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Loss (The Walking Dead - Carl Grimes)


Ava Williams was nothing like an "average" teenage girl. At the age of 11, everything she knew changed: the dead came back to life, people murdered people as if it was nothing, and nowhere was safe. For a girl who grew up in an affectionate household and always had everything she needed, it was very difficult to adjust to the new world. When looking for somewhere safe for her and her friends, she stumbles across another group. They take Winter's group in, not thinking they could survive on there own. She meets a boy named Carl Grimes in the group and is immediately attracted to him, as he is to her. But the apocalypse is no place for love and happiness, it's for tragedy and loss, and sometimes, it's better to just walk away.


Alice Jones

Alice Jones

Depressed, sad, sorrowful, woebegone, lonely, dismal, forlorn

Ava Williams

Ava Williams

Sarcastic, able to take care of herself, hides her emotions, hard to get close to, not nice unless you deserve it, will do anything for those she loves

Quinn Williams

Quinn Williams

small, immature, young, depends on his sister, loud,

Rose Smith

Rose Smith

Fearful, sensitive, couldn't live without her friends, caring, nurturing, good cook, girly



This is a good story I hope you continue with it

Sgeezazaza Sgeezazaza