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No Rest for the Undead


Ava's life wasn't normal even before the dead started walking. Her mom was a crazy conspiracy theorist who trained her to be warrior. But since the apocalypse started Ava's been on her own searching for what's left her family, that is until a Police Man finds her walking down a highway. Suddenly Ava finds herself part of a group, and soon enough she starts falling for one of them




AGE: 28 Height: 5'10" Ava was a normal girl until her father and brother died and her mom went crazy. Her mom raised her to be a warrior, training her how to fight and handle weapons. After the world ended Ava went on a Journey to find her uncle and cousins and met up with Rick and his group. Face Claim: Charlize Theron



Age: Six She quiet/shy and withdrawn for the most part. Her parents were killed sometime after the apcolpyse started. Face Claim: Addy Miller



A Two year old Maine Coone Cat that Ava finds and adopts after the apocolpyse happened.


  1. Days Gone By

    Ava meets two people on a highway and eventually they find themselves in Atlanta

  2. Guts Part One

    Ava and Rick meet Glenn and the rest of the group that went to Atlanta and run into some trouble with one of the group members

  3. Guts Part Two

    Rick comes up with an idea to get the group out of Atlanta safe

  4. Tell it to the Frogs Part One

    Ava and Rick finally meet the rest of the group after arriving at the Quarry

  5. Tell it to the Frogs Part Two

    Ava starts to get to know some of the woman in the group and gets into a fight with ED

  6. Wildfire

    The Group leaves the Quarry and heads out for the CDC

  7. TS-19 Part One

    The group relaxes at the CDC, but something suspicious is going on, and Ava has a bad feeling about it.

  8. TS-19 Part Two

    The RV breaks down on the highway, and a heard of Walkers pass through

  9. What Lies ahead: Part One

  10. What Lies ahead: Part two

  11. Interlude

  12. Chapter Tweleve: Interlude Part Two

    Carol's point of view when Ava and Sophie show up at the farm.


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