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The Machete Girl

Southern Comfort is the Best Kind

They had made it to the Centers for Disease Control and there were a lot of bodies around the building. Laying in lines or piles on the barricade. Brandy and Daryl got out of the truck, Brandy put her hand over her nose because of the smell, it was almost too much too take. She felt her self gag, but she over came the feeling to vomit. Brandy kept her back to the rest of the group, walking backwards making sure they did not get surprised by any Walkers. Both of her blades pointed outward ready to strike when needed. A military barricade was over ran and there were fly's everywhere, the thought of them landing on her made exposed her itch and feel dirty because of the realization of where they came from. She wondered why there wasn't that many Walkers around just the truly dead.

They got to doors that were covered with locked shutters. In the back of Brandy's mind she knew someone was in there- if they were still alive was the question. Rick and Shane tried to get the shutters up, but of course they could not budge them. This was the CDC, they had to have the best security around, if not things would be a lot worse. Who knew what was hiding behind those doors and in the hot labs. She could hear Shane and Rick go back and forth with each other, being loud and possibly alerting Walkers that were near by.

She saw a Walker bumbling towards them, Brandy readied her gun but Daryl got it first. The men were getting in to it, no one knew what was going on and women were yelping and crying. Everyone was scared, Brandy saw another Walker, she fired off a silenced round; dropping it.

"Fort Benning." Shane said. Daryl said something that he did not like and Shane pushed him, yelling and telling him to shut up.

"No food no, no fuel it. It's a hundred miles!"

"We'll think of something!" Rick said, but Shane wanted them to leave. Pushing them back towards the cars.

"Back to the cars, lets go!" Shane ordered.

"The camera! The camera moved!" Rick yelled out stopping them, looking up at the camera. Brandy could hear them all yelling, Lori screamed at Rick telling him that there was no one there. But he still banged on the shutter doors. There was another Walker, this time Glenn got it.

"There is more of them!" Brandy yelled. "Hurry up!" She took another shot, it missed she took another and got it. Shane pulled Rick back but Rick still yelled at the camera.

"You're killing us! You're killing us!"

With a screech of the doors the shutters lifted, Brandy turned around and saw nothing but white light casting in to the dark night. She'll be damned, Rick was right. They all sprinted in; looking around the entrance hall was huge and empty, their voices echoing off of each wall. There was the sound of a gun being cocked they looked towards a dim hallway near a staircase stood a man with an M-16. He asked if any of there were infected. Rick spoke for the group and answered the mans inquires for the mismatch group.

"You'll submit to a blood test that's the price of admission." The mad said, Brandy swallowed hard at his words. Rick agreed for the group, they grabbed their belongings from the cars and the doors were sealed behind them. The idea made her nervous, trapped in a place that had some of the most dangerous diseases known to man. Hell, they might have been responsible for what happened in the world.

The group made it to a large elevator, all of them squeezing in. Brandy in-between Glenn and Daryl. Keeping her eyes tightly closed, listening to the pings and sounds the elevator made. She heard Daryl say something to the doctor about having an M-16 but she was not listening, she just wanted to get out of that death trap and after that she would have to do a blood test. Her day could not get any worse. They went down a hall and then to a huge room with computers all over the place. Rick asked where everyone else was and they all found out that he was the only one left. Well so long to the cure, but that was kind of a pipe dream anyway.

They all had to give blood and it was Brandy's turn. She walked towards the table where the doctor was nervously. He looked at her, she could tell he was taking in her disfigured side of her face; he looked at her eye as well. Jenner made it a point to test the temperature of her skin with the back of his hand.

"What happened?" He asked readying the needle. Brandy closed her eyes tightly while he stuck it in to the vain that was in the bend of her arm.

"An accident...I got in to a fight." She said watching the tube fill with her blood.

"Those scars look a little infected." He said.

"They're not, its just the damage left over." She assured.

"Well any case, I'll give you give antibiotics just to be safe." Jenner said with a smile went he was finished. Brandy smiled and went back to sit down and wait for everyone else to be done.

It was the first in a long time; she was sitting down and eating a real meal. It was the first time in a long time she was with people, laughing, drinking and enjoying. She tried the wine. It wasn't her thing; she became excited when she saw that Daryl had a bottle of Southern Comfort.

"Hey give me some of that?" She waved at him holding up her glass. She heard everyone laugh at the fact that she wanted something hard to drink. Daryl smiled and raised his eyebrow.

"This shit will put you on your ass, little girl." He said.

"Shut up and give me some!" She insisted mixing it with coke.

"Look you already ruined it!" Daryl teased and everyone laughed at her, again. "Come on drink it straight!" He said putting the bottle down in front of her. She took him up on it and down a gulp, and damn it was strong. Brandy squinted her eyes and let out a hick. Shaking her head and reaching for her mixed drink.

" You are suppose to put diet in a mixer." T-dog said to her. "If you use normal soda you'll get a hang over, it's all the sugar."

"Pshhh! I have been drinkin' since- " She started but was cut off by Daryl.

"Since what! High-school?" She rolled her eyes at his words and let out a laugh at the expense of her young age. She could not believe how much fun they were all having. Before long her one drink became two, and two became two and a half. And then someone had to ruin it.

"We were supposed to find all of the answers and instead we found him" Shane said pointing at Jenner.

"Shane…shut up." Brandy said, she was feeling pretty buzzed already. But of course he didn't listen.

"We found one man, why?" Shane continued it to ruin the fun. Brandy did not want to hear this, she finished third drink and while the 'Debby Downers' were talking she wanted a refill.

"Daryl….Daryl." She whispered turning around in her chair pointing at her glass. "I want more." He pulled the top off and went to pour her some more.

"How many have ya had?" He whispered, while leaning over her.


"Yer goanna' drink it all."

"Naw I ain't." Brandy said almost playfully looking up at him with a wide smile, he could tell she was going to be a slop.

"I'm cuttin' ya off after this." He said when he finished pouring and pulled away from her. Brandy let out a little whimper at his words. She didn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"Dude, you are such a buzz kill." Glenn said to Shane and Brandy agreed.

"Yeah, dude way to fuck up the fun." Brandy said, she was almost there. Maybe one more drink to being fully drunk.

After the best shower of her life, she threw on a long over sized shirt that she had packed; it belonged one of her old flings. Everything felt so perfect; well the only thing that wasn't perfect was the fact that she had to go hunt down that bottle of Southern Comfort. She shuffled down the hallway going back in to the café but it wasn't there.

"Shit." She swore, grabbing a glass and the bottle of Coke. She went back down the hallway looking for that bottle and she knew who had it.

"Hey Carol, do you know where Daryl is?" She asked the woman, who was headed to the showers.

"Um. I think he is in that room down there." She said pointing down the hall. Brandy smiled and nodded, heading for his room. Carol watched her walk away and saw her knock on Daryl's door. Carol shrugged her shoulders and continued on to showers.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Brandy" She said with a buzzed chuckle.

"What ya' want?"

"I want some of dat' liquor." She said. She heard him sigh and the door opened. Brandy smiled and made her way in.

She fully intended to get a glass and leave but… some how she just stayed. Brandy sat on the floor with her legs crossed at the ankles aware that she only had on a pair of lacy panties on under her large shirt. She was now on her forth glass and her head was swimming.

"So, Hood-Rat where ya from?" Daryl asked sitting on the couch looking down at his surprising drinking partner

"Atlanta. Duh." She said before taking s big gulp.

"Yeah no shit, smart ass." Daryl said grabbing one of the pillows and throwing it at her.

"Okay! I'm from Clayton, County and that's all ya need to know. I ain't gonna give ya my life story." Brandy snickered reaching for her glass again. "What about you? Trailer park?" Daryl scuffed at her question and shook his head.

"In the middle of fucking no where." Daryl said taking a drink from the bottle. Brandy put her hand on her face and felt the room spin. Damn it, she was wasted. "What would you have done?" She heard Daryl's voice say through her liquor-induced haze.

"Huh?" She asked closing her eyes, but then remembering that closing your eyes only made the spinning worse.

"If that world hadn't gone to shit." He clarified.

"I was goin' to go to collage." She said looking down at the carpet. "I got in to Morris Brown, I would have been da first one in my family that went to college." She spoke still keeping her eyes on the floor.

"If yer so smart then why all this hood shit?" Daryl asked, Brandy looked up at him and let out chuckle.

"Daryl, you're smart too why da dumb Redneck act?" She redirected back at him.

"I ain't smart, I didn't even go to High-School." He huffed. Brandy shook her head and leaned forward with her glass, Daryl poured her some more and then took a drink for him self.

"A lot of people in my graduating class woulda' ended up pregnant, on well-fare, in jail or dead by drive by. Most off those niggas were dumb as fuck. I think yer' are smarter then a lot of them. Hell, yer still alive that shits gotta' count for somethin'. " Brandy said with a smile.

Eventually the Southern Comfort got to Daryl and he passed out on the couch. He woke up a few hours later from being too hot. He opened his eyes and let out a grunt and pulled off the covers off and sat up and rubbed his head, the only light in the room was from the tiny amount that was peeking from up under the door from the hallway. He heard a sound coming from somewhere in the room, he instinctively reached over for the lamp that was on the table next to him and turned it on. And on the floor he saw Brandy, curled in the fettle position, her hand still holding the empty glass. Daryl grunt at the site of her and rolled his eyes. He placed the blanket that he once covered him self with on her. Brandy let out a tiny pleased sigh in her sleep when she felt the warmth from the blanket.

"Fuckin', Rat." Daryl mumbled before tuning the light back off and falling back asleep.


Hope you update

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