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The World Of Walker (English Version)

Unexpected meeting

Leslie POV

After about two days of Anthony's attack, I, Violette, Mathilde, Timothy and Benjamin left the camp together and we do not even know if the others are alive. At the moment we are trying to find a camp for some time, a house will suffice. We keep walking without saying anything until we hear a shot.
Violette: It was a shot?
Benjamin: Yeah, you think he was one of us?
Mathilde: It's possible.
Timothy: Just like it can be someone else like Anthony.
Leslie: I think Anthony is dead, I do not know I have not seen him, but we are not going to risk our lives by believing that he is a member of the group, we see who it is.
Mathilde: Yeah, it's more cautious.
Benjamin: What if it's strangers?
Violet: We kill them.
Timothy: Honey, I love your way of thinking but before killing them one should see how many they are and flush them out.
Leslie: Yeah, we'll make it ready until we find out who it is.
Everyone pulls out his weapons and continues to walk but this time in the forest pretty close to the road. I slotted an arrow to be prepared for everything. After 10 minutes of walking Benjamin stops us.
Benjamin: Stop, I see two people.
Mathilde: Some members of the group?
Benjamin: No, there is a young man like us and an adult surely father and son, the kid looks annoyed and the adult is pretty bad in the face and limps.
Timothy: We can flush them out.
Leslie: Yeah, Timothy and Violet go to surprise them from behind, we three in front of my signal.
Violet: Okay.
Violet and Timothy are going a little farther into the forest and Benjamin, Mathilde and I are ready arms in hand.

Leslie: Okay, at three, one, two, three.

We all go out at the same time pointing our weapons on the two strangers who do the same thing and I easily notice the adult weapon a Colt Python, not shit. Violet and Timothy arrive and point their arms at the two heads.

Benjamin: Good afternoon to you.

I look at Ben who takes a laugh.
Leslie: Put your weapons on the floor and tell me your names or they'll kill you.
The adult is trying to talk but he seems to have trouble but I thought he understood his name, I think he said Rick.
Rick: Rick Grimes.
Violet: What about you?
The younger man refuses to answer.
Mathilde: Look, we're not bad guys but we just want to make sure that you will not do anything to us, so what's your name?
He still hesitates to answer then he says his name is Carl Grimes therefore father and son.
Mathilde: Very well now please lay down your weapons on the ground.
They drop their weapons on the ground then Mathilde, Ben and me we get closer then Mathilde and Ben search them.
Leslie: Well, my name is Leslie, here's Benjamin, Mathilde, Violet and Timothy.
Rick: If you do not hurt us, why did you do this for us, sorry we do not have anything.
Leslie: No, it was for our safety, we heard a shot and we hoped it was members of our group.
Carl: We too lost our group, that's not why we're stuck in the forest to flush out people.
Violet: Wow, I like him.
Timothy: I have to worry?
Violet: Oh no, it's you love of my life.
Carl and Rick look at them then turn to me.
Carl: You were separated from your group?
Benjamin: Yes.
Rick: How?

Mathilde: We do not know you; we are not going to tell you our life tell us how you went in this state?

Rick: Because of a guy.

Violet: Who?

Carl: The Governor!

I look at the other surprises to hear Carl's answer.

Mathilde: Did you know the Governor?

Rick: Yes, you too?

Violet: No, but we knew someone else, Anthony.

Carl: And who is that?

Benjamin: He was called by some of his group "the son of the Governor".

Rick: He had a son?

Timothy: Yes, and I do not know how his father was, but he was a big bastard, he killed a member of our group two days ago by repeating what he said about his father's tactics.

Carl: That is to say?

Leslie: He captured my brother and another member of our group, they disappeared for a while then one day Anthony arrived with men and he put my brother and Kewenn the other member of our group on their knees.

Rick: I actually recognize this tactic his father did the same with us but he had a saber and he decapitated one of us.

Benjamin: His son did the same, he told us that he had advised his father to be able to recover our camp so Anthony and the Governor wanted your side and ours and ultimately they have none. But we do not either.

Carl: And did Anthony kill your brother?

Leslie: No, no.

Mathilde: He first threatened his brother and then he moved and all of a sudden he killed Kewenn.

Rick: Shit, listen I need to rest then you can leave us we will not do anything to you.

Violet: Why would they leave you?

Carl: You can trust us.

At that moment, I have a good idea.

Leslie: It's true too, we'll join you, and we’ll find a shelter like that Rick you can rest.

Rick: Okay but if you try anything...

Violet cuts it.

Violet: You will kill us, we know we say the same thing but there you are not really able to make threats, you can count on us and then you have no choice.

Carl: At least there will be other people my age.

Timothy: You were only with adults.

Carl: Yes, except at one point, there were other children but not anymore.

Mathilde: We're still alive.

Carl: Yes, I see that.

Carl picks up his gun and begins to leave without us, Benjamin and Mathilde follows him, then Rick and I, Timothy and Violet remains behind. While I walk I discuss with Rick.

Leslie: How was the person in your group called the Governor to kill?

Rick looks at me with tears in his eyes then he answers me.

Rick: His name was Herschel.

I am very surprised to hear this name.

Leslie: Herschel Greene?

Rick: Yeah, did you know him?

Leslie: Yes at first, Kewenn had been bitten on the arm and amputated and then Timothy found us then we went to his neighbor's Herschel, he looked after Kewenn and then one evening we saw smoke from his home Then there were rows which then came to us and his barn had burned.

Rick: Yes, it's me and Carl who set it on fire.

Leslie: So since all this time, we were neighbors and we did not even know.

He smiles.

Rick: Yes, we were fighting the same family so we had to be next door.

Leslie: Yeah, listen to Rick for the safety of my group; I think we should not move to the same place to be neighbor.

He laughs and then answers me.

Rick: Yeah, it's prudent, are you the leader of your band?

Leslie: Normally no, it's a guy called Jocelyn but I do not know if he's still alive. And you are their leader?

Rick: I was then then there was in council now I do not know if I am still.

Leslie: It's crazy that we lived pretty much the same story.

Rick: Yes.

15 minutes later

We arrive in a neighborhood Rick and Carl go into one house then we into another. We set our affairs, then our rummings all the house to find weapons, foods and especially the racks but almost nothing of ransom, no weapons and three tins of preserves not grandiose. We sit in the living room and talk about Rick and Carl.
Leslie: So what do you think of our neighbors?

Benjamin spoke first.

Benjamin: They look regal.

Violet: Yeah, but I'm suspicious of Carl; I do not feel too much. We should have a look.

Timothy: As long as you do not want to go out with him it suits me.

Violet: But no, it's you my darling.

We watch them kissing languorously as if we were not there. They stop and look at us.

Timothy: Sorry.

Mathilde: Rick, I do not know what he thinks like that he seems fragile seen in what state he is but I feel he's a tough guy, he looks like a cop, I think.

Benjamin: Maybe that was his job before.

Leslie: Yes, the subject is closed. Do you think they can be trusted?

Mathilde: Yes, we lived pretty much the same story.

Benjamin: I have already given my opinion.

Violet: Yeah, I think it will.

Timothy: Same.

Leslie: Okay for tonight we stay together, we'll see tomorrow if we stay with them or not.

After this rest for about 2 hours we go into the kitchen take plates and cutlery to put them to table with glasses and a bottle of water half empty. Benjamin heats a box of ravioli and then takes us to the table. We eat quietly when Mathilde speaks.

Mathilde: Did you see if anyone else survived?

Benjamin: No, the last one I saw was Damien when I was hit by the ball, I do not know if he left right after.

Timothy: Florian was fighting to the end and then Coralie had gone to get Paul inside the high school but I do not know if they left.

Violet: Liza had also gone inside the high school, I do not know why then I saw Michael being stabbed by Anthony and balanced to the rush.

Tears come to me when I hear that, I just learned that my brother is dead.

Violette: Oh shit, Sorry.

Leslie: Do not worry I'm fine, I saw Jocelyn fighting against Anthony but I did not see Bleuenn.

Benjamin: No one has seen it.

Mathilde: That does not mean she's dead, just as Michael did not see him die, like all the others, just like Ilan.
Timothy: He disappeared long before Anthony attacked; he surely had more luck than us.

Leslie: Okay, I'll go take a walk outside.

I go outside and I'm surprised to see Carl outside in the middle of the night, I'll see him.

Leslie: You're not asleep?

Carl: No, you do not either.

Leslie: We've just eaten.

Carl: Ok, sorry for my behavior just now I was pretty nervous after what happened.

I sit next to him and I answer him.

Leslie: I understand you do not have to be sorry, it's normal.

Carl: There are a lot of young people in your group.

I look at him questioningly.

Carl: I did not know many people my age in the apocalypse.

Leslie: To tell you, I'm 19 and I'm the oldest in my group, they're all about your age.

Carl: Oh, you think I can get along with them?

Leslie: Oh yes, members of my group are pretty much like you the same character.

Carl: And ... all the girls in your group ... are with someone.

I look at him smiling and he all turns red and turns his head.

Leslie: No, not all Mathilde is with Ilan, Violet with Timothy and Liza with Florian, me, Coralie
and Bleuenn we're with nobody but I'm not interested.

He nods, then we talk another 10 minutes and then we go back.
Carl POV

I go inside our house for I do not know for how long I see my father still lying on the sofa sleeping. Tomorrow I will try to go on an expedition alone without my father and without the others next door. I think I like them but I do not really know what to think about it, if you can trust them even if they look nice, after you never know who you can really trust for now I like keep me away from them to be safe. If, it would be if I had not pulled on the rudder as Dad had told me, they would have met us even if I confess that it is comforting to meet people my age because apart from Patrick I Did not really have a friend of my age in prison. I like this girl, Leslie, she looks really concerned about what can happen to her group, Dad told me she was not the real leader of her group that it's another guy " Jocelyn "I think if we stay with them I hope he will not reject us as Dad had done to the prison for the Tyreese group but I think others will want us to stay with them. In the small group of Leslie I easily noticed that there must be no shit like the Violet girl she has a very strong character and still I did not really know her and then still she to two guns A real "Tomb Raider", the other girl Mathilde looks quieter but I felt like a person should not be shit and on the side of the guys the one who goes out with Violet , Timothy it looks rather nice but it must especially stay with Violet in my opinion it is true it is two there did not split 1 minute since we met them on the road and then the last , Benjamin as seems to be someone who likes to make jokes and do the idiot but I think in a more serious situation, he must do less the idiot but he seems like a joke.I still can not believe they had to do to the Governor's son, it was not even known that the Governor had a son who took all the tactics of his father, Dad told me that Michonne had killed the Governor But on the other hand no member of the group to Leslie did not see if his son had been killed, I hope that he died because he will want to avenge his father that for sure but if he is all alone we will risk nothing I think But we must remain vigilant. Now we are finding new friends we will be able to stay with them if everything goes well and I hope that we will not lose them just as we lost all of ours. Leslie told me that apparently she would have seen her chief Jocelyn I think fighting the Governor's son but the problem is that she does not know if Jocelyn would win and someone from her group would have seen the brother Of Leslie to be stabbed by the son of the Governor I do not really know his name then he would swing it in the rowers and people did not see if other members of their group could leave their camp so they are in The same situation as us then we must remain united among us all this is how we can survive. I go up into the upper room and just as I lay down someone knocks on the door, I grab my gun and quietly go down the stairs, I go up to the door and look into the small hole and I ' Tries to see who it is, I recognize it's Benjamin, I go to the back door and get it back.

Benjamin: Hi, sorry to disturb you.

Carl: Do not worry, I was not asleep and I was not doing anything important.

Benjamin: Okay.

I signal to him to sit down what he is doing painfully I look worried.

Carl: Are you okay?

Benjamin: Yes, I just have a sore leg.

Carl: What did you get?

Benjamin: A bullet.

Carl: I did not see you limp.

Benjamin: Normally, I did not see it and I thought I would find something to look after in the house but nothing and it began to get worse and I did not want to worry about the others.

Carl: Wait, I'll look.

He shows me his wound and I watch him.

Carl: It's infected, you have to be treated otherwise, and you’re going to die or lose a leg.

Benjamin: Fuck, that'll be stupid.

Carl: Yeah, I think I have some tricks to take care of you.

Benjamin: Okay.

I go upstairs and I take whatever it takes to take care of it finally I think. I go back down then I start to heal him, I disinfect the wound and then I take wire and needle.

Carl: Are you ready?

Benjamin: Have you ever done that?

Carl: No, no.

Benjamin: I'm ready.

He closes his eyes then I begin to sew the wound, he serves the teeth but it is good he cash well. I finish sewing her leg then I look at Benjamin sweating and face pain.

Carl: Are you okay?

Benjamin: Yeah, well, thank you I'll show Leslie tomorrow.

Carl: I thought you did not want to worry them?

Benjamin: No, I wanted to test you whether you would have helped me or not.

Carl: Of course I was going to help you, I'm like that.

Benjamin: Yeah, good thanks I'll leave you.

He gets up and starts to leave, I get up.

Carl: Wait, tomorrow I'll go home, will you come with me?

Benjamin: Yeah, it works. Never go alone.

Carl: Yeah, I know.

Benjamin: But you were going to do it.

Carl: Yes.

Benjamin: I think you can do it, but I do not know. I'll come with you tomorrow.

Carl: Okay, thank you, tomorrow.

Benjamin: Have tomorrow, good night.

Carl: Thank you, too.

He goes away then I go up to the floors then I lie down in the bed and I fall asleep.


That was the first chapter Carl will finally have people of his age in his entourage. So I would like to have your impressions and your opinion on the story any critic is welcome and especially do not hesitate to give me your opinion on the continuation of the story, thank you.


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