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The End Of All Things


Slight AU: Olivia and her sister Annabelle are struggling to survive in the new apocalyptic world. Their journey has had numerous bumps in the road, and they worry if they'll make it to where they need to end up. On a supply trip in an abandoned town, they come face to face with who may be their savior, but someone of Olivia's past-- Glenn Rhee.


Hello! This is my first fanfiction in a long while, but recently I've gotten back into writing so I figured I would give it another chance. My plans are to hopefully update this once or twice a week (more frequently in the beginning to get it rolling) and make this into something good. This is a bit before they meet up with Rick and the others, and when it gets there it will follow "The Walking Dead" storyline for the most part, with slight modifications. There will be SOME Maggie x Glenn but that is not the main ship! :) Thank you for reading! -Katie

ALSO POSTED ON WATTPAD! : https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/55924995-the-end-of-all-things


Annabelle Rimmelson

Annabelle Rimmelson

Age 24, older sister to Olivia Rimmelson. Strawberry hair and a bright smile, she resembled more of her father. Her weapon of choice is a simple revolver, and she is curious, usually asking questions a lot of the time. Though slightly cheeky and sarcastic, she knows how to keep people safe.

Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

Glenn from TWD series. Age 20, Olivia Rimmelson's former best-friend.

Olivia Rimmelson

Olivia Rimmelson

Age 20, younger sister to Annabelle Rimmelson. Strawberry hair and vivid eyes, she resembles her mother more than her father. Her weapon of choice is a machete, but she is also decent at throwing knives. Olivia is usually pretty reserved, but is tough when needs to be and can handle herself. Former best-friend of Glenn Rhee.


  1. Prologue

  2. Chapter One

    Entering Town


I'm really excited about this, can't wait to read more! So hard to find stories where Glenn is the main!

Spock Spock

I Love how it's different than all those Daryl & Rick /Oc's, It's Glenn. Pretty Cool.

Mother Dick Mother Dick