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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 7: Sleepover? I Think Not

Kayla rushed home after work. It had been an exhausting day. Her fourth period class had been hell, and, in fact, so were all of the others. She had given out a surprise pop quiz-what a mistake. The classes were moaning and groaning as she handed the quiz out, some kids even refused to take it.
Kayla let them know that refusing to take the quiz wasn't an option, but that didn't change anything. She ended up giving out 3 zeroes on the quiz, to the three kids who didn't bother to even write their names on the paper.
At lunch, Kayla didn't end up talking to Lori. She talked to Shane. He had ended up calling her before she had even picked up her phone to call Lori. She answered the phone quickly.
"Hey." She said into the phone.
"Hi." Shane replied.
"What's up?" She asked, instantly regretting it. How lame was 'what's up'?
"Where are you?" He asked.
"I'm at school." She told him.
"Yeah. I work as a teacher, remember?" She asked jokingly. It had been a little bit since they had last met, but not long enough to literally forget each other's occupations!
"Oh yeah, sorry. Can you talk right now?" He asked.
"It's fine. I can talk. I'm on lunch."
"Same here. I'm a cop, remember?"
"Yeah I remember."
"So... What time do you want me to pick you up at?"
"Seven? Eight? We're going to the movies. We can watch the 7:00 showing, or go at 8 and see the one at 9."
"Eight. What are we seeing?" Kayla said. That way, she would have more time to get ready and actually look presentable. Even if she did have five or six hours to actually get ready before eight as soon as she got home, she knew how time could fly by. And she didn't need to have Shane arrive at her house and BOOM! Kayla's not ready.
"Some scary movie." He told her. Uh oh. Kayla was no good with scary movies. She didn't like them, not one bit. But no way she was going to tell Shane that. At least he would be there for her to bury her head in his shoulder when she got scared, right? Then one thing would lead to another...
"Ya there?" Kayla heard Shane say.
"Yeah." Kayla answered quickly.
"So 8?" He asked her.
"Yep." She said.
"Okay. See ya then." He told her, hanging up.
Was that supposed to be a goodbye? Kayla thought. She dialed Lori's number, but it was too late. The bell that signaled all kids to report to their sixth period classes had rung, forcing her to end the call before it had even begun.
Kayla got ready in a rush as soon as she got home. She threw on a pair of leggings and a cute top, and fixed her hair and make up. But as she was applying her make up, she noticed the grossness that was a zit. It was huge.
"Ugh." Kayla said to herself as she squeezed the zit. Nothing. She tried again, this time squeezing harder. Still nothing.
"Oh my god, go away." Kayla said as she squeezed again. Again, she got no results, so she just gave up. Nothing a little make up couldn't fix, right? Anyway, she and Shane would be in a dark movie theater, so he wouldn't really see her anyway.
Kayla was ready, this time with 2 hours to spare. She breathed a sigh of relief and flicked on the TV. Then she called Lori.
"Good luck." Was how Lori answered when she picked up.
"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Kayla asked her friend.
"I'm just wishing you the best." Lori said.
"I'm not going to a doctor's appointment." Kayla said. "Any last tips?"
Lori laughed. "See Kayla? This is why I wished you good luck. You're clueless, honey."
"I got that. I asked for tips, not insults."
"Calm down. I was just joking. All I can say is... Um.. Do whatever you did on your first date. That seemed to work."
"Whatever. At least that's something. Thanks Lor." Kayla said.
"Sure, anything. When's he picking you up?"
"Anytime now. He's supposed to picking me up at 8, but you never know. He might be early." Kayla said. She walked over to the window and peeked out. There was still nothing or nobody out there.
"Well then, I better get going. See you. Have fun. Bye."
"Bye." Kayla said, hanging up.
Shane picked Kayla up at 7:45. He texted her to let her know that he was there. The text was a simple "I'm here".
Kayla did a quick check in the mirror to make sure she looked fine, slipped on her shoes, and rushed outside.
She slipped into Shane's car and rode shotgun.
"Hi." She greeted, smiling at him.
"Hi. How are ya?" He asked.
"I'm good. So this movie we are seeing... It's supposed to be scary?"
"Yeah. Piss your pants scary. None a that kiddie scary shit."
Kayla laughed. "What do you mean, 'kiddie scary shit'." She asked.
"Ya know, scary look in' stuffed animals jumpin' out at ya. This is gonna be the real stuff. Hope ya can handle it."
"Oh, I can. Don't be worried about me." She joked, even though she was probably going to close her eyes through the whole thing.
"Good." Shane laughed.
They rode in silence for a few minutes. Kayla wanted to say something, anything, but she just didn't know what. Why was it that she could talk to anyone else carefree, but when it came to Shane she had no words?
A few minutes later, Shane pulled up at a corner store.
"What are we doing here?" Kayla asked.
"What do ya think? We're gettin' candy. You never did this before?" Shane told her.
"Really?" Kayla asked. She did the same thing whenever she went to movies.
"Yeah. It's much better here, we have more selections, plus it's less pricey. Ya know?" Shane told her.
"I agree. Actually, I do this every time I go to a movie." Kayla laughed. Lori had always called her a weirdo for going out to get candy beforehand. "Why can't you just get it there? Why do we have to spend 20 dollars on candy before we even go?" Lori would ask.
"We have more choices." Kayla would reply.
"You wanna go in with me?" Shane asked, snapping Kayla out of her trance.
"I will." Kayla said, falling headiest back into reality.
They got out of the car and headed inside.
"Look at all of this." Kayla said, gaping at all of the candy in the store, which was lined up around the check out counter.
"See? More choices." Shane said. Kayla laughed and walked up to the counter and picked up a box of sour patch kids, Swedish fish, and two boxes of snow caps.
"You going to get anything?" Kayla asked Shane, turning to face him.
"A course. I'm just thinkin'." Shane scratched his head, and picked up two bags of Gummi Bears.
They picked out a bunch of other things, and finally checked out.
"Woah. Somebody's kids are going to be off the wall tonight." The cashier joked.
Kayla threw her head back and snorted in derision.
"No, it's for us." Shane told the guy.
"Oh. Just don't eat all of it at once, hear me?" The guy said.
Shane smiled at the man and winked. "Gotcha."
"And your total is... 25.50." The cashier told them. Kayla laughed.
"Seriously?" She asked the cashier.
"Seriously." The man said.
Shane pulled out his wallet and payed the man. Kayla glared at him. Shane replied with a confused glare, to which Kayla smiled slightly, but didn't laugh.
Kayla and Shane grabbed their bags filled with candy and headed out of the store.
"Why'd ya glare at me like that?" Shane asked Kayla.
"I was just going to pay, and then you payed instead." Kayla answered. Shane unlocked the car and he and Kayla slipped back inside.
"Never met a girl so eager to pay. I like it." Shane laughed and handed Kayla a few of the bags of their candy. Kayla took it and set it on her lap, same as she had done all of the other ones.
"Of course you do." Kayla joked.
"It's so fucking dark in here." Kayla commented as she and Shane walked down the aisle of the movie theater to find a seat.
"Let's get a seat back here." Shane said, pointing towards the row in the very back. There were hardly any people in the theater, so most of the seats were free.
"Sounds good to me." Kayla said, and she and Shane walked halfway down the row.
"Hope no kids come in here." Shane said. He pulled the box of Sno-Caps out of one of the candy bag. He opened it up and poured some in his hand. He looked at Kayla. "Want some?" He asked her.
"I'm good." Kayla said, putting a handful of extremely salty popcorn in her mouth.
"Your loss." Shane said.
"So glad we came early. I love watching the previews." Kayla said.
"Seriously?" Shane asked her.
Kayla cracked up. "Sarcasm, silly." She said, smacking his arm playfully.
"I knew that."
"Of course you did."
"SHANE? OH MY GOSH, IS THAT YOU?" Kayla heard someone shout. Kayla and Shane turned their heads at the exact same time to see a pretty brunette woman approaching them. She was tall and extremely pretty. Kayla scowled. How did this woman know Shane.
"Hannah?" Shane asked.
"It's me." The girl waved and sat in the seat to Shane's right, since Kayla was sitting to his left. "Please don't tell me they had a thing going on," Kayla thought to herself.
"I haven't seen you since high school. How have you been?" Shane was smiling brightly at this girl, and Kayla didn't like it at all.
"Good. Look at you... You look so... Different. But in a good way." Hannah purred, touching Shane's arm. Kayla decided that it was quite enough.
"Excuse me." Kayla snapped. Both Hannah and Shane glared at her.
"Who's blondie?" Hannah asked Shane.
"I have a name." Kayla said.
"What is it?" Hannah asked.
"Kayla. And by the way, Shane is my BOYFRIEND." Kayla said.
"How long?" Hannah said, backing away from Shane. Kayla smiled.
"Not long." Shane answered. "It's our second date."
"Aw, how sweet." Hannah said. She inched closer to Shane once again. Kayla scowled once again.
Then the movie began.
"Isn't it funny, how we are both seeing the same movie?" Hannah asked Shane.
"It's hilarious." Kayla answered for Shane, slightly annoyed. They both glared at her again. Why the hell was Shane on this girl's side?
"So... The last time we went out..." Hannah laughed. "I don't even remember where we went? Where did we go?" She asked Shane.
"The movie is on. Can you be quiet?" Kayla snapped.
"We just went to the park." Shane whispered.
Kayla rested her head on Shane's shoulder. She knew that making a move like that May have been a little fast, but she didn't care. She already hated Hannah, and this would probably shut her up.
Kayla was aware of both of their eyes on her, but she just payed attention to the screen like it was the most interesting thing on the planet.
Hannah sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.
"Scared already?" Shane asked Kayla playfully.
"No... I was just uncomfortable." Kayla whispered back.
"This movie sucks." Hannah said. People turned towards the three people to shush them.
"Why don't you turn around and mind your own business?" Kayla shouted at them. Most of them turned back around.
"It's only been a few minutes." Shane said to Hannah.
"Whatever." Hannah answered.
"I gotta get up." Shane told Kayla, and she removed her head from his shoulder.
Shane walked out, and Kayla glared at Hannah. Hannah glared back.
"So... You were Shane's girl in highschool?" Kayla asked, even though the lat thing she wanted to do was talk to this girl. But she had to know more about her.
"Yeah." Hannah answered, not looking away from the screen.
"And why do you still talk to him now?" Kayla asked.
"Because I can? I don't see why you care so much. I know you're his girlfriend, but we don't do anything together. Trust me."
"Sure doesn't seem like it." Kayla wanted to say. But she decided to just ignore Hannah. Then something scary happened on the screen, and Kayla jumped out of her seat. Where was Shane? She needed his shoulder right about now.
Kayla stuffed a Handful of popcorn in her mouth. Then another one.
"Somebody likes to eat." Hannah commented.
"Why do you care?" Kayla snapped. "You know, if you think that this movie is so bad, why don't you just leave? Nobody really wants you to stay."
"You're just jealous."
"Jealous? You're funny."
"You are. Unless you're just a bitch."
"I'll have you know-" Kayla started, only to be interrupted by Shane, who was finally back and walking towards his seat. He sat down.
"You ladies havin' a nice chat?" Shane asked.
"Yeah." Kayla answered, once again burying her head in his shoulder.
When the movie had finally ended, Hannah had went her own way, much to Kayla's satisfaction. She gave Shane a little wave goodbye, and he just shook his head.
During the ride home, Shane asked Kayla what was wrong.
"Nothing." She replied. They hadn't even eaten much of their candy, so they were each taking half home.
"What were you and Hannah talking about? Ya know, when I left?" He asked.
"Nothing. I think she still has a thing for you."
"Yeah. We went out in high school, and I dumped her because I was seeing another girl. It was a mess. She didn't come to school for two weeks in a row. I felt like shit, but it was better than letting her catch me with the other girl. Hell, me and the other didn't even last a month. Me and Hannah, we went out for awhile. Almost a year." Shane said.
Kayla was quite shocked to hear this. Shane dumped a girl that he was seeing for awhile to go see some other girl that he had only ended up seeing for a month? She had no idea what to say, so she just stared out of the window.
"You okay?" Shane asked.
"I'm fine." Kayla answered.
"How about we head over to my place for a bit? You know, hang out and watch TV for a bit? By ourselves."
"Just take me home." Kayla said. She wanted go home with him, really wanted to, but she knew that she just couldn't. She had to go home, lay in her bed, and think about all of this. Then she would call Lori and ask her opinion. Then she would spend a day with Rick and talk to him.
"Whatever you say. Want to go out again Friday? We'll spend the day at my place and watch a movie, no Hannah involved."
Maybe Shane wasn't so bad after all. Just because Hannah still seemed to be into Shane, it didn't mean that he was into her.
But that didn't change the fact that she needed to talk to Lori and Rick first, get their opinions. She knew that she should be making decisions on her own, but this was an emergency to her.
And emergencies required a team of helpers. And that team would be a man and his wife, both with the last name Grimes.


Thanks for reading! Comments will be appreciated, but I won't force anyone.


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX