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There's Us and the Dead - A Glenn Rhee Fanfiction


Zoey Sharpe never thought that one huge secret would change her entire world forever.

After her mother's death, a letter is given to her revealing who Zoey's biological father really is, and the only person that she can turn to is her best friend, Glenn Rhee. With him by her side, she embarks on a weekend road trip to find the man, who was never in her life to begin with. Will this man be everything she expected or will he be one huge disappointment? Is there a chance for these two to become father and daughter, or will their attempts at becoming a real family fail? Especially now, that the world they knew is ending right before their eyes in this pre-apocalyptic world where the dead are rising from their demises to feast on the flesh of the living.

Follow, Zoey's journey of the first days of the Walker Apocalypse as she learns to cope with the realization that the world she knew isn't coming back. There will be love, which blossoms unexpectedly between the two best friends. Of course, there will be the loss of life, but there will always be that consistent struggle to keep hope alive when the only world you have ever known is slipping right through your fingertips. Zoey, who knows a few things about surviving, will fight to survive in this new, non-discriminating world that takes more than it gives. Find out in this first installment of "There's Us and the Dead."

We do not own AMC's The Walking Dead. This is made purely for the reader's enjoyment. I and my co-writer, dixiewolf, own the characters we make up along the way. I hope you readers will enjoy another one of our collaborations. This story is a Glenn Rhee/OC, and will start way before the first season of the show.


Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

Portrayed by Steven Yeun

Kip Nolan

Kip Nolan

Portrayed by Dane Dehaan

Zoey Sharpe

Zoey Sharpe

Portrayed by Tuppence Middleton



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