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The New Resident


For Rick, returning to Alexandria meant picking up where he left off. For Carrie, it meant the start of living, rather than just surviving. As they settle into life behind the walls, Carrie struggles to fit in with people who she has nothing in common with, while Rick encounters problem after problem while trying to prevent his children from becoming collateral damage.

They both learn that keeping up appearances is tough, especially as the boundaries of their friends with benefits relationship become blurred. Despite attempting to keep their relationship secret and free of emotion, Rick and Carrie find themselves falling in love, but too afraid to do anything about it.

It’s said that love makes like worth living, but nothing in this world is forever, especially when the threats to Ricks family come from both inside and outside the walls.

Set post episode 513 (no Rick/Jessie subplot) NC17. Slow burn. No Lori bashing. Warning - There will be cookies. Stuff and Things may ensue.


A - Rick Grimes

A - Rick Grimes

Getting back to Alexandria was easy. Teaching the community to see the real world was the hard part, despite his efforts to show them just how serious the threat to their lives is. As he deals with his family and a series of problems that never seem to cease for long, he finds comfort in his secret relationship with Carrie, but even that is not without complications. Despite having laid out the boundaries of their relationship, Rick finds himself constantly pushing them, his heart telling him that he wants more, but his head telling him to not take the risk. Before he can stop it, more than one secret he’s been keeping comes to haunt him and threatens to harm his family.

B - Carrie Hartmann

B - Carrie Hartmann

Slowly integrating herself into Alexandria, Carrie finds purpose not in the role Deanna gives her, but in the one Rick gives her. She’s learnt a lot about the world and herself since the day he picked her up, but the complications of life in Alexandria push her almost to her limit, making her question what she really is capable of. As her secret relationship with Rick develops, Carrie struggles to keep her feelings for him separate, while her determination to protect him from his own mistakes risks tearing them apart all together.

C - Carl Grimes

C - Carl Grimes

Despite his age, Carl shows increasing maturity as the danger outside the walls draws closer, immediately stepping up and doing what he needs to. Nevertheless, his relationship with Rick becomes strained when he’s caught sneaking outside the walls, complicated by the difficulty of maintaining friendship with people he doesn’t actually like. Faced with a major change in his family, Carl struggles to cope with the death of Lori, whose absence he feels even more in the homely community of Alexandria. When danger literally barges through his front door more than once, how well will he be able to protect his family?

D - Judith Grimes

D - Judith Grimes

Growing too quickly for Rick's comfort, Judith is doted upon by all, but innocently becomes the cause of major conflict.

E - Carol Peletier

E - Carol Peletier

Playing her role to perfection, Carol sees and hears a little of everything that goes on in Alexandria. Her warmth and friendliness to Carrie is only a facade, and Carol is waiting for the newest resident to screw up, or prove herself.

F - Daryl Dixon

F - Daryl Dixon

Always having Rick’s back, Daryl is his main confidante regarding the relationship with Carrie, often sharing advice in his own unique way. But Daryl is harbouring a major secret, one that will leave Rick without him when he needs him most.

G - Michonne

G - Michonne

Doing her best to settle into Alexandria, Michonne is determined to make the fragile relationship between the two groups work. She's always got Rick's back, and continues to be Carl's true best friend.

H - Glenn Rhee

H - Glenn Rhee

Determined to teach Aidan and Nicholas, Glenn takes charge of the run crew and welcomes Carrie into its ranks. Despite this, Glenn begins to question his efforts as becoming a father draws nearer.

I - Maggie Greene-Rhee

I - Maggie Greene-Rhee

Maggie's role is to not just work with Deanna, but to guide their leader towards a better understanding of Rick's group. Looking forward to the birth of her baby later in the year, Maggie will do whatever it takes to keep the community safe.

J - Abraham Ford

J - Abraham Ford

Settling back into 'normal life' after the supply run is more difficult than Abraham anticipated, which is why he spends so much time on the construction crew and keeping the community safe. His preference for colourful language fails to cease, and he soon takes on a more central role in the construction crew.

K - Rosita Espinosa

K - Rosita Espinosa

Quickly becoming Carrie's best friend, Rosita is her voice of light-hearted reason. Though she believes drinking wine while wearing yoga pants counts as a work out, she takes an interest in helping Carrie build her strength and self-defence skills. Happy to take a step back and ease into normal life after the supply run, Rosita is doing what she can to learn from Pete.

L - Sasha Williams

L - Sasha Williams

Still struggling to integrate into Alexandria, Sasha manages the watch shifts, while always taking as many as she can. To everyone's surprise, she forms an easy friendship with Carrie.

M - Tara Chambler

M - Tara Chambler

Laid back and easy going, no one is surprised when Tara and Carrie become good friends. She takes Spaghetti Tuesday very seriously.

N - Eugene Porter

N - Eugene Porter

Despite still being a pain in the ass, Eugene finally starts making his knowledge of 'stuff' useful. Frequently found eating out of other people's refrigerators.

O - Noah

O - Noah

Keeping himself busy between supply runs and work outside the walls, Noah quickly befriends Carrie, and is the only friend of Carl's that Rick approves of.

P - Deanna Monroe

P - Deanna Monroe

Taking an immediate liking to Carrie, Deanna is blindly leading Alexandria nowhere, despite her plans for the future. It remains to be seen whether she will take on board the harsh truths people like Rick and Carrie deliver to her.

Q - Aidan Monroe

Q - Aidan Monroe

At his mother's request, Aidan gives up any last hope of getting Carrie to return his affections. Still believing he is in charge of the run crew, Aidan and Glenn frequently butt heads.

R - Nicholas

R - Nicholas

Shaken by what his cowardice did to Carrie on the supply run, Nicholas seems to be following Glenn's lead while on the supply runs. But how long will it be until he really does get someone killed?

S - Pete Anderson

S - Pete Anderson

Seeing the benefit of being the community's best doctor, Pete is reluctant to give medical training to anyone else. After a few disagreements with Rick, Pete takes an interest in Judith that soon causes more trouble than he can handle.

T - Jessie Anderson

T - Jessie Anderson

One of the only Alexandrian's who tries to understand Carrie's experiences, the two become good friends. When Jessie is in need of help, but reluctant to take it, will she let Carrie in?


  1. Chapter 1

    “I don’t think I can contain you to just one role…I don’t think you’re the type of woman who wears only one hat.”

  2. Chapter 2

    “Don’t be frightened if you find a pig eating out of our refrigerator, or scratching his balls on the couch."

  3. Chapter 3

    “Dad…does Dumbledore really die?”

  4. Chapter 4

    “No. Daddy says you can’t have Froot Loops. You don’t even like ‘em, girl!”

  5. Chapter 5

    “I strongly suggest caution on your part…if you upset the Head of Surveillance Operations, you can rig your control room without my fine expertise. Do you know the difference between a VGA cable, a TOS Link and a HDMI Male to DVI Female adaptor?”

  6. Chapter 6

    Eugene gave him a blank stare. “They are a thing of beauty…if I were to rate them on a scale of hotness, I’d rate them as being hotter than Carrie.”

  7. Chapter 7

    “It’s ‘bout time, Blondie. Ass Kicker’s hungry, she’s about to pitch a fit.”

  8. Chapter 8

    “You people are gonna be the reason I stop gettin’ up in the mornings.”

  9. Chapter 9

    “Oh, a machete and dozen Walkers, that’s my work out for the day."

  10. Chapter 10

    "There’s a crazy person here, and she looks just like me.”

  11. Chapter 11

    "You call this underwear?"

  12. Chapter 12

    "Geez, Carl. You're home early."

  13. Chapter 13

    "I think you’re afraid Rick might be a better type of leader than you.”

  14. Chapter 14

    “Ma’am, are you propositioning a Police Officer?”

  15. Chapter 15

    “Jesus, Daryl,” he started furiously. “You really have quite the pair, don’t you?”

  16. Chapter 16

    “I don’t blame you for having a crush on him,” Jessie smiled, wiping frosting off her lower lip. “I saw him shirtless once, the day I cut his hair. Yummy.”

  17. Chapter 17

    “We’ve been working out a whole month, and you’ve still got no upper body strength. Look at those twigs you call arms!”

  18. Chapter 18

    “Talk to him later, he’s a little busy bleeding to death.”

  19. Chapter 19

    “There’s only one way this is going to go...his way.”

  20. Chapter 20

    “It seems I have some damage control to do on your behalf,” she said in an icy tone. “I need to make sure you don’t completely lose the trust of your own people.”

  21. Chapter 21

    “Get off your high horse,” he snapped, his features fraught with anger. “I do what I have to do, and I will not apologise for it!”

  22. Chapter 22

    There was a short pause, and Daryl snorted under his breath. “I see,” he muttered, looking at Judith now. “Daddy fucked up, didn’t he?”

  23. Chapter 23

    “I’m not doing this because I think Rick is right. I’m doing it just in case he is.”

  24. Chapter 24

    “You think you’ll be the first person who ever tried to kill me?”

  25. Chapter 25

    "Does it come as a surprise that maybe I actually care about you?"

  26. Chapter 26

    “If explosive diarrhoea is not a good reason to verbally abuse your loved ones, then what is?”

  27. Chapter 27

    "You are replaceable...so learn your place and stay there.

  28. Chapter 28

    "Ivy League has done it again. I bow down."

  29. Chapter 29

    “Do you know what day it is?” She answered without thinking. “Spaghetti Tuesday.”

  30. Chapter 30

    “I wish Nicholas was dead. Not Noah.”

  31. Chapter 31

    "He'll be thrilled I'm banging his dad."

  32. Chapter 32

    “Would you like to explain yourselves?”

  33. Chapter 33

    "Don't burst the bubble."

  34. Chapter 34

    “What’s wrong with you? Why do you have to take the fun out of a bagel?”

  35. Chapter 35

    "Well it’s Big Foot’s day off."

  36. Chapter 36

    “He’s going to need stitches. You don’t want the pleasure of sticking a needle through his skin before the local anaesthetic takes effect?”

  37. Chapter 37

    “And here I thought you might be missing me.” "Sure. Like my balls miss jock itch."

  38. Chapter 38

    “Listen to you…all smug and proud of yourself.”

  39. Chapter 39

    “There are no weeds in my garden,” he emphasised, sounding insulted by the thought. “What the hell did you pull out?”

  40. Chapter 40

    “If you love me more than Carrie, then I want you to break up with her.”

  41. Chapter 41

    “I have to protect my children. Either you support me in that, or you don’t.”

  42. Chapter 42

    He stopped and looked at her, breathing heavily. “He says he’s in love with you."

  43. Chapter 43

    “Don’t tell me how to raise my children,” he said coldly, looking her in the eye. “You are not their mother.”

  44. Chapter 44

    “What was the last nice thing we said to each other?”

  45. Chapter 45

    “You ever tell your dad I gave you this, I’ll tell Eugene who really scratched his Nickleback CD.”

  46. Chapter 46

    “Has he told you that he hates you yet?”

  47. Chapter 47

    “I could kill you right now,” she stated calmly. Pete seemed to roll his eyes in disdain, his lip beginning to curl into a snarl until she raised the knife and came closer to him. “I could…I will,” she said with a little more conviction. “And then…who would believe I did it because I didn’t like you

  48. Chapter 48

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

  49. Chapter 49

    “How come if there’s day for mothers and fathers there’s no day for children? Like a Children’s Day?” Rick guffawed at this, as did Michonne and Carol. “Every day is Children’s Day.”

  50. Chapter 50

    “God’s plan is infinite in its wisdom. He chose Lori Grimes to be Judith’s first mom, and he already knows who will be her next.”

  51. Chapter 51

    “I was having some very inappropriate thoughts during church today.”

  52. Chapter 52

    “Geez, are you…” Carl began awkwardly, interrupting her from her thoughts. “Are you checking him out?” Carrie whirled around with haste, her eyes widening in embarrassment. “What? No, I wasn’t,” she said honestly. “I wouldn’t…” she trailed off uncomfortably.

  53. Chaptr 53

    “What do you want?” she asked quietly, taking a step back as he stepped forward. She let her left hand drift down to her leg, but her panic intensified when she remembered that she wasn’t wearing her gun holster…she had nothing to protect herself with.

  54. Chapter 54

    It felt like hope had been ripped away from him again, his very heart torn from his own chest as soon as that gun had been fired.

  55. Chapter 53

    “To Chardonnay…solving our problems since the age of fifteen.”

  56. Chapter 56

    “Carl told me what happened, he told me that you tried to make him leave.” He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling them welling up with his own grief. “You tried to protect him, I know you did,” he said emphatically. “I can’t ever thank you enough for that.”

  57. Chapter 57

    “That was the best fucking thing I’ve seen since Eugene fell off the porch and broke his ass.” A burst of laughter escaped her lips before she corrected him. “It was his tailbone, and it was only bruised.” “Nuh. He broke his ass, that’s what we tell people.”

  58. Chapter 58

    “Hey,” she started hesitantly, unsure of what to say next. “I’m glad you’re…” She trailed off, unable to say that she was glad he was alright when he sure as hell wasn’t. There was another pause, but thankfully Carl filled the silence. “Alive?” he supplied. “Glad I’m alive?”


No worries, I was just so happy to find it on the other site I read it there. There aren't too many Rick Grimes stories, and yours are among the best I have found. Really looking forward to your new story and the continuing journey of Rick and Carrie.

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63

Thanks Grimesgirl63, that means a lot!

Sorry it took forever to update on this site! (to get the formatting right, the copy paste has to be done from a Word doc which I don't have on my laptop - this is why I fell so far behind posting on here).

In progress of posting first chapter of The New World as we speak - hopefully up in an hour or so. Happy reading :-)

This was a great ending to the story. Loved how you weaved in the elements of the series but made it your own. Looking forward to your new story!

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63

Hi there - just wondering if you plan to update the story on this site. I noticed this story on another FF site and it was much further along. Either way,I started reading it over there. Thanks, it is getting really good.

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy this story. Thought the first one was good as well. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63