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Negan's War


Latest update: I have done an edit on the full story, cleaning up the grammar and other content as well as adding detail to the story that I will reference later on. Oh, and 10 more chapters. Enjoy!

Note: Obviously I do not own any piece or particle of the amazing characters created by Robert Kirkman and Co. I own only my original characters who get to play with his. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy the dance.

Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched up to the end of season 6 yet.
This story takes place after season 6 finale. Daryl has been shot by Dwight and the whole group has been captured; Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita captured by Dwight. Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Maggie, and Aaron have been captured by Negan’s men on their attempt to get Maggie to the doctor at Hilltop.

Negan has killed one of Rick’s group (we don’t know who still, dammit) and he has taken all the weapons and gear from them.

My story starts here –
Negan has sent the rest of them back to Alexandria with a large number of his men to ensure they hand over half their food, supplies, weapons and ammo and hand it over. Daryl has been kept behind because he has lost too much blood from Dwight’s gunshot to travel. Negan has assigned Mandy to care for Daryl.

Mandy is a trained nurse, plump and curvy. She’s nearing 40 and has haunted brown eyes, curly brown hair streaked with grey. Negan doesn’t allow his men to rape women, all women must be willing to accept men into their beds if they want any special treatment or protection. Mandy has not allowed herself to be turned into one of the 50 or so “willing women” that serve his force of 200+ men. Women do all the menial tasks, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and mending them. There are a few men who are not violent or abusive to the women but they were paired up the quickest.

Mandy, as a nurse, has a value to Negan’s group so he doesn’t insist she get herself a man but many of the men resent this, as do some of the women. Negan enjoys torturing her in small ways, humiliating her every chance he gets to try and keep the discontent under control.

Dwight has told Negan of Daryl’s prowess with a crossbow, gun and knife, his backwoods wiliness and resourcefulness and Negan wants to win Daryl over to his side. When it’s obvious that Daryl needs a nurse to get help him recover from his gunshot wound and back get him back into fighting shape, he assigns Mandy to take care of Daryl and nurse him.

In Daryl, Mandy sees her chance to escape Negan’s group at last, hoping to go with Daryl to his Alexandria. She knows Negan well enough to know how to manipulate him into letting this happen.



I just found this story! Love it! Looking forward to an update! xo

Spock Spock

OK, take your time. I will keep a lookout for it.

cactuscrawler cactuscrawler

I am continuing, just taking some time to get happy with it.

Darylfan1969 Darylfan1969

Hope you are continuing this story, can't wait to read more.

cactuscrawler cactuscrawler

Thank you!

Darylfan1969 Darylfan1969