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" i've been running through the jungle,
i've been running with the wolves to get to you."

[ rick grimes / ofc ]
[ warnings: strong language, age gap, sexual situations, gore, violence ]
[ seasons one - eight ]


Brayden Crowley

Brayden Crowley

Brenna and Emilee's older brother who has not been seen in over four months. They do not have any clue if he's alive or dead and keep trying to positively think that he's out there, waiting to be reunited with his family.

Brenna Crowley

Brenna Crowley

A college graduate from Bloomington, Indiana who moved to Georgia to kick start graduate school in pre-med when the apocalypse hit. After receiving news that her older sister and her nephew have left town to find shelter, she joins forces with Rick Grimes after being taken in by Morgan Jones and his son on an adventure that she finds herself having no control on.

Emilee Crowley

Emilee Crowley

Brenna's older sister who disappeared from their new hometown of King County (along with her son, Brady) to find shelter when the zombie apocalypse suddenly hit. She is four years older than her little sister, Brenna and is divorced from her husband, Justin whom is presumed dead during the early stages of the apocalypse.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

King County's own Sheriff Deputy who fell into a coma and awoke four months into the apocalypse. He's looking for his family, after believing that they're still out there and finds himself in the care of college graduate Brenna Crowley, who changes his life in more ways than he expects.

Thomas Crowley

Thomas Crowley

Emilee's four year old son and Brenna's nephew who is currently with Emilee in an unknown location while the apocalypse rages on. Thomas was starting preschool when Emilee quickly took him out and escaped King County, unknowingly leaving his aunt and Emilee's sister behind. Also goes by Brady, due to his middle name 'Brandon'.



    A past conversation featuring Emilee and Brenna Crowley (plus an additional mention of Brayden and Thomas!)


@Lovely Rick Grimes
Hi! I'm the author for this piece but apparently I lost my info to logging into this account! So this is my new account, which will continue the story!

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