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It was a cool Spring evening when Brenna Crowley graduated from Indiana University Bloomington.

It had been a family gathering in their hometown of Bloomington, several family members gathered around a quick bonfire made up by Brenna and Emilee’s older brother as Emilee and Brenna themselves sat nearby in old lawn chairs that their parents had laid out for them.

Brenna, who held a Seagrams in her hand, took a swig while Emilee held a water bottle in her own. She wanted to stay sober for the night, hoping to set a good example for her son whileas Brenna got to pursue the dream of being the party animal for once.

“You need to loosen up. Have a fun time. Shake off the stress of college!” Emilee had remarked, handing her the dark purple colored drink that had been labeled as a fruity Sangria mix. Brenna wasn’t much for drinking unless she absolutely needed one and after the day she had, she could surely relax on this for as long as she could manage it.

Brayden - who’d been a real people pleaser with the older family members - was currently sitting down around the bonfire, keeping his distance from his sisters as his nephew sat poised on his lap like he was the main show of Auntie Brenna’s graduation party.

“So how does it feel? Little miss undergraduate is finally finished with her first four years of college.” Emilee nudged the shoulder of her little sister, turning to look at her as Brenna chuckled at such attention that was focused on her.

How could she really feel?

Surprised that she had made it this far?

Excited that it was halfway over?

Destroyed that she still had 11 years left to go until she got her actual license in medicine?

Brenna shrugged and turned to face her older sister before deciding on her answer: “I honestly have no idea how to act truly.” Brenna informed as a blonde headed little boy rushed over to claim a seat on Emilee’s lap. The little boy whom Brenna knew as Brady. Or Thomas, as Emilee so rightfully named him until Justin came up with his “better” name, as he so claimed.

“Well, keep it up because graduate school is gonna be a bitch.” Emilee told her truthfully, as she understood how it felt to go through that much school to be where she was now and looked down to smile at her four year old son as she picked him up into her arms.

“Hi bubby! Can you say hi to Auntie Bren?” Emilee asked as the chubby cheeked blond, who looked so much like his mother, waved while shoving his fingers into his mouth like he thought they were more edible.

“Hi Aunt Ben!” Brady squeaked out, smiling that familiar toothy grin that made Brenna grin herself, causing her to forget about the obvious flub of her name.

It was close enough.

“Are you proud of Auntie Bren, Tommy?” Emilee cooed to the young child, who didn’t pay near as much attention as he was supposed to when asked the certain question. He was too focused on the patchy in their backyard before the Crowley sisters shared a laugh at his expression, Brenna taking a swig of her Seagrams.

“So now you’re done with school.. What now? You gonna go straight to grad school? What do you think is the best idea?” Emilee pestered, before Brenna rolled her eyes and chuckled before turning to look at her. “What’s wrong? Think I’m not gonna survive?” Brenna snorted, as she stood up and turned to face Emilee who did the same.

“Oh, a person like you could easily survive. But it’s not like the end of the world, Bren.” Emilee reminded her as Thomas got down out of his Mother’s arms, disappearing over to where Brayden sat with the other adults.

“I’m just saying make your time count before it’s too late to do anything.”


WOW. This prologue really really sucked. But trust me, it's going to get better soon. Chapter one is going to feature Brenna with Morgan's family, her relation to them and how she meets Rick in the following future.

But other than that, I hope you guys are enjoying the Crowley family. There's much to be evolved inside their storylines and I can't wait until you actually see it.

Sincerely, Bren.


@Lovely Rick Grimes
Hi! I'm the author for this piece but apparently I lost my info to logging into this account! So this is my new account, which will continue the story!

Continue!!! It’s rare to see Rick Grimes Story!!