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After The End

You're Killing Us

As soon as she was stood up, Daryl dropped Rosie’s hand. They left the tent and headed outside to where the drama was continuing. Rosie could see Rick backing away from Andrea’s crouched frame, a gun pointed in the middle of his face until he was back far enough.
Daryl scoffed and Rosie looked at him.
“Girl’s a damn ticking time bomb,” he spoke, glancing at her briefly before looking back to Amy and Andrea. “I say put a bullet in her head an’ get it over with.”
Rosie was shocked as she stared at him. How could he make her so angry, twice, in the space of five minutes?
He looked at her and frowned at her face. “What?”
Rosie closed her mouth and took a deep breath. “That’s my friend, Daryl. Amy was my best friend.”
Daryl frowned and shrugged. “Whatever.”
Rosie shoved him in the chest angrily, getting more annoyed when he barely moved. She walked past him and over to where Andrea and Amy were, but stopped short when she noticed Amy’s arms beginning to move. She was frozen, watching as her friend’s corpse was reanimated.
Andrea emptied a bullet into Amy’s brain, causing Rosie to jump at the noise. She hadn’t noticed that tears had begun streaming down her face again. She felt a tentative hand on her shoulder and spun around to see Daryl stood behind her, studying her carefully.
“I’m okay, I’m okay,” she chanted, but her words were breaking as she fought the sobs in her throat.
Surprising them both, Daryl pulled Rosie into his chest and rested an arm around her shoulders, holding her there. She wrapped her arms around his waist, noticing as he tensed up immediately, and allowed herself to cry quietly into his fresh shirt.

Rosie followed the rest of the group as they climbed up the hill towards the soon-to-be graves. She was hanging back, close to T-Dog who was throwing her concerned glances.
The group watched Andrea struggle to lift Amy’s lifeless body, insisting that she do it by herself. As the grieving woman shooed away the help of Dale, Rosie stepped forward and weaved through the crowd. She could feel eyes on her as she approached Andrea and lifted the feet of Amy, while Andrea was balancing her head and shoulders.
“I can do it myself!” Andrea shrieked, not even bothering to look up to see who it was.
“No, you can’t,” Rosie’s voice was low and quiet and Andrea whipped her head up to take in the younger girl. She gave her the tiniest nod and the two women worked at gently lowering the body into the grave.
Rosie took a step back, her hands on her hips as she willed herself not to cry. She held out a hand to help Andrea climb out of the grave, letting out a relieved sigh as she did. Instead of letting go of her hand, Andrea pulled Rosie into her, squeezing her in a tight hug. Surprised, Rosie hesitated only briefly before winding her arms around Andrea’s frame, squeezing her eyes shut to stop the onslaught of tears.
Daryl watched on from where he stood, slightly away from the group. His arms itched to reach out and comfort Rosie as she passed him, but all he did was send her a curt nod. She smiled slightly, but he could see the disappointment in her eyes.

Rosie couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jim’s weak, slow form as the RV she was in peeled off the road. She had barely been able to say goodbye to him, as the group had laid him up against a tree at his own request. Her eyes filled with tears as he disappeared from sight, and the group moved onwards to the CDC.
The drive was painfully silent, everyone thinking about the sacrifice that had been made that day. Rosie could hear the soft cries of Jacquie somewhere behind her, but she didn’t have the energy to move, let alone to comfort the woman she barely knew.
Rosie had been lost in her thoughts for how long, she didn’t know. She lifted her gaze when she noticed the RV slowing. Out of the window, she could see the large building and could only assume this was what they were looking for. Her heart sunk when she saw all the dead bodies that littered the ground, at least hundreds of them. This wasn’t what she had expected.
The RV stopped and Rosie followed behind Glenn, checking to make sure she had her gun on her. She looked at the truck that had been following the RV, relieved when Daryl appeared in view. A rifle was slung over his shoulder and he was holding his crossbow up, ready, as he surveyed the bodies.
Daryl approached Rosie warily. “You got your gun?”
She nodded and pulled it out of her waistband to show him.
“Good,” he muttered. “Keep it ready, okay?”
“Okay.” He could tell she was scared as she looked behind them.
“Hey,” he waited until she was looking at his eyes. “Stay close to me, alright?”
A brief smile graced her lips as she nodded, moving even closer to him, her arm brushing up against his.
The group stepped over dead bodies, occasionally disposing of a lone walker, as they advanced on the entrance to the building. Rosie was tucked in between Shane and Daryl, her gun raised as she watched Rick cautiously surveying the door up ahead. The stench was almost unbelievable, and Rosie was starting to have trouble breathing. The buzzing of flies was filling her ears and her mind was starting to panic slightly. She hated being out in the open and Rick was starting to get louder and more frantic, grabbing the attention of a straggling walker.
A shrill screech filled their ears as a scared Carl also noticed the dead that was approaching, and he began to cry in panic. Rosie’s eyes flew to where Carol’s ankle had been grabbed by one of the bodies on the floor, causing her to scream out.
Without hesitating, Rosie lifted her gun and shot the walker dead in the head while Shane took care of the one that was still steadily approaching the commotion. Rosie rushed forward and grabbed Carol’s forearm. “Are you okay?”
Carol was still crying frantically as she clutched onto Rosie’s arm and nodded. Daryl was behind the two in an instant, hurrying them on in a hushed voice. Rosie tucked Carol under her arm, making sure that Sophia was up ahead with Lori and safe, and pulled the older woman along with her. She glanced back to see that Daryl was okay, locking eyes with him and he nodded, crossbow still at the ready.
They finally reached the doors and Rick and Shane pressed their bodies up against them. Rosie cringed at the amount of noise they were making by banging on the shutters, and she looked around, gun still up as she searched for any approaching walkers. Her and Daryl caught sight of one at the same time as the rest of the group and she could hear the sounds of them panicking, particularly Carol and the children. Without a word, Daryl had shot an arrow whizzing through the air and it hit the brain perfectly.
Rosie glanced at him, her gaze as admiring as ever. “Good shot,” she mused, making him smirk. His face was smug as he looked back at his kill, making her breathe out a laugh.
The group began to get nervous and spooked as Lori spoke of how close they were to the overrun city. Rosie knew she was right, particularly as nightfall was approaching. Their scared voices were making the children even more terrified, the stressed cries of Carl and Sophia filling the air and only making the group louder.
As the group began to back away, having decided that they needed to go, Rosie took a step closer to Rick. She surveyed the doors herself, trying to look for something that would give away a weak spot. As her eyes lifted to the corners of the shutters, a movement caught her eye.
“The camera, it moved!” Rick’s voice was desperate as he pointed at the object. “It moved.”
Shane stepped forward and grabbed Rick’s arm, attempting to pull him back. “It’s an automatic device, man. Now, c’mon!”
“No!” Rosie cried as she stared at the incriminating object. Shane and Rick turned to look at her. “I saw it move too!”
Rick let out a relieved sigh as he banged on the door, filling the air with the sound. Shane moved towards Rosie, his face taking on desperate anger as he grabbed her by the shoulders and started to forcefully push her back.
“Get off me!” She struggled against him and heard the footsteps of Daryl approaching. Daryl shoved Shane away from her, but Rosie kept her eyes fixated on the camera. “Someone’s in there.” Her voice came out soft as she stood next to where Rick was starting to get louder.
“We have women and children, we’re desperate!” He pleaded and, when that didn’t work, he began to pound his fists against the shudders again. “You’re killing us!”
The doors still didn’t budge and, when gentler hands grabbed Rosie’s forearms, she let them lead her away. She turned away from the doors, her head drooping in defeat as she saw Daryl’s booted feet walking next to her own.
Her body froze when she heard the sound of the door opening and turned to see the bright light from inside the building, inviting them in.


Thank you to who ever has read this! I know it's kinda slow and annoying and the same stuff we all know, but I promise there's lots more Rosie and Daryl to come! Please comment and let me know how you're liking Rosie, her relationship with Daryl, her dynamic with the rest of the group, anything you'd like to see, if you're even enjoying this... literally anything!



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