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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 6: A Little Trip

"So, has Carl ever been to a Chuck-E-Cheeses before?" Kayla asked Rick as they drove.
"Yeah, but he was really young then and all of the older kids kept taking up the games and rides. And whenever Carl got a turn, they would badger him until he got off." Rick replied.
"Why didn't you yell at the older kids or something. I would've." Kayla said, staring out of the car window. It was turning into a beautiful day outside. There wasn't a single cloud in the bright blue sky.
"I wasn't there the first time he went, when all of that happened. But the next time we went with him, I did come. I took him there right after I got off work, and I didn't even change into a regular outfit. So, nobody messed with him that time, because who wants to mess with a cop's kid?" Rick laughed.
Kayla laughed. "I wouldn't. I don't even know why teenagers go to Chuck-E-Cheeses anyway."
"They want to torture little kids."
"Little assholes." Kayla sighed. She knew all about teenagers. She did teach them, after all.
"Yeah. I can't wait for Carl to grow up." Rick said, laughing.
"Yeah. I bet you are excited."
They arrived at Chuck-E-Cheeses in ten minutes flat. Kids were going inside, jumping around, and some were getting in their cars to go home, carrying toys and rubber bouncy balls.
Kayla and Rick got out of the car and headed into the arcade-like joint. Before they went in, they had to pass through "security", which was just some guy who put numbered stamps on kids and their parents, to ensure that no kid got taken. If a kid left with an adult with a different number on their stamp, the adult would probably get in big trouble. With the police.
"No kids with you?" The guard asked Kayla and Rick.
"No. The kid that we're looking for is already here." Kayla said.
"Alright, but you still need a stamp." The man told them, and Kayla and Rick held out their wrists. The stamps were nearly invisible, and the guards had to use some kind of strange light to see them on the way out.
They walked into the actual arcade. Kayla did a quick scan of the place. She couldn't see Lori and Carl right off the bat. All she could see were a bunch of kids running around and playing games.
"Where are they?" Kayla asked.
"Text her." Rick said.
"Why can't you?" Kayla asked, pulling out her phone.
"My phone isn't on."
Kayla shot a quick text to Lori and surveyed the room once again. Something caught her eye, but it wasn't Carl or Lori. A bunch of kids, teenagers actually, we're surrounding some young kid playing a race car game. They were shouting things at him, and trying to push him away from the game.
"Stop!" The little kid shouted.
Quickly, Kayla rushed into action. She ran over to the game.
"Hey! Knock it off!" She shouted at the teenagers. They all turned to look at her.
"What're you gonna do lady?" One of the boys shouted at Kayla.
Kayla turned to glare at the boy. She almost died when she saw the boy's face, it was Barry Clancy.
"Barry?" Kayla said, smiling.
Barry recognized Kayla right away. "Oh shit." His face went white. "Let's go guys." He told his friends. They went hauling ass.
"Thanks." The little kid told Kayla in a cute voice.
"No problem, little guy." Kayla told the kid, smiling at him.
Kayla turned around and saw Rick.
"What were you doing?" He asked her.
"I was helping the kid! They were gonna push him off of the game or something!" Kayla said.
Rick laughed. "Did Lori text you back yet?"
Kayla had forgotten about Lori. She was too caught up in helping that little kid. She quickly pulled out her phone and checked her messages. The latest one was from 2 minutes ago. Sure enough, it was from Lori.
We're at one of the tables by the stage. You know, the one that the mechanical robot Chuck-E-Cheese is singing on? Meet us over there.
"She's over there." Kayla told Rick, pointing towards the area with all of the tables. She looked around and spotted Lori. She was sitting at a table close to the stage. But where was Carl? She looked around. Nothing. Then she spotted him on the stage, dancing next to Chuck-E-Cheese.
"Hey!" Kayla called, running up to her friend's table.
"Oh hi." Lori said, getting up and hugging her friend.
"Hey honey." Rick said after Kayla and Lori broke off.
"Hi." Lori said, pulling her husband in for a hug and a kiss. Then they began to talk about something that Kayla couldn't hear because-
"KAYLA!" Carl shouted, jumping off of the stage. He was speeding towards Kayla. Kayla pulled him into a bear hug.
"Hey little guy." Kayla told the boy, ruffling his hair.
"Come here." Carl said, leading Kayla back towards the small stage.
"What?" Kayla asked.
"Get up here." Carl said, climbing up onto the stage.
Kayla followed. She thought that she might have been to old to do that, but whatever. What were they going to do, kick her out? Please. "What do you do up here?" She asked Carl.
Then, out of nowhere, Chuck-E-Cheese began to song loudly, startling Kayla.
"Shit!" She shouted, not even realizing what she had just said.
"You just said a curse word." Carl informed her.
"I'm sorry." She said, ruffling his hair again.
"It's ok." Carl said. Then he jumped down from the stage. "Shane's coming back!" He shouted.
"Shane?" Kayla said weakly. She stood on the stage. She watched as Shane approached, two large pizzas in his hand. He placed them on the table. "They're hot, be careful." He told Carl.
Kayla stood on the stage a few more moments, stunned. Why didn't anybody tell her that Shane was coming? She probably looked terrible. She hid behind Chuck-E-Cheese, hoping that nobody would see her. But the damn robot's head and body kept moving around, so she was basically in the open. Then a bunch of small kids climbed onto the stage. Kayla got off the stage so that they could play or whatever they were doing.
She walked over to Lori's table. Everyone was sitting down, helping themselves to slices of pizza.
"Hey." She said, taking a seat at the table.
Shane looked up from his piece of pizza and right into her eyes. "Kayla?" He asked her.
Oh great. She probably did look like shit. "Hi Shane." She said, unsure of what else she should say.
Shane got up and sat at another table, one right to Lori's. "Come here." Shane told Kayla.
"You guys mind?" Kayla asked Lori, Carl, and Rick. They all nodded no.
Kayla got up and moved to Shane's table.
"Wassup? I didn't know you were going to be here." He said as soon as she sat down.
"Same." Kayla said.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked.
Kayla thought for a moment.
"They set us up!" They both shouted in unison.
Then they both cracked up.
"Oh, wow." Kayla said.
"Well, how did ya think Lori got here? I'm the one who gave her a ride." Shane said.
"I thought that she took a bus, maybe Rick dropped her off, who knows. I literally didn't know that she went to you for rides."
"Well, she said Rick was sleeping in real late, so she wanted me to bring her and Carl here."
"So even Rick knew about this? Why the hell didn't he tell me?"
"Are you guys tight or somethin'?"
"Kind of. I'm just surprised."
"Well, I guess that's a good thing, right?"
"Yeah." Kayla said, smiling at him.
He smiled back. Kayla felt warm inside.
"HEY GUYS WANNA PLAY SOME GAMES WITH ME?" Carl shouted louder than needed at Kayla and Shane.
"Um..." Kayla looked over at Rick and Lori. Lori shot Kayla a "I'm sorry my son ruined the moment" grin. Or at least that's what Kayla hoped that it was.
"Come on." Shane said, getting up. Kayla did the same.
"What would you like to play?" Kayla asked Carl.
"That." Carl pointed to some shooting game.
"Ok... Do we need to insert money or something?" Kayla said, examining the machine.
"No. I just need to slide this in that slot." Carl said, showing Kayla a card that said "tokens" on it.
Shane snickered.
"What? I'm sorry I've never played a game at Chuck-E-Cheese before." Kayla said.
"No worries. It's just... You're cute when you're clueless." Shane said.
"Ew." Carl said, beginning his game.
Kayla laughed and gave Shane a little smack on the face.
"Ow!" He joked, pretending to grab his face in pain.
"Shut up." She said, shoving him.
"Damn, teachers can be abusive. I didn't know that." Shane joked.
"Anybody else wanna play?" Carl asked.
"Sure, but I don't have card." Kayla said.
"Just use mine." Carl said, handing the card to her without taking his eyes off of the game.
Kayla swiped the card and began to play. "What are we killing?" She asked Carl.
"The aliens." He told her.
"What about that blue person? Is that you?"
And so they played the game. Kayla was a helpless shot. She barely even hit any aliens.
"I'm not going to do all of the work while you stand there!" Carl shouted.
"I don't even know what I'm doing!" Kayla shouted back. She felt like a child all of a sudden, playing games and shouting. It was surprisingly fun.
Shane laughed. "Shut up!" Kayla yelled at him.
"Mature." Shane said.
"Yeah." Kayla said. Then, some words popped up on the screen. "Insert tokens to continue!" And there were numbers counting down.
The words were on Carl's screen too. "Let's just play another game." Carl said, smacking the screen.
"Alright, just tell us what you want to do." Kayla said. She had a surprising amount of fun just playing a game with a kid, and she wanted to do it again.
"Actually, I wanna play in the funhouse thing." Carl said, pointing to it. There were tons of tiny kids inside of there, running around with their bare feet and screaming.
"Are you serious?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah." Carl said. He headed towards the playhouse and pulled his shoes off.
"Keep your socks on!" Shane shouted after Carl. Carl listened to him and climbed inside of the play house, socks still on his feet.
"Who knows what foot fungus Carl could get up there with bare feet." Shane said.
"I know right?" Kayla said, laughing.
"So... Uh..." Shane started.
"What?" Kayla asked him, cocking her head to the side.
"I'm sorry about not um.. You know, not callin' you. I was pretty busy." He told her.
Kayla smiled because she knew the real truth behind the reason he didn't call. "No problem, I understand." She said, smiling warmly at him.
"Well, since we're here now, how about we go on a date Tuesday? You know, a movie or something?" He asked.
"Sure. I love movies." Kayla smiled. Finally! They were going on their second date.
"I gotta run to the bathroom." Kayla said, rushing off. When she got in bathroom, she texted Lori immediately. Lori was in the bathroom in 30 seconds flat.
"What?" She asked Kayla, rushing over to the sinks.
Kayla looked in the mirror at herself. Her hair was slightly crazy, a bit frizzy, and her lips were in need of some moisture.
Kayla turned to Lori. Luckily, the bathroom was empty, so they had time to talk alone. That is, until someone walked in on them.
"Why didn't you tell me he was coming? I look like shit!" Kayla told Lori.
"I wanted to surprise you." Lori said.
"Well, I'm surprised all right."
"I would've told you. How did you think I got here?"
"Maybe a bus. Maybe Rick dropped you off."
"And left me here and went back home?" Lori laughed. "I promised Carl we would go today, so he was badgering me all morning. Rick was sleeping in, and I didn't feel like waking him up. So I called Shane. A little bit later, Rick called me like 'where are you?' He must've thought I left him or something. He called me right after he woke up, I could tell because he was pretty groggy. Must've got up, didn't see me and Carl, and got paranoid. I mean, if I left, I would've taken all of my stuff with me. He didn't even look around apparently."
Kayla wasn't surprised that Rick thought that Lori had left him, but she didn't say it. "Well, Shane asked me on another date." She said.
"What? Where?" Lori asked.
"The movies."
"Aw, good luck. Second date. That's a big one."
"Yeah, but what I really have to worry about is the third date. If we even get to there."
"What's so great about the third date?" Lori thought for a moment. "Oh... Yeah." She said, finally getting it.
"Yeah." Kayla said.
"So, how's my boy doing?"
"He's good. I just played a game with him, and now he's in the playhouse."
"The playhouse? Isn't that for little kids?"
"I know. But Carl really wanted to play in it, and who could deny him?"
"Who's watching him now? Shane?"
"Yeah." Kayla said. Then she heard a toilet flush and a stall door click open. Kayla looked at Lori in horror. So the bathroom wasn't empty after all.
A short, chubby, blond woman walked towards the sink and turned it on. Was she listening to them? Why the hell did she care what they were saying.
Kayla wanted to tell her off or something, but decided against it.
Kayla motioned for Lori to follow, and they headed out of the bathroom.
"What the hell?" Kayla asked Lori as soon as they were out of the bathroom.
"Who knows. Maybe she listens to everyone." Lori replied.
"I don't see why she cares. Nosy bitch."
"Maybe she was just going to the bathroom for a long time."
"I doubt it."
Then they split. Lori went back to her table, and Kayla went back to the playhouse, where Shane was still standing.
"He's still in there?" Kayla asked Shane.
"Yeah. He's havin fun apparently. Let him." Shane replied.
"Ok... Do you want some ice cream or something?" She asked.
"Yeah." Shane said, pulling out some money. He handed it to Kayla.
"I'll pay." Kayla said, shoving the money back at him.
"Naw. It's only ice cream."
"Fine." Kayla scoffed and began to walk away, towards the ice cream machine.
"Fudge bar!" Shane called after her.
"Ok!" Kayla called back. She approached the machine, shoved the money in, and got Shane's bar. Then she bought a plain vanilla come dipped in chocolate for herself. She headed back over to Shane, handing him his ice cream and the leftover change.
"Thanks." Shane said.
"No problem." Kayla said, smiling at him.
Kayla and Shane opened their ice creams just as Carl ran out of the playhouse.
"It's horrible in there. Little kids were blocking everywhere, it smelled like feet, and some kid threw up." He told them.
"Oh wow. Let's just stick to games then." Kayla said.
"Ok. Can I get an ice cream?" Carl asked.
"Yep." Kayla said. "What kind do you want?"
"Same as Shane." Carl said.
Kayla walked over to the machine again and got Carl his ice cream. She walked back over and gave it to him.
"Thanks." Carl said, smiling.
"You're welcome." Kayla said, and they lead Carl back to his table.
"Honey, we have to go soon." Lori told Carl as he sat down.
"What? But I want to play more games!" Carl protested.
"What do you say, hon?" Lori asked her husband.
"I say we let him stay here. He likes it. He's having fun." Rick replied.
Lori sighed. Kayla knew they she had wanted rick to agree with her. "Ok." She said.
Carl cheered.
They didn't end up leaving until 2 hours later. Carl played a ton more games, won a few bags of cotton candy, and ate more food.
"How are you getting home?" Lori asked Kayla as they were about to leave.
"I'll go with Shane." Kayla said.
"Ok." Lori said.
Shane drove Kayla home. And right before she got out of the car. She smiled at Shane. "Thanks for the ride." She told him, leaning closer. She was secretly hoping for a kiss from him, even a little peck on the cheek would do.
"No worries." He said, smiling. But no kiss.
Kayla wanted to scream. She got out of the car and went inside of her house, giving Shane one last wave as he drove away.
Tuesday. Tuesday. That was the only thought on Kayla's mind. But it was only Monday. Shit, she thought, getting up.
She pulled her clothes on and got ready for the day. Only one more day to deal with until she went on her date with Shane. She felt like a teenager, getting all giddy about going out with a guy.
She headed to school, a smile on her face.
"Hello everyone." She greeted her first class as they walked into the room.
Every teen in the room looked at each other like "what the hell?" Kayla never greeted her students so cheerfully.
"Miss Hammond!" Barry called as he raised his hand.
"Yes?" Kayla asked him.
"You didn't have to what you did the other day. Now nobody wants to talk to me." Barry complained. Kayla had no idea why he was bringing this up during class. He probably wanted attention, like always.
"I had to. You were pestering a little kid at Chuck-E-Cheese." Kayla answered. The class turned to look at Barry.
Barry sighed. "Ok. Whatever. I saw you flirting with your boyfriend or husband or whatever. Then I saw you with this other guy, and then I saw you buying ice cream for your son. You have two boyfriends, miss Hammond?"
What was he, trying to embarrass her? Please. It was going to take a lot more than that. He was talking about Rick, Shane, and Carl. No way was Kayla letting this kid think he knew all about her. Why was he watching her anyway?
Kayla just laughed. "No." She said. Then she began to crack up. She couldn't help it. Carl her son? Rick and Shane her two boyfriends.
The class turned to look at each other.
The rest of the day went by smoothly. But when she went home, Kayla had a mess of papers to grade. It took two whole hours.
Kayla went to bed exhausted. But she kept a smile on her face, because tomorrow was Tuesday.


Aw, Carl having some fun. I hope that you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking time to read my junk!


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX