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Scars Make Us Beautiful


Set after the war with the Saviours, but in the two years before the next chapter of the story. Daryl never thought he'd find someone he could relate to in this crazy world, let alone care deeply for. Laura doesn't have a friend or ally in the world, but she still hasn't lost herself despite what has happened to her. Each of them has scars and demons, and the world isn't getting any kinder. In each other, they can heal the worst wounds, and find beauty in tragedy. But is love enough in the apocalypse?

I am following the comics as well as elements of the TV show, such as Carol is alive, Carl is alive (unbitten), and Rick is a mix of TV Rick and Comic Rick.


"K" or Kiva

"K" or Kiva

K was one of L's associates from the bunker

"S" - Shiani

"S" - Shiani

Associate of "L" from the bunker.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Laura Jasper

Laura Jasper


  1. Stay

    Chapter 1

  2. Nothing

    Chapter 2

  3. Wanting

    Chapter 3

  4. Ask

    Chapter 4

  5. We Dwell in the Dark

    Chapter 5

  6. New Places, New Faces

    Chapter 6

  7. Shower Thoughts

    Chapter 7 [Warning! sexual content]

  8. The Horde

    Chapter 8

  9. Ghosts

    Chapter 9

  10. The Plan

    Chapter 10

  11. Like Dogs

    Chapter 11

  12. What Comes Back

    Chapter 12

  13. Little Moments

    Chapter 13

  14. It Begins - Part 1 of 3

    Chapter 14

  15. It Begins - Part 2

    Chapter 15


I just posted chapter 7!

SuperV SuperV

Love the first 6 will there be more?

Loul461 Loul461