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Chapter 4

Chapter Four

"But you're here." The young boy spoke again "They didn't kill you." Some of the groups gave him harsh looks.

"Damien," Heather started Merle gripped her hand as she spoke "he drove me out into the woods, I don't know how far. He was going to shoot me. Some guy, some random fucking guy came up behind him and shot him. He just appeared and then left, said it was nice to meet me and walked off."

"He just left you?" The boy was lowering his gun, studying Heather more closely now. "On your own in the woods?"

"Yup. Been on the road since, on my own. Trying to get back to this idiot" she lifter her hand, Merles own clasped around it.

"You're telling me, you travelled miles, probably risked your life, to get back to Merle?" The Asian guy in the hat sounded a little bit incredulous, confused and a bit disgusted.

Heather laughed, her attention on Merle who wasn't laughing.

"Yeah, yeah I did."

"We should take this inside, getting' a little loud." The guy with the cross bow, the first thing he'd said since Heather arrived.

"Sugar!! I haven't introduced ya...this here's ma baby brother."

"Daryl??" Merle nodded, the man who stood next to Merle held little resemblance to his older brother. His face was more angular, he didn't have as heavy build as Merle. There was a few similarities though. Their eyes the same blue, their face had the same past etched. "THE

"One and only English."

"Merle didn’t stop talking about you...how the fuck did you find him?"

"He kinda found me..."

"Inside." Daryl spoke again, shoving Merles shoulder in the direction of the prison.

Heather followed them in, somehow the prison looked even bigger from the inside. The room she was led into was huge. Its ceiling stretched what looked like three floors. There were tables scattered around, the kind with benches attached to them.

Further in Heather could see a metal set of stairs, leading to what looked like cells.
The group started to gather round one of the tables, Merle sat, he patted his lap in an attempt to get Heather to sit. She smiled to herself, ignoring him.

She stood while the rest of the group gathered round her, before she or anyone else could say anything she heard footsteps from the stairs. A man with a white beard was struggling, limping down the stairs, using the rail to support himself where his missing leg couldn’t. Behind him a young girl with blonde hair followed him down, carrying something in her arms. A baby.

"Who do we have here?" The man said once he'd reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Heather." The woman with grey hair, her arms crossed but looking less defensive than when they were outside.

"Heather?" He wasn't looking at her, his eyes were on Merle who gave him a short but meaningful nod. "Well I've heard a lot about you. Glad you could join us." Heather looked to Merle who just looked smug.

"So how long you been on the road?" Daryl was studying her, his eyes not leaving her face.

"Two weeks? Maybe longer." She looked around at the group, all of them had lowered their weapons now, all looking slightly less tense. "I'm sorry," Heather carried on, taking her chance
"I don't know any of your names."

"I'm Hershel...this here's my girl Beth." The man with the white beard spoke. "Got another one here, Maggie but she's on watch at the moment."

"There's more of you? How many?"

"Ten of us, at the moment. I'm Carol."

"Wow so a few of you then."

"I'm Glenn" the boy in the hat raised his hand.

"Carl." The younger boy practically whispered his name, the confidence he had before now gone.

"Hi." Heather looked to the black woman now, who's eyes darted around the room, not sticking to one place.

"Michonne, but I haven’t been here long. Left Woodbury about four days ago."

They talked about what happened at Woodbury, Merle started the story, he was confident and comfortable even now. He said about how Maggie and Glenn came to Woodbury, which Glenn argued saying Merle kidnapped them at gun point. Heather looked to Merle who faltered, his face betraying him. Glenn told the rest of the story. How Merle almost killed him, Heather now understood his instant reaction to her when she arrived. The Governor had ordered them both killed which was when the rest of their group had turned up. Rick, who was important Heather realised but not present, saved them both, with Michonne and Daryl by his side.

Here Merle spoke again now, he slipped into his tales of bravery. How The Governor forced him to fight his brother Daryl, surrounded by walkers while the whole of Woodbury watched. Heather was shaking her head when she caught Daryl's eyes, who merely nodded at her, confirming Merles unbelievable story.

By the end Heather felt exhausted, the stories were long and tragic. This group had suffered more than Heather could imagine. She felt now more than ever how lucky she was to have found Merle. To have been on the road with just one person who was undeniably the reason she was alive.

She was kept up though, Merle wanted to tell the group now all about Heather. About how they met, their travels together. He missed out a lot, he didn't even mention Thomas. Glenn and Michonne left, talking about going on watch. Heather was sure Glenn just couldn't stand to listen to Merle which she understood.

Carol showed Heather around, they had cleared a lot of the prison. Carol was proud and seemed even more so when Heather told her how impressive she found them.

"So...Heather? You like that better than English?"

Heather laughed, she loved Merles affectionate name for her, but she supposed she needed a name for everyone else to call her.

"Heather's good...my brothers used to call me Hetty."

"Hetty?! Ya never said nothin' bout Hetty." Heather hadn't realised Merle was behind them.

Turning, she could see the amusement in Merles eyes, his face had practically lit up.

"You never asked Merle."


"From you, English is fine."

Carol was looking between the two of them, a look on her face Heather had seen too many times in Woodbury. Merle was distracted by Daryl whistling at him from down stairs.

"So...shall I set you up in a cell?" It felt strange to be talking about cells but Heather nodded and followed Carol along the walkway.

"I'm three down in you need me." She said before leaving, Heather sat on the bed, the mattress underneath her was thin, but defiantly the most comfortable thing she'd slept on in weeks. The prison became quiet around her, she'd gone to Carol and offered her services on watch if they needed her, Carol told her to rest for the night, that they'd put her in the cycle tomorrow.

After two hours of trying to sleep Heather gave up, she walked quietly along the walkway, worried she'd wake anyone up, sure there was someone awake and aware of everything in the prison.


"Ya alright sugar?" He turned in his bed, the sheet already half hanging off leaving his bare
chest exposed.

"Can I bunk with you tonight?" She didn't feel embarrassed, she needed this. She watched him struggle to sit up, his good arm holding his weight as he pushed himself against the frame of the bed.

"What's happened?"

"Nothing...I just, can't sleep."

He didn't say anything, just lifted the covers ever so slightly, rolling back into the position before she disturbed him. Heather tiptoed into the room, sitting on the side of the bed carefully lying next to him.

"C'mere." His arm curled around her back, pulling her closer to him. He was always warm, even when they were sleeping in the back of trucks, Merle was like a space heater. Heather rested her head against his chest, listening to it slowly rise and fall. The sound of it reminding her of how lucky she'd been to find him, of how much she cherished him. Raising her head slightly, she kissed Merle on the cheek, watching as his smile grew, his eyes remained shut as Heathers head found the comfortable spot on his chest.



Your writing is really good, I love the relationship between Merle and Heather can't wait to hear more of the story. Please update!!

Amy cook Amy cook

Finallyyyyyyyyyyy hahah! I loved it!

rachelloyd rachelloyd


I'm workin' on it...and I have ANOTHER day off tomorrow so it will probably be up then!

Hopefully things won't be too awkward!



WasHangerlane WasHangerlane

Yessssss it finally happened and now ol' Merle is all shy hahaha. Please update super soon, I need to see what changes between the two of them! x

rachelloyd rachelloyd


Thank you thank you thank you!

It makes me so happy to read all y'all nice comments n stuff, and to see that you're enjoying it, hope you like the new chapter, even if there isn't a lot of Merle


WasHangerlane WasHangerlane