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Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The next morning Heather had decided. She'd head for the prison, only to see it, if anything Merle would be impressed with her forward thinking. She turned the CD player on in the truck, her spirits high as she followed her planned route from the map. It was a straight road to the prison, she followed the map all the same, ensuring she'd planned multiple routes.

Still, she managed to get lost. She was driving around and around before she found the turn off, it was practically hidden with over grown trees. The road leading up to it was a dirt track, the dust surrounded her and stuck to the truck as the car crawled slowly down the road.

It was huge, a sprawling building with 5 towers surrounding it. Heather could tell immediately that they Prison was occupied. Walkers lined the fences, clawing to get in. The gates were re-enforced, huge metal surrounded by what looked like wooden barricades. Behind that stood the original gates made of chain link, a few cars sat behind them, ready to flee. Looking at the prison now she wasn't sure what to do. These people could be dangerous, she was used to danger. They could know about Woodbury, or it could be Woodbury. Heather had been away for about two weeks. They could have moved, it wasn't impossible.

Heather had been sat in her truck, staring at the prison for twenty minutes, thinking over what she should do, completely unaware that there was someone in the guard tower, doing the exact same.

She was only out there another ten minutes before she drove the truck closer, attempting to get their attention. She was outside the gates before she saw movement in the yard, a silhouette of a man running towards her. A crowd quickly followed behind them, about 5 people in total stood behind the gates before they started to open. Her heart was beating fast now, people weren’t always good now, and people who weren’t good had guns.

The gates opened wide enough for Heather to drive the truck inside, she did so slowly, one hand on the wheel, the other on the gun in her lap.

The group stood in a semi-circle around the truck, all holding weapons, reminding Heather strongly of the day her and Merle were saved from the storage container. The guy who opened the gate for her stood, one had still resting on the metal of the gate, the other a gun at his side. He was wearing a cap, his face shadowed.

Next was a woman, short grey hair, blue eyes, she stood defiant with her gun aimed directly at Heather, no hint of smile on her face. Stood beside her, a black woman with long braids, a sword in her hand that gleamed in the sun. Last was a boy, he couldn't be older than 15. He wore a sheriff's hat. A gun held in his hands, a weary look on his face that looked too old for him.

Heather came out of the truck with her hands up. Her gun was tucked into the back of her jeans, she let her shirt fall over it as she walked around the hood of the truck.

"Who're you?" The boy asked, his gun trained on Heather.

"Heather...I, Heather Lattasan." She saw the usual look pass over the crowds face, her accent tended to throw people off.

"How'd you find this place?" The same bot spoke again.

"In a book, a Library not far from here. The man in the hat laughed when she said Library, the rest of the group shot him a look to silence him.

"What do you want?" It was the woman who spoke now, with the blue eyes and grey hair, her stance strong as she continued to aim her gun at Heather.

"Nothing...well, not nothing. I'm looking for someone. I was in a town, not far from here. They...I had to leave."

"Why?" It was the black woman now, her sword had fallen slightly as she moved closer to Heather.

Heather didn't have time to answer before she heard doors slam. Two men walked across the yard towards them. One held a cross bow, it hung from his hand casually, swinging as he walked. The other strolled slowly behind him, one arm scratching the back of his neck. The other encased in metal.

Heather feet moved underneath her, pushing through the group that surrounded her, ignoring their weapons and shouts. Merle saw her, his face slack as Heather ran towards him. She hit him with force, Merles body stiff as she crashed into him.

"English?" She could hardly hear him, his voice muffled as he buried his head in her hair.

"Merle...Merle, what are you doing here?"

"Me...English, I thought you was dead."

She broke away from him, holding him at arms length to look at his face. His eyes searched her face, disbelief etched across his features. She was speechless again as he pulled her into another hug, this one tighter than the last, his metal stump pushed against her back as his fingers gripped her waist. He didn't let go, just kept his grip tight.

She was crying now, unable to believe how easily she'd found him.

"You know her?" The group from before had surrounded them without Heather even realising.

"Dixon...what the fuck is going on?"

He let Heather go, his hand falling to hers as she stood beside him, ever so slightly behind him.

"Ya...ya I know her." He said a smile playing across his lips.

"Care to introduce us?" The woman with grey hair spoke now, still unsmiling.

"You didn't tell them about me Merle?" Heather smiled up at him, wiping tears from her face. Merle looked guilty as Heather laughed.

"English what happened...I got back with Martinez and you ain't there?" she had no idea what to tell him, unable to put into words what had happened to her at Woodbury, what she had been through the last week.

"It can wait." The boy spoke again, his face stern.

"We don’t know her...she knows Merle. Isn't that enough? She shouldn't be here." Heathers stomach dropped.

"Now Glenn..."

"NO! We shouldn't have let Merle back, now we're gonna let just anyone come in?" The guy clenched his jaw.

"Hey! Hey! She ain't just anyone chink."

"Merle!" Heather moved herself in front of him, one hand behind her, telling Merle to stand back

"Look, I understand you're caution. Times aren't easy. If you don't want me here..."

"No one said that. We just gotta know who we're dealing with here." the black woman was staring at her, her face softer than anyone else in the group.

"Dealin' with?? She ain't a criminal."

"Merle leave it."

"Nah Sugar, they can treat me like shit but..."

"Merle." She turned, looking him in the eye. He gave her a nod.

Turning back to the group, she looked at them all nervously.

"What do you wanna know?"

"You were at Woodbury?" The black woman again.

"Yeah, me and Merle were there for a while."

"Him I know...you weren’t there when I was."

"You were at Woodbury?" The woman just nodded solemnly, meeting Heathers eyes.

"Why'd you leave?" The boy again now, the only one with his weapon still pointed at Heather.

"I...I killed someone." The silence permeated the group, she turned to look at Merle who's face looked blank.

"He raped me. I killed him. They...The Governor, he ordered someone to kill me."

"What?" Merles hand was on her shoulder, spinning her roughly. "you what? Paul?"

"Yeah." Heather couldn't look at him, he was gripping her roughly, his stump under her chin.

She finally looked up, his eyes met hers and she teared up again, unable to see the pain in

Merles eyes without feeling all the hurt herself, over and over again.



Your writing is really good, I love the relationship between Merle and Heather can't wait to hear more of the story. Please update!!

Amy cook Amy cook

Finallyyyyyyyyyyy hahah! I loved it!

rachelloyd rachelloyd


I'm workin' on it...and I have ANOTHER day off tomorrow so it will probably be up then!

Hopefully things won't be too awkward!



WasHangerlane WasHangerlane

Yessssss it finally happened and now ol' Merle is all shy hahaha. Please update super soon, I need to see what changes between the two of them! x

rachelloyd rachelloyd


Thank you thank you thank you!

It makes me so happy to read all y'all nice comments n stuff, and to see that you're enjoying it, hope you like the new chapter, even if there isn't a lot of Merle


WasHangerlane WasHangerlane