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Too Good To Be True

Chapter 9: Temptation

Ring, ring, riiiing!
Ring, ring, riiing!
"Oh, shut up." Kayla said, hitting ignore on her phone once more. She was sick of hearing it ring, it had been doing so all night long. Kayla picked up her phone and looked at her missed calls.
7 missed calls from Lori
2 missed calls from Shane
1 missed call from Rick
3 missed calls from No Caller ID
Kayla felt guilty about no answering anyone's calls. Then again, she didn't want to talk to anyone about last night just yet, definitely not Shane. Maybe she would talk to Rick. But then she looked at all of the missed calls again, realizing that she was forgetting about her best friend, who had called her 7 times.
"Guess that means that I have to call her again." Kayla said to herself, dialing Lori's number.
"Girl, where have you been? You're like... Scaring me." Lori said when she picked up.
Kayla rolled her eyes, even though she knew that her friend couldn't see her. "Lori, don't talk like you're 14. I'm fine. I was just really tired after last night."
"Why? What happened?" Lori asked anxiously.
"It's a long story." Kayla lied. Truth was, she didn't feel like talking about it just yet. It was pretty embarrassing.
"I have all day."
"Fine. Shane and I were going to have sex."
"Did you? It's a little early, don't you think?"
"It was too early. That's why I kind of pulled away from him and told him that."
"You mean you refused?"
"Yeah. I mean, it felt pretty right and good at first, but then I really thought about what I was doing and realized that it was much too early."
"Good. That would've totally screwed your relationship. Totally."
"I know. That would've ended bad, and we all know it."
"Yeah. Shane is probably going to talk to Rick about it."
Kayla sighed. She didn't think about that. Rick wouldn't really say anything to her anyway, except maybe tell her that what she did was right. He was the one to give her the advice after all.
"You there?" Lori asked nervously.
"I'm here." Kayla said.
"Well, you'll never guess what's going on with Carl."
"What?" Kayla asked. She was happy that her friend was the one to change the subject, not her.
"He has a girlfriend." Lori said.
"Wait, you mean like a significant other or a friend that's a girl?" If the answer was significant other, Kayla would find it hard to believe. It wasn't that Carl wasn't a cute little boy, he was, but he seemed like the type that would be nervous to ask a girl out or even talk to one.
"A significant other kind of thing." Lori said, and Kayla could tell that she was holding back some laughter. Maybe she was joking.
Kayla laughed. "Are you serious?"
"Yes." Lori laughed.
"How did you find out?"
"He told me."
"Really? I thought that he would try to keep it a secret."
"He probably was. He told me after I told him that he wasn't old enough to walk to school by himself. He was like 'mom, I have a girlfriend, I'm a not a little kid anymore.'"
Kayla burst out laughing. "And what did you say to that?" She asked in between laughs.
"I asked him what he meant by 'I have a girlfriend', he said 'I mean that I'm going out with a girl now'. So then I said 'Oh really?' and he said 'Yes'."
"What's her name?"
"He told me that her name was Sophia."
"You think he's lying?"
"Well, there is a girl in his class named Sophia. He liked her for a few months now. He said that he told one of his friends to ask her out for him. So, I guess they're official. But what exactly are they going to do? They are little kids, neither of whom have phones!"
"Maybe they'll just talk in school."
"Maybe that's 'going out' for their age."
"Maybe they'll sit together at lunch. Maybe they'll hold hands in the hallways, or kiss in the bathrooms."
"Woah, he won't be doing all of that. Trust me."
"Oh, well thanks boss. He's a kid, that stuff is icky to him."
"Girls should still be icky to him, but he grew out of that pretty quickly, didn't he?"
"Are you implying that he will kiss this girl in the bathroom?"
"No! It's just... Do you think that he's too young for this?"
"That's up to you to decide. He's too young if you say he's too young. He's old enough if you say that he's old enough."
"I don't know."
"I think that you should have what I call a supervised date between these two."
"What the hell is that?"
"You bring Carl and this Sophia out on a date, you and/or Rick will go along on the date with them. Let's say you're going to the movies. You don't sit with Carl and his girlfriend, but you sit so that you can see them. Got what I'm saying?"
"I see. That sounds like a good idea. Where do you get these things, anyway? You have no kids and you have much more knowledge than I do."
"I work with kids every day. I talk to parents all of the time. I read magazines. These kinds of things are everywhere. You just have to look."
"Whatever. Thanks, I'll do that. Talk to you later. Oh, and good luck with Shane."
Kayla sighed. "Yeah, yeah. Bye."
Kayla called Rick after that, and the two talked for a few hours. Conversation with Rick seemed to flow easier when Kayla talked with Rick. Whenever she talked with Lori, it always seemed that the conversation always ended up on some awkward topic, and Kayla had nothing to say. With Rick, it was different.
Rick told Kayla that what she had did was right, and her relationship wouldn't be ruined because of it. As a matter of fact, he said that it might make it better because having sex when you know each other well is much better than rushed sex when you only go on a few dates. He said to trust him, he knew from experience. She didn't ask for direct examples of this "experience", she just trusted him. That's just how it was with Rick.
When Kayla hung up with Rick, she felt satisfied.
Shane drove to the Grimes residence in silence. He usually played music or listened to ESPN whenever he was on his way to places, but today he just didn't feel like it, and he just couldn't put his finger on the reason why.
He sighed. Rick was probably sitting at his house right now doing nothing, which was a good thing. He needed to talk him about the whole Kayla situation. He needed some "bro advice", maybe even some advice from Lori if she was around.
Shane knocked on Rick and Lori's door hard, so hard that it seemed like he was dying to get in. He hoped he wasn't freaking anybody out, especially Carl.
Shane knocked once more, and the door swing open while he was in the middle of a knock, causing him to hit the person who opened the door in the face with his fist. It was Lori. Lori put her fave in her hands.
"Ow." Lori looked up and met his gaze. "We have a doorbell, asshole." She said, laughing.
"I'm sorry. Are you ok?" He asked, moving her hand away from her face. She looked fine.
"I'm all fine. What are you here for, anyway?" She asked him, gesturing for him to go inside. He walked in.
Shane inspected the house. It seemed to be completely empty. He tried listening for even the slightest hint of a life form other than Lori, but he heard nothing. "Is Rick here?" He asked Lori.
"No, he's out with Carl. Why, you didn't want to see me?" She asked playfully. Shane smiled at her and laughed. He had been having the slightest bit of feelings for his best friend's wife. He knew that it was wrong to be thinking like that, but he couldn't help it. He had known her and a Rick for a long time, and had spent numerous occasions alone with Lori. It was normal, right?
"I never said that." He said, equally as playful.
"What did you need to talk to him about anyway?" She asked, cocking her head to the side.
"Nothing, I just wanted to hang out." He lied. How awkward would it be to talk about Kayla with Lori? Especially since they were best friends.
"Oh, really? That's why you practically bashed the door down with your fist." She said.
"Ok." He let out a sigh. "It's about Kayla."
"I heard." Lori said.
"Really?" He asked.
"Listen, there's something that you should know about Kayla."
Shane cocked a brow and gave Lori a confused look. "What are ya talking about?"
"Kayla... She's a virgin." Lori said slowly, giving Shane time to absorb the fact. It did shock him, but it explained everything.
"Oh." He said, unsure if what else to add.
"Yeah, so be careful with her."
Shane had never dated a girl that was actually a virgin, they were never his type. He knew that it didn't sound right, but to him "virgins" were underage girls who had never dated before. But apparently, girls as old as him could be virgins as well. He just never thought that he would ever date or meet one.
"So, uh, you'll never guess what's going on with Carl." Lori said, trying to change the subject quickly. She knew that if Kayla were here, Lori would not be talking about this. So why did she even say that? She didn't know.
"What?" He asked. What could be so interesting about a little boy?
"He has a girlfriend."
Shane chuckled. "He does not."
"He does. He told me."
"Oh, really. What's her name?"
"Hm, Sophia, pretty name. Did you meet her yet?"
"What are they going to do? I mean, as a couple? They're so damn little. I mean, I'm sure that they're not going to make out or something."
"Sit with each other at lunch."
Shane burst out laughing. "That's hilarious." He said.
"It is."
"Are ya nervous for him? You know, cause your little boy is all grown up?" Shane teased. He knew that Lori had always dreaded the day that Carl became a "big boy", just like any mother did.
"Yes. He's not supposed to be interested in girls yet! What the hell?!" She snapped.
"Maybe he's just... I don't know. You better hope that this one's not a gold digger." Shane joked.
"Stop it! She's too young for that!" She smacked his arm playfully.
He laughed, feeling tingles along his arm where Lori had hit him. "You gotta watch out for that early though." He warned Lori.
Lori rolled her eyes. She laughed.
Shane had nothing left to say. Nether did she. They sat in silence for a few moments, and Shane couldn't stand it any longer. He felt a sudden urge coming on, knowing that it was wrong. In a sudden movement, he cupped Lori's face in his hands and captured her lips in his own. He knew that this was wrong, he had a girlfriend for Christ's sake, but he had been waiting for a long time to do this.
Lori pulled away from him quickly. "What the hell?" She spat.
Seeing the look on her face, he instantly regretted it. "I'm sorry." He tried, but he knew that it wasn't enough.
"You have a girlfriend. And you're in here kissing her best friend? What the hell is wrong with you?" She asked, pissed.
"I'm sorry. I said it. I've just... Been wait in' to do that for a long time."
"It doesn't matter! I'm married, you have a girlfriend, this is wrong Shane! You should know that."
"I do, I do."
Lori went on. "What if I told Kayla? Would you like to be dumped?"
"No. I didn't mean to do it, I swear."
"Then why the hell did you do it?"
"I've had feelings for you. For a long time. A long, long, time."
Lori sighed, putting her face in her hands. This was ridiculous. "What if I told Rick?" She asked. Shane's eyes widened. He could lose his best friend over this.
"He'll be real pissed."
"So you didn't even like it in the least bit?" He asked her, and she felt like smacking him upside the head. Who asks a question like that? She had to admit though, she hadn't exactly hated the kiss. It wasn't too bad, but she didn't want to admit it. She felt guilty just thinking about it.
"I'm not saying that, I just..." She started.
He turned her so she faced him. "So you did like it..." He said, inching closer to her.
"Shane!" She shouted, trying to make him stop.
"What? You're the one who liked it..." He said, pulling her in for another kiss. This one was even better than the last.
They thought that this was a private moment. Nobody was going to know about it, except for them. Little did they know, someone had seen both kisses...
"We need to talk." Rick told Lori as he claimed in bed beside her. Carl was already asleep, which was a good thing.
"About what?" Lori asked, a bit nervous. Had he found out about Shane somehow? She loved Rick, and didn't want to lose him. But then again, if that was really true, why would she have reciprocated Shane's kiss in the first place?
"Our relationship Lori. We need to know what we're doing, where exactly we are going. I feel like I don't even know you anymore." He said.
"I don't know what's going on with us. You never seem to have time for me anymore."
Rick sighed. He had to have patience. "I can't help they I have to work and support our family."
He was right, and Lori knew it. "I'm thinking that maybe we should have a family night out. Just you, me, and Carl. We could have fun. He could even bring his girlfriend."
"What girlfriend?" Rick asked, and Lori felt a pang of guilt. They were much too distant lately.
"Carl had a girlfriend. He never told you?" She asked.
"No. When did this start?"
"A few days ago. Maybe he's not ready to tell everyone yet." She said.
Rick felt his heart drop. Carl was okay with telling his mother about his girlfriend, but not his father? "Oh." Was all Rick could manage to say. Any more, and he knew that the tears would come. He rolled over so that he was facing the wall and not Lori, so she couldn't see how hurt he was by this.
Lori put her hand on his back. "It's ok. It's not your fault that he didn't tell you. He didn't mean to tell me anyway. He told me after I told him he couldn't walk to school alone because he was too young. He used it as an excuse to prove that he was a big boy." Lori explained, trying to make him feel better. It saddened her to see him so down.
"You still could've told me." He said.
"I know, I'm sorry. I guess it just slipped my mind."
Rick turned back to face her. "See, this is exactly what I mean. We never talk anymore. We never tell each other anything that happened during our days, even. We go to bed, and the only words we ever say are goodnight. We barely even tell each other 'I love you'! We're crumbling apart Lori, and I don't like it." He put his hand on her face, and ran his fingers through her hair. "I love you, and I certainly don't want to lose you. I don't think I'll be able to cope." He said, kissing her on the lips. Lori felt tears forming in her eyes. Not only because of what he had said to her, but because of the guilt of kissing Shane. She wanted to confess to him, but knew that she was too much of a coward to do so. She didn't say anything, she couldn't.
"Goodnight." He said quietly, turning over.
"Goodnight." She replied.
After a few seconds of silence, he whispered "I love you."
"I love you." She whispered back. Then, she buried her face into her pillow and cried silently until falling asleep.


Big thanks to my beta, rocknrollprincess131!! She makes sure everything is squeaky clean, and she is totally amazing for that! Go check out her Walking Dead fanfics, they are completely awesome!

Thanks for reading!!!!


Loving this story!!!! Especially episode 8. It was romantic and funny at the same time with that random guy hitting on Lori!! Keep it up I love it!!!

AnnaDixon AnnaDixon

Omg why would you end it there?!?! The torture!!! Lol I can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX

Thank you! Im glad that you enjoyed it!! I'm uploading a ton of chapters in a bit, i hope you enjoy them as well! Thanks again for the comment!

Love it so far! Can't wait for more

Xxjerr19xX Xxjerr19xX