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The Hunter Within


Like night and day, ice and fire, Sophie Lewis and Daryl Dixon are polar opposites. Growing up worlds apart, they share no similarities save for their undying will to survive. When the end of the world creeps up on humanity, Sophie finds herself alone and trying desperately to hold onto the person she once was. For the first time in his life, Daryl finds himself relying on the people around him for safety as he tries to forget his past. With one trying to let go and the other holding on with everything she has, will the unlikely pair be able to discover who they are in the new world or will they lose themselves to the downfall of humanity?

This story will follow the events of AMCs the Walking Dead TV series, each chapter focusing on a specific episode. I obviously do not own anything affiliated with the show or comics. The character list is congruent with the most current chapter. Possible spoilers below.


1. Sophie Lewis

1. Sophie Lewis

2. Daryl Dixon

2. Daryl Dixon

3. Prison Group

3. Prison Group

4. Post-Prison Group

4. Post-Prison Group


  1. Days Gone By

  2. Guts

  3. Tell it to the Frogs

  4. Vatos

  5. Wildfire

  6. TS 19 Part One

  7. TS 19 Part Two

  8. What Lies Ahead

  9. Bloodletting

  10. Save the Last One

  11. Cherokee Rose

  12. Chupacabra

  13. Secrets

  14. Pretty Much Dead Already Part One

  15. Pretty Much Dead Already Part Two

  16. Nebraska

  17. Triggerfinger

  18. 18 Miles Out

  19. Judge, Jury, Executioner

  20. Better Angels

  21. Beside the Dying Fire

  22. Seed Part One

  23. Seed Part Two

  24. Sick

  25. Killer Within

  26. Say the Word

  27. Hounded

  28. When the Dead Come Knocking

  29. Made to Suffer

  30. The Suicide King Part One

  31. The Suicide King Part Two

  32. Home

  33. I Ain't a Judas

  34. Clear

  35. Arrow on the Doorpost

  36. This Sorrowful Life

  37. Welcome to the Tombs

  38. 30 Days Without an Accident

  39. Infected

  40. Isolation

  41. Indifference

  42. Internment

  43. Too Far Gone

  44. After

  45. Inmates

  46. Claimed

  47. Still

  48. Alone

  49. The Grove

  50. Us

  51. A Part One

  52. A Part Two

  53. No Sanctuary

  54. Strangers

  55. Four Walls and a Roof

  56. Slabtown Part One

  57. Slabtown Part Two

  58. Self Help

  59. Consumed

  60. Crossed

  61. Coda

  62. What's Happening and What's Going On

  63. Them

  64. The Distance

  65. Remember

  66. Forget Part One

  67. Forget Part Two

  68. Spend

  69. Try

  70. Conquer

  71. First Time Again Part One

  72. First Time Again Part Two

  73. JSS

  74. Thank You

  75. Here's Not Here

  76. Now

  77. Always Accountable

  78. Heads Up

  79. Start to Finish

  80. No Way Out

  81. Begin Again

  82. What We Become

  83. The Calm Before

  84. Heathens

  85. Propositions

  86. No Trespassing Part One

  87. No Trespassing Part Two

  88. Not Goodbye

  89. Jesus

  90. Knots Untie

  91. Miles to Go

  92. Too Much

  93. Teenagers

  94. Day Sixteen

  95. North

  96. Niagara Falls

  97. A Painful Place

  98. Reunited

  99. The Locals

  100. This Town

  101. Law of Averages

  102. No Turning Back

  103. Brothers in Arms

  104. Homebound

  105. The Next World Part One

  106. The Next World Part Two

  107. The Next World Part Three

  108. Not Tomorrow Yet

  109. Same Boat Part One

  110. Same Boat Part Two

  111. Atonement

  112. For Now

  113. Swear

  114. Something to Fear

    Forewarning: chapter summaries ahead

  115. What Comes After

    Forewarning: chapter summaries ahead

  116. March to War

    Forewarning: chapter summaries ahead

  117. All Out War

    Forewarning: chapter summaries ahead

  118. Here We Remain




New readers make my heart sing, especially when they start this journey ten months after I ended it (abit abruptly but we won’t get into that because it’ll make me sad again).

Thank you you so much for leaving a comment. Nothing is more motivating for the unmotivated than a little bit of love. Whenever I get a comment from someone new all I find myself wanting to sit down and grill them with a million different questions.

If youre chasing updates about any eventual stories I write, please follow me on instagram @ sophyl_

Thanks a million again!! xx

aryaaa aryaaa

thank you @sanders151 for recomending me this fanfic

Your fanfic has been in the center of my life for the whole month November. Let me just tell you that im in love with everything about this story. Im even at loss of words about how amazing this journey has been.

There have been moments when i actually had to get up and calm down from all the feelings may they be joy sadness or just extreme suffering. Ive been cheering, i've been crying to the point of ugly sobbing, ive been screaming while reading this all.

I dont even know how to tell you how i feel about this fanfic there arent any words for it so ima just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH about it cause thats the closets that i can think off "insert all the feelings i cant express here"

I am just so thank full for all your time and effort and everything youve put into this story. Cause WOW youre an amazing writer and when you do make your original story please do know that I WOULD LOVE TO READ THAT TOO.

This journey has ended but it will forever be in my heart.

QueenUchi QueenUchi


I was so surprised to see a new notification on this story after all these months. Thank you so much for taking the time
to comment, I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read since. Please feel free to leave me updated on your thoughts xx

aryaaa aryaaa


It's been a looong time since i've read this story. Life got busy and i totally forgot to finish it.

SO i decided to reread everything and lemme tell you...I STILL LOVE IT AS MUCH AS THE FIRST TIME.
Im currently at chapter 62 (right after fort hill) and i can't wait for what is to come.

Sanders151 Sanders151

That was a beautiful ending, thank you.
I can't even imagine all the work that goes into writing a story like this. You're amazing!
I can't wait to see what else you come up with :).

Kimm Kimm