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Behind Blue Eyes


Daughter of an Army Ranger, raised by her grandma since her mom left when she was young. Kayleigh Anne Parker lived a pretty normal life, before the apocalypse started, with a job and her hobbies. With fair share of ups and downs in life, Kayleigh only trusted 2 people from which one passed away years ago and she doesn’t know if the other one is still alive. People always underestimated her, but that didn’t stop her to prove them otherwise. Now that the dead are roaming the earth, she is determined to find her father. What happens when she joins a group with a familiar face? Will she learn to trust someone else? Will she reveal the past hidden behind blue eyes?

A/N I do not own any characters or storylines from The Walking Dead. Nor do I own the pictures that I use ( They just show how I see things in my head)
I do own the characters I added and the storyline changes I made.
I want to thank a dear friend of mine that helps me a lot with the grammar (I'm Dutch) and for helping me with the creative part. I couldn't have done this without her.
Warning: This story will contain strong language, sexual references and dark/bloody/horror content just like the show.


Kayleigh Anne Parker

Kayleigh Anne Parker

A 28 year old Social worker (Specialized to work with children, Teens and Young adults) Because she looks so innocent nobody expects her to survive in this rotten world. But she is determined to find out if her dad is still alive.



Ooh la la!!!!! Pretty steamy smut!

Great story, keep it up!

LoriG LoriG