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Daryl's Irish Destiny


Merle and Daryl find out they've inherited cash and property from their great-uncle in Northern Ireland. While Merle is incarcerated, Daryl has to fly to Ireland alone to see what improvements can be made to the property to sell it for the best price. His guide is a sweet and sassy local girl in Newry, Niamh Cavanagh, who has her own demons to overcome. Daryl becomes her guide in this journey, gently coaxing her back to a life that makes her happy...a life with him.

They find themselves on a journey of mutual and self discovery. While there is an end date to their romance which is pending the update and completion of work on the house he inherited, he may have just found reason to want to stay on longer than he expected.

The usual disclaimers apply. I don't own any TWD characters, I just abscond with them and make them do my nefarious (and usually dirty) bidding. I have no excuses and offer no apologies. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, "Smut is as smut does." See? Nothing is sacred, not even Forrest Gu-ump.


Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

42, mechanic and sometimes construction worker.

Joe, a scuigín

Joe, a scuigín

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

50, sometimes mechanic, sometimes drug mule, serving 18 months in Georgia State Penitentiary for robbery

Niamh Cavanagh

Niamh Cavanagh

32, Irish, genealogy researcher, from Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland


  1. Ireland Calling

  2. Ireland Bound

  3. Almost There

  4. First Meeting

  5. Spaghetti Tuesday

  6. We’re All Survivors Here

  7. The Legacy

  8. The Homeplace

  9. Long Line of Rebels

  10. Pub Incident

  11. Consent

  12. Wanting

    Warning - first bit of SMUT!

  13. Stoking the Fire

  14. Picnic and a Date

  15. Wulver's Folly

  16. The Date (Part 1)

  17. The Date (Part 2)

  18. Huntin' Stuff an' Things

  19. A Family to Be Proud of

  20. Tonight I’ll Dream of You

    Warning: Proper SMUT in this chapter. Self-love only.

  21. Longest Damn Four Days Ever

  22. An Old Romance

  23. What is it with Pubs?

  24. Stuff Like That There

    Proper sexy makeout sesh

  25. A Request

    Makeout sesh ends in a sexy request

  26. Undressing is Foreplay, Right?

    Chapter title says it all

  27. Hors D’oeuvres

    Chock full of SMUTTY goodness

  28. Entrée

  29. Dessert

    The SMUT rolls on...

  30. Morning Delight

    Smutty morning sex

  31. Domesticity

  32. Treasure Hunt

  33. Picnic Lunch

    Absolutely lousy with filth and SMUT...enjoy. Stay hydrated!

  34. Real Treasure

  35. The Plan

  36. Merle’s an Asshole (nothing new there)

  37. Menzies’ Love Letter

  38. Three More Letters

  39. A Quiet Night

  40. Intensity

    SMUT in the form of morning delight. Sigh.

  41. The Appraisal

  42. Shopping Trip

  43. Dinner and a Dance

  44. Dessert (Again)

    SMUTrific chapter. If you don't like smut, you have no one else but yourself to blame if you read this. If you do like smut, yay! Me too. Which explains why my smut chapters are usually the longest. No such thing as too much detail. ;D

  45. The Main Event

    SMUT warning. Of course. Joyful, messy delicious smut! Even squirting. To all the doubters out there, female ejaculation is totally real. Take it from me.

  46. Sexy Shower

    Nudity, naked Daryl in shower, pending smut...

  47. Accepting What's on Offer

    More SMUT - very light female domination. Daryl's a big fan. Yes, ma'am.

  48. Mystery Solved

  49. Time is Soooo Relative

  50. Dearest Lily

  51. Lily Boyle

  52. Diamond Merchant

  53. Dirty Laundry

    SMUT warning - really dirty dirty laundry :D

  54. Progress in the House

    SMUT warning: Sorry, y'all. These two cannot keep their hands off each other!

  55. Diamond Cutter

  56. The Cavanaghs

  57. Cosy Saturday

  58. Preparations

  59. Birthday Party

  60. Dinner with the Cavanaghs

  61. Loving You

    Smut warning. Hot birthday sex. Daryl knows how to throw down. Yessir.

  62. Sticking Around

    SMUT! Glorious SMUT!

  63. The Fall

  64. Down For The Count

  65. Coma Chats

  66. Follow Me Home

  67. Recovery

  68. Restoration

  69. Date Night

    Of course there's SMUT...Chapter 69, dudes!

  70. Dinner with the Cavanaghs

  71. Georgia on My Mind

  72. Home Improvement

    SMUT warning! Woop! Woop!

  73. Homecoming

  74. Reunion

  75. Family History

  76. Brunch

    smut! SMUT! lovely SMUT!

  77. First Proposition

  78. Second Proposition

    Marol SMUT! Merle and Carol Smut


Sweet Jesus carol is amazing!

Loul461 Loul461

So happy when I saw the update at work I just had to read it! And four chapters...bless your heart!! I've been thinking about you of late and when we might hear from you again. Wonderful update as usual, just love Merle, Daryl and Niamh together. And Carol! What an unexpected surprise. Just love her! Can't wait to read more. ;-)

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63

What can I say? I love badass Carol.

Darylfan1969 Darylfan1969

I love the interaction between Merle. Daryl and Niamh, such a good thing got Merle to see what family does for one another.

And wow, this is a new Carol. I look forward to watching her tame the wild beast that is Merle!

Thanks for the awesome update!

Tripper Tripper

4 chapters added.

Darylfan1969 Darylfan1969