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The world had fallen. Dead roamed the earth and fed off of the few remaining survivors, but Christabel knew that it wasn't them that should be feared. It was the living. After the last of her group fell she avoided any contact with other people, that is until she stumbled upon another group in need of her help. Assisting them could be the best thing she's ever done, or the worst. A series of tragic events insist that she stays with them, and all too suddenly she's stuck. As she grows closer to the group, and Glenn in particular, she realizes just how close they all are - like a family. Was it really worth the risk to have a family during the Apocalypse? Was it worth the potential pain to love someone in a crumbling world?


Christabel Hunter

Christabel Hunter

Chris is an ex-University student that majored in Criminology. She was on campus when the outbreak started, and after months of hiding inside, she had no choice but to leave after running out of food. Like many people, she's been involved in multiple groups but never had much luck with them. As a result she prefers to survive on her own. Despite her choice she isn't unapproachable but never stays in one place for too long out of fear of growing too close to people. Over the years she has grown numb to the effects of the outbreak though, and often seems inhumane as a result of thinking only about her own survival for so long. Though the dead threaten to render all human life completely extinct, It is the living that Chris fears most. She has good aim with knives and can run at a decent pace, but struggles in terms of physical strength.

Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee

Glenn originated from Michigan where he lived with his Korean parents and sisters. Before the outbreak he delivered pizzas for a living, but was forced into more dire circumstances that showed his true resolve. Glenn is bright, loyal, resourceful, and quick on his feet; which usually results in him doing supply runs for the group or putting himself in serious danger for the well-being of his people. He shows a great amount of compassion and humanity, which became a rarity as people were forced to do unthinkable things to survive.

Walking Dead cast

Walking Dead cast



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