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After The End

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The group had agreed to the blood tests that Dr. Edwin Jenner had insisted upon. Rosie had hung back with Daryl, still having her own doubts about a man that had been by himself for so long. There was something off about him that she just didn’t trust. However, when he had mentioned food, her stomach had rumbled, causing the group to chuckle.
He had supplied them with plenty of food, as well as an array of alcohol, something that most members had been very happy about.
‘You just stick to the soda pop, bud,” Shane said to Carl after his first taste of red wine, making the whole group laugh.
Rosie laughed along with the rest of the group, nursing her own soda instead of the wine she’d been offered by Dale. She didn’t like letting her guard down, and she knew alcohol would do just that.
“Not you, Glenn,” Daryl’s voice made her ears perk up as she looked at where he stood leaning against the counter.
Rosie looked to where Glenn was sitting, obviously already affected by the alcohol he’d had. “What?” He had a goofy smile on his face, making Rosie grin.
“Keep drinkin’, little man,” Daryl continued. “I wanna see how red your face can get.”
The entire group burst into laughter again until Shane began to bring the group back down with questions about the outbreak. Rosie stood up quietly, her eyelids weighing heavy and in desperate need of a shower. When Jenner had brought them in, he’d told them about the hot water system, causing excitement amongst the entire group. He’d also mentioned how there wouldn’t be enough rooms, so some people would have to buddy up. Without even a word, Daryl had dragged Rosie by the arm into the room furthest down the corridor and dropped both their bags in there. She had grinned at him, but he just rolled his eyes and ignored her as he joined up with the group again for dinner.
Now, all Rosie could think about was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep.
As the group continued to chat, she slipped out of the room, but halted to a stop when a rough hand grabbed her elbow. She raised an eyebrow at Daryl questioningly.
“Where you goin’?” His voice was slightly slurred, thanks to the almost empty bottle of wine he clutched in one hand.
“Shower,” she murmured and smiled mischievously. “You wanna join?”
Daryl just scoffed, letting go of her arm and muttering something under his breath as he went back into the crowded room.
Rosie continued down the hall to the room Daryl had chosen. Too excited to get under the hot water, she forgot about clean clothes and rushed straight into the bathroom, clicking the door shut behind her. She avoided looking in the mirror, instead stripping off and jumping straight under the running water. She watched her feet as the water washed over her, only dirt and blood exiting the drain.
Once her skin was scrubbed and glowing and her hair was back to smelling of generic shampoo, she turned the water off. She immediately missed the scalding heat but knew she couldn’t be selfish with it. She wrapped herself in one of the fluffy towels that were already in the bathroom and finally allowed herself a glance in the foggy mirror.
A sigh escaped her lips. Her face was so thin and sallow looking and the purple bruise that had flowered below her eye was still as obvious as ever. Her split lip had healed up quite well, not looking almost as bad as she had thought. Her hair, on the other hand, was a mess. It devastated her. In her old life, her hair was something that she had been so proud of and spent so much time and money on. Now it was flat and lifeless, the ends split and uneven.
She sighed again and wrapped the towel tighter around her body, realizing she needed to go and get her clothes. She opened the bathroom door slightly and, noticing that Daryl hadn’t yet entered the bedroom, she went to her backpack, pulling out fresh clothes and a hairbrush that she knew she had.
Setting herself back up in the bathroom, she left the door open. She couldn’t help it. Knowing that Daryl was drunk brought out her mischievous side. She left her clothes to the side as she stood there in just the towel and began to run the brush through her still wet locks.
The sound of the bedroom door clicking open caused butterflies to flurry in her stomach and she watched in the reflection of the mirror as Daryl let himself in. In his hand was now a bottle of whiskey with a substantial amount missing. He shut the door and looked around the room, searching for her, until his eyes landed on where she stood visible through the open door of the bathroom.
“Hey,” she spoke as he just stood there, looking at her. She began to run the brush through her hair again, trying to seem as casual as possible. “Did I miss anything important?”
“Nah,” Daryl’s voice was thick and made her smile. Her smile dropped, however, when he approached the bathroom and shut the door, leaving her in the room by herself.
Her reflection frowned back at her and she sighed. She quickly dressed herself in the new t-shirt and jeans that she had brought with her and exited into the bedroom again. Daryl was now lying on the single cot, his arm resting across his eyes.
“How much did you drink?” Rosie laughed, setting her dirty clothes on top of where her backpack lay on the floor by the door.
“I have no idea,” Daryl groaned and pushed himself off the bed. He glanced at her briefly, his eyes portraying something that she couldn’t read, before making his way into the steamy bathroom, leaving her in the room alone.
“Ro, where are the towels?” his voice called and she rolled her eyes.
“Literally right in front of you,” she responded.
She let out a dramatic sigh and let herself into the bathroom with an exasperated look on her face. Daryl was watching her as she walked in and pointed to where one towel was hanging right next to the door. Daryl just smirked at her and placed the bottle of liquor on the floor by his feet. As she went to leave, he grabbed her arm, surprising her. She wheeled around and looked at him questioningly. He just continued to smirk at her, keeping his hold on her bicep.
“What?” She asked, her face starting to go red at his intense gaze.
“Where’d you go when you left?” His smirk had turned into a playful smile now, confusing her slightly.
She frowned, puzzled. “I told you, I was goin’ for a shower.”
Daryl just nodded and dropped his hold on her. She crossed her arms across her chest and quirked an eyebrow.
“Well, you missed Glenn gettin’ shitfaced,” Daryl said and a rare laugh fell from his lips, causing her to almost swoon.
Rosie was surprised at how talkative Daryl was being. She knew she had to tread carefully. “Oh yeah?” She smirked and he laughed again.
“Yeah, his face was gettin’ all red and sweaty.”
Rosie laughed and nonchalantly hoisted herself up so that she was sitting on the sink. “That sounds funny,” she mused and twisted her fingers together, watching them.
“Mm, it was,” Daryl’s voice trailed off.
The two were in silence for a moment, only interrupted by Daryl clearing his throat awkwardly. “So, you gonna let me shower?” His words were joking but they were coated in nervousness, something Rosie had never heard from him before.
It took all the courage she could muster up. “You want me to go?” Her eyes lifted up to his, she was already anticipating another rejection. However, as his gaze focused in on her, he surprised her by taking a few steps forward until he was right in front of her. He placed his hands on her thighs and spread them slightly so that he was slid in between her legs, his hands still resting on them heavily.
Her heart began to beat frantically as he moved his face close to hers. His mouth was only slightly away from hers now and she could feel his hot breath hitting her.
She inched her face forwards until she felt his chapped lips and brushed them gently with her own. His hands were still on her thighs, squeezing tightly, and she brought one of her own up to cradle his neck and bring him closer to her. He didn’t pull away and she only took it as encouragement. She crashed her lips against his once more and felt them move gently beneath her own, making her heart thump loudly.
All too quickly, he had pulled away like she had expected him to originally. Her breathing was ragged as she stared at him, watching as he brought her hand that was on his neck back down to her lap. He was still so close to her, tantalizingly close, teasing her.
His hands moved higher up her thighs, making her stomach tighten, and he smirked at her annoyed expression. “I’m drunk,” he mused, the words coming out slow and drawn out.
Rosie breathed out a quiet laugh before leaning forward to catch his lips in another kiss, but he stopped her by pulling away. She frowned at the smirk that took over his face, his eyes filled with amusement.
“What?” She murmured, her voice thick with annoyance once again.
In a quick movement, he had taken a few steps back and her body now burned where he’d been touching her, her fingertips longing to be on his skin again. She narrowed her eyes and his smirk only grew wider.
“Better get some sleep, Ro,” he mumbled with a chuckle at the end.
“You’re kidding.”
“Go on, get outta here.”
Rosie’s mouth dropped as he held open the door for her and gestured to the cot. She slid off the counter and glared at him as she walked before purposely pressing the front of her body up against his as she passed him. She didn’t miss the sound of his breath hitching in his throat and she smirked as she heard the door click shut behind her.


Wooooo finally a little action - I know it's kind of slow-paced, but I'm trying to make Daryl as realistic as possible and obviously he's a tough nut to crack. At the same time, I know that many other fanfics have waited a lot longer for Daryl to let someone as close as he is with Rosie right now, but I just kinda felt that this was the perfect moment for him and Ro :) of course there will be lots more dramz to come when he sobers up, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! Should be one soon!

Thanks so much for commenting and please continue to do so! It really helps me out by making me actually want to post since I know people are reading/enjoying :) let me know if you want to see something in particular/anything you can envision!


Welcome back! Pleasantly surprised to see your update today. Hoping you get inspired to write another chapter!

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