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At that point in the game, everyone had lost someone. No one was immune to that pain and everyone coped with the fight for survival differently. People like Ben & Nikki had the promise of new life and a fresh start. Grace & Ray saw everything as a new challenge to overcome. Wayne channeled his fear and Kaylee could always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But not me. I had lost my purpose. I had lost my drive. I was on auto-pilot. It had been over 500 days since I had last laid eyes on my son, Jack. I had been trying to get back to him ever since the outbreak, but something always seemed to be in the way. I had fought and clawed my way from Albany, NY toward where I had left him with my mother in Kentucky, but I had failed. I had taken too many breaks. Picked up too many broken people. Made too many mistakes. And now the darkness had closed in on me and my hope was gone.

My son was gone. I could feel it. I no longer felt the invisible thread that bound us together by our mere existence as mother and son and that killed me. The weight of the pain and guilt that I felt for him was my burden to bear. I wanted to scream and cry and curl up and let the Corpses devour me, but giving up wasn't an option. People depended on me. I had to learn to live with it and it would take meeting someone who felt the same weight upon their shoulders to teach me how to endure it.

***Eventual Daryl Dixon/OC***

Disclaimer: The only characters I own are the OC's in this piece. I do not own any of The Walking Dead characters or references used in this fanfiction.


Meredith "Meri"

Meredith "Meri"

Before the outbreak, Meri was a 28 year old mother working hard to provide for her son. She had taken a job in sales and was on a trip to Albany, NY when the planes stopped flying and getting back to her mother and son in Kentucky became the greatest challenge of her life.


  1. Prologue/Timeline

    This chapter provides a timeline for our group in relation to Rick's group in the television series.

  2. Stale Cigarettes

  3. Meri, Meri Quite Contrary

  4. The Council

  5. Unadulterated Comprehension

    Meri and Daryl share the first of many intense exchanges.

  6. Wolves

  7. Ache

  8. Undead Threats

  9. Waking Up

  10. No More Tears

  11. Councilman Dixon

    ***Sexual Content

  12. If

  13. Angel Wings

  14. Unpleasant Dreams

    ***Sexual Content

  15. Maps

  16. Taken

  17. Bruises

  18. Collateral

  19. Cages

  20. Baby Ben

    *** WARNING: This is not a pleasant chapter. Graphic content involving childbirth and death.

  21. Unexpected Weapons

  22. Escape

  23. Sweet Dreams

    ***Sexual Content

  24. Loss

  25. The Remains

  26. Crossbow

  27. Little Lies

  28. Bettie

  29. Favors

  30. Enid

  31. Rough

    ***Sexual Content

  32. Light Me Up

  33. The Calm Before the Storm

  34. Split

  35. What Looms Ahead

  36. The Next Three Days

  37. Weak

  38. Wayne's Impact

  39. Midnight Escape

  40. Heat

    *** Mature Content

  41. Lost and Found

  42. Ice

  43. Wreck

  44. Where were they now?

  45. Hostile Host

  46. Cold

  47. Silence and Sunlight


Holy moly!! This was so great!! Thank you!!

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Thank you so much for the updated chapter!! It was awesome!!!

JetCmoon JetCmoon

Absolutely!! I check for updates daily!! LOL As I said to another great writer, I am faithful to the writers who put their heart and imagination into their stories so I am not going anywhere!! :)

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Of course I will! :D

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I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Stay tuned.

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