called her yet.
It was normal, right? He wasn't supposed to call her right away, right? Then again, if he wanted a follow up date, wouldn't he have talked to her already and set a date? Or was he playing hard to get? Did guys even do that?
These thoughts were causing Kayla's brain to feel like it was going to explode.
Kayla sighed and shut her eyes.
The next day, Kayla didn't need to work, so she slept in. She didn't actually wake up until quarter to noon, and it felt good. She felt like she hadn't got rest like this in awhile.
She turned on her phone, and saw a message. Her heat leaped and began to beat fast.
Then she realized that the message was from Rick, not Shane. She still loved to hear from Rick, but still.
The wife's out. Come over. The message read.
Kayla laughed. So he wanted a secret meeting.
Coming Now. Kayla responded.
Rick sent her a message of a smiley face and Kayla felt her heart flutter. Rick was so awesome. For a second, she wished that she was the one married to him, not Lori. Then they could talk all of the time. Kayla let the feeling pass.
"Where were you?" Rick asked as Kayla entered the house.
"What do you mean?" Kayla asked, taking a seat on the couch. Rick sat beside her.
"I texted you at 11:30 and you didn't respond until twelve. Was it possible that you were talking to Shane?" Rick asked.
"No, I was sleeping. But speaking of Shane, I haven't heard from him. Where had he been?"
"He wants to call you." Rick said.
"Then why hasn't he?"
"He's kind of... Afraid that he'll say something wrong."
"Really?" Kayla laughed.
"Yeah, but don't ever tell him I told you that. He gets embarrassed over those kinda of things."
"I won't say a word. Did he... Say anything else about me?"
"Yeah. He couldn't shut the hell up. He told me that you weren't like the others, you seemed cool, you were cute..."
"He really said all of that?"
"Yeah. And more. I didn't listen to him the whole time." Rick laughed. Kayla smiled.
"So... Where's your wife and Carl?"
"Ever since yesterday's incident, Lori has been wanting to spend more time with him herself. Which is ok with me, because I get to sit here and talk to you. By the way, thanks for helping to find him.
"Aww. Don't flatter me. Anyway, Lori does know that she's part of the reason he ran away, right?"
"Wait... What?"
"Yeah. When I found him, he told me that he ran away because he never got to go anywhere."
"Really? God, I feel like a shitty parent."
She reached over to touch his hand. "No... You're working half the time. Lori's the one at home all of the time."
"Yeah, but I wouldn't out all of the blame on her. As I said, we can't agree how to raise him. And the poor is feeling the tension between us, you know? I feel bad for him. I was thinking if a divorce, but that be hell for Carl."
"Divorce? Hell no."
"Kayla, people can't stay in love forever. This isn't some fairy tale. Life goes on and people get sick if each other. I mean, Lori and I got married very young. Too young. I realize that now."
Kayla gasped. "Don't think like that."
"You won't know how it feels until you get married and have kids."
"I'm sure Lori doesn't want a divorce. Just think this through."
"Listen. Nothing is certain yet. So don't tell her anything or 'drop hints'. Got me?"
"Yeah..." Kayla said. She wished they she could fix this.
"So... How's teaching?" Rick asked, changing the subject quickly.
"It's good. Not as good as it used to be."
"Not as good? What do you mean?"
"The kids just get worse every year. I just don't think I want to do it anymore. Seriously."
"Don't think like that."
Kayla laughed. "Yeah. I just can't really take it anymore."
"Yes you can. Give it some time. It will get good again, trust me. We all have times like this, when we get sick of our jobs. But they get better. Just give it time."
"You really think?"
"Yeah. As long as you love doing it."
"I do."
"Then give it time."
"I will. Thanks. Wow... You're like a therapist."
Rick laughed. "Oh really."
"Yeah. Can I get more advice?" Kayla asked, tilting her head playfully.
"Just ask."
"So, about Shane... Should I call him or wait? I know you're a guy and everything but I'm sure you know something."
"Well, I can try to convince him to call you."
"That might be nice. But what if he doesn't listen?"
"If he doesn't call in a few days, call him."
"Yeah. I mean, he should call on a few days. If he doesn't, he's a fool."
"A... Fool?" Kayla had no idea why he had just said that.
"I just don't see why he wouldn't call you. You had a good time the other night, right?"
"Hell yeah."
"Then.. He'll call. Shane just don't want to admit it, but he sometimes had no idea what to do, you know? He's just afraid to say something bad, trust me."
"Ok. Thanks."
They sat in complete silence for a few seconds. It wasn't that there was nothing to say, they just didn't want to say it and ruin the moment.
Suddenly, Ricks phone chimed, screwing with the moment. Rick picked it up and looked at it.
"It's my wife." He said, and Kayla got up.
"Wait." Rick said, and she sat back down.
"What?" Kayla asked.
"Lori's at chuck-E-Cheeses and she wants me and you to come. She even gave me your number. Want to come?"
Kayla smiled and nodded.


Thanks for reading!


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX