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You Can't Change Me (Rickyl Omegaverse)


*Daryl's POV*
I look around, my crossbow slung over my shoulder, Rick at my side. Well, if this day couldn't get anymore shittier, you're a damn liar. That's what my brother, Merle used to say to me before this all started. Rick turns to me, as I trip over a damn stump.

"Shit!" I cry out in pain, looking down. Rick's at my side in an instant, his Alpha senses overriding my Omega senses. His eyes flash red the same time mine flash amber.

"You alright, Daryl?" Rick asks, staring at my ankle. He grabs it gingerly in his hand, then looks down at it. When I try to move it, pain shoots up my leg, and I groan in pain. Thunder claps above our heads, and it's almost like the sky just opened up, and it starts to pour rain down. It soaks us both, and I curse.

"Fuck," I hiss in pain. "just what I needed. Not makin' me move any quicker, and I'm already startin' to freeze my ass off." Rick just chuckles, then says,

"Come on, Daryl, let's get someplace warm. Can you walk on that leg?" He hoists me up to my feet, and when I try to put pressure on my ankle, even more agonizing pain shoots up my nerves. I shake my head.

"Nah," I tell him, "can't move it. Either broke it, or sprained it. We're sittin' ducks out here. What do we do from here, Grimes? Got any plans?" Rick looks down at me, then looks around, making sure we're not being followed before we start moving again. Rick has my arm draped over his shoulder, the only problem is that it's raining, I'm trying not to slip, or lose my grip on Rick. Also, we're both soaking wet, which doesn't help with our current situation right now.

*Normal POV*
As Daryl and Rick continue their trek, they start getting exhausted. Rick's starting to lose his grip on the Omega, and his eyes are drooping a little bit, he's trying not to fall asleep. Then, all of a sudden, Daryl bumps Rick's shoulder with his own, making him look up. He opens his eyes to see what they've run into.

They've run into a house, a bit run-down, but livable. The brick's starting to mold a little bit, and it smells like no one's been living in it for quite a while. The porch seems to be standing, though, with a rocking chair on it.

"I'll go in first, make sure it's not overrun," Rick says. "you can stay out here, keep a lookout." Daryl grunts, and Rick lets him go, making sure he's leaning against something first, so he's not falling over. Then, Rick goes inside, his Colt Python in hand.

There is a couch inside, an unused one at that. What the hell? Rick thinks, staring at the couch. He sits on it, realizing how comfortable it is. He gets up, and starts sniffing, making sure the only scents he's smelling are his Alpha scent and Daryl's Omega scent. Surprisingly, he doesn't smell anything else, not any sign that another Pack or even Walkers have been through here.
"Well, it's livable, at least it's someplace where we can hold our own, until we find the pack," Rick says, placing his Colt Python on the floor beside Daryl's crossbow and knife. "I'm going to go through the kitchen and bathroom, see if I can find anything we can use." Daryl nods his head, then collapses on the couch, trying not to fall asleep.
Rick continues to go about the house, and finds cans of tuna fish in the kitchen, gauze bandages in the bathroom, and some alcohol. He comes back in the room to see Daryl on the couch, his eyes half-open. He chuckles.
"Well," he says, "comfortable, sweetheart?" Daryl just stares at the Alpha, and flips him off. He then sits up, and wrinkles his nose at the sight of the tuna.
"That's disgustin'," he growls, staring at the tuna. Rick stares at the Omega. He didn't know if he liked tuna or not. Apparently, he doesn't. "get that shit away from me." Rick just chuckles, and gets rid of the tuna. His eyes are still holding that Alpha red color, for now. He then grabs Daryl's leg, and removes his boot and sock.
Good thing is, his ankle's not swollen. Bad thing is, he needs to stay of his leg for a couple days. Daryl's eyes flash Omega gold, as he stares at his mate.
"Rick," he says calmly, staring at him. "sleep. I'll wrap it up mahself." Rick shakes his head, and pours the alcohol on his ankle, then wraps it up himself. Daryl then lies back, feeling the alcohol still burning his leg as he drifts off. Rick eventually does the same, one arm wrapped around his mate, the other resting on his Colt Python.


Caitlin Dixon-Grimes

Caitlin Dixon-Grimes

Daryl and Rick's Pup, has not yet presented, too young to present yet

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

Rick's Mate and Luna, Theta and Omega

Merle Dixon

Merle Dixon

Daryl's older brother, Beta, Luna to Woodbury Pack, Morgan's Mate and Luna

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes

Daryl's Mate, Alpha, and Prime of the Pack


  1. Chapter 1: Finding the Pack and a New Place to Live

  2. Chapter 2: Well, There Goes The Neighborhood

    So, Daryl and Rick are still at this new place that they found, until Daryl hits his heat. Will Rick help him, and Claim him?


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