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You Brought Me Death & It's Everything I Wanted


'Life as we knew it was destroyed in a blink of an eye. The dead became undead and ravaged the streets, hungry for flesh. It’s been almost two months since the world ended. I was in Atlanta when it happened, unfamiliar with the city and alone.

I was there to put an end to a life I didn’t want and prepared to start off new. I took the long car trip down to Atlanta from Chicago and managed to get there safely without incident. Who knew that everything was going to go to shit forty minutes after I arrived?'

Amanda Sawyer is fighting to stay alive in a world where the dead walk among the living. She finds other survivors and together they unite to kill the dead, including any living person who threatens their safety. One member of the group, Daryl Dixon, tests Amanda's patience while stirring up feelings that Amanda thought she'd never feel again.

Is it possible to fall in love when the world has ended?

This is a fanfic. I do not own any of the characters from The Walking Dead. Amanda Sawyer or any characters I create within this story are fiction. Title(s) credited to the amazing band Emery

*This story picks up from season two*


Amanda Sawyer

Amanda Sawyer

Age 24 (at the start of the outbreak)


  1. World Away

  2. Guilty

  3. Trouble

  4. Trust

  5. Dead Inside

  6. Shock

  7. Lonely

  8. Broken

  9. Lie

  10. Infected

  11. Talk

  12. Unravel

    NC-17 RATING for this chapter

  13. Misunderstanding

  14. Alone

  15. People Want The Truth But Never Want The Scars

  16. Close

  17. Move

  18. Cell Block C

  19. Unknown

  20. Goodnight, Love

  21. Realization

  22. Alive

  23. Welcome To Woodbury

  24. One Word

  25. Goodbye

  26. Ghosts

  27. Boil

  28. Reunion

  29. Last Night

  30. The Deal

  31. Gone

  32. Embrace

  33. Darkness

  34. Feel

  35. Fire

  36. Wound

  37. Promise

  38. Approval

  39. Hope

  40. Know

  41. Thank You

  42. Moments

  43. Plus

  44. Okay

  45. Selfish

  46. Loss

  47. Sanctuary For All

  48. Community For All

    There is a warning caption halfway through

  49. Those Who Arrive Survive

  50. Blood

  51. No Sanctuary

  52. Breaking Point

  53. Grieve

  54. Storm

  55. Connections

    The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence

  56. Beginning

    In A Win, Win Situation - Emery

  57. Threat

    Alexisonfire - This Could Be Anywhere in the World

  58. Dread

    Anberlin - Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)

  59. Live

    Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding - Powerful

  60. Lucky

    The Spill Canvas - Sunsets and Car Crashes

  61. Too Many Times

    Gary Jules - Mad World

  62. Nothing Almost Happened

    Built to Spill - Things Fall Apart

  63. Caught in the Middle

    The Zombies - She's Not There

  64. Complicated

    Sia - Cheap Thrills

  65. Ours

    The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines

  66. Jesus

    Kaleo - Broken Bones

  67. The Hilltop

    Saliva - Always

  68. The Worst Is Yet to Come

    Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul

  69. Cold

    Crossfade - Cold

  70. Opinion

    The Classic Crime - Medisin

  71. Fault

    Civil Twilight - Letters From the Sky

  72. Negan

    Keane - A Bad Dream

  73. We Get What We Deserve

    Kaleo - Way Down We Go

  74. Warning

    Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure

  75. Back to the Hilltop

    Chiodos - Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek

  76. Together

    Zeds Dead - Back Home

  77. Bullet

    Kungs - Freedom

  78. The Last Time

    Ella Vos - White Noise

  79. The Plan

    Emery - Curbside Goodbye

  80. Short and Sweet

    Zeds Dead - White Satin

  81. Confessions

    Ofenbach - Be Mine (Acoustic)

  82. Miracle

    The Used - Cut Up Angels

  83. Promise

    The Spill Canvas - Rock Bottom

  84. Jealousy

    Secret Oath - The Spill Canvas

  85. Mine

    Bush - Mouth

  86. Believe

    Silverchair - Abuse Me

  87. Watch

    Chevelle - The Red

  88. Stripped

    Sue Cho & Revolvr - Who's Gonna Save Us

  89. Reason

    Emery - The Secret

  90. You Always Do

    Emery - As Your Voice Fades

  91. Scream

    Shaman's Harvest - Silent Voice

  92. In Time

    The Spill Canvas - Appreciation and the Bomb

  93. One Month

    The Hanks - Evaporate

  94. Beginning 2.0

    X Ambassadors - Unsteady

  95. HSR

    Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane



Loul461 Loul461


Loul461 Loul461

This is one of my favorites! Hope the update is up soon!

Ashlyn4 Ashlyn4

So excited!! 2 weeks!!! Such a good chapter!

Loul461 Loul461

Hope you enjoyed it!

Missxbazaar Missxbazaar