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Match Made


AU Daryl/OC, no walkers! Fun idea for Daryl.

When the big Z never hits, life continues to go on for everybody, except for Daryl's. Merle and Carrie get their happy ending: a small house of their own, two beautiful children, and a happy home. Daryl longs for the chance to make his own life and family, but comes unsuccessful. Carrie makes him a profile on a dating app for his phone, and just when he was about to throw in the town, his screen flashed. "It's a match!"

Harper Thomas gave up dating after the end of her three year relationship. She has a career, friends, and everything she could need, except for companionship. When her best friend makes her a profile to get her out of her rut, she can't help but join on the innocent fun, that is until she matches with someone named Daryl Dixon.

- - -

Thought of this idea in my head, decided to just go ahead and post it. Set in my Lips Like Kerosene universe (check it out on my profile). Putting the idea of someone who had a hard time making connections and threw them into the world of finding their perfect match through social media. Please give it a try, tell me what you think!


1. Daryl Dixon

1. Daryl Dixon

(42) Growing lonely as he gets older and hasn't found "the one" yet. Same Daryl everybody loves, except modern and self-proclaimed "world's best uncle".

2. Harper Thomas

2. Harper Thomas

(32) Fulfilled in her education, career, and friends, Harper is looking for more. Two years after the end of her long term relationship, she just wants companionship and someone to experience life with. Portrayed by Julia Jones

3. Merle Dixon

3. Merle Dixon

(51) Merle Dixon, drifter turned father. While he still is obnoxious and rude, he's finally matured and become a family man, looking out for them all (but still annoys the hell out of them).

4. Carrie Andrews

4. Carrie Andrews

(36) Merle's girlfriend (still). Now a mother and matured, Carrie just wants Daryl to be happy and keep her family together. Portrayed by Ashley Greene



Thank you! <3 Lol, Mary is sticking around! Just hopefully not interrupting and being helpful next time :P

We all do, it's so true lol! And I'm glad you're liking it, we'll see more soon! ;)

Aw yay, I'm so glad! <3 I love Daryl so much, he deserves some love! Thanks for your support :)

Thank you so much! <3

mischief_dixon mischief_dixon

So good! I love it.

Lunabelle4 Lunabelle4

Yeah... I just loved this.. loved the way you described the kiss and how awkward Daryl was as first pulling away. Awwww.. he's so fucking cute.. cannot wait for your next update!

CynDiesel CynDiesel

We all have that one friend lol! Glad too see their relationship is making some progress ;) Loved it!

daniellarose daniellarose

That was really wonderful, but that friend Mary has got to go!

Grimesgirl63 Grimesgirl63