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Chapter 1

Ariel "Dad, you're an asshole!"
Abraham "Beware of your words, young lady!"
Ariel "You just spend more time with that whore!"
Abraham "Rosita, she is not a whore! She's my girlfriend and I love him!"
Ariel "Yeah, you love him more than you love me!"
Abraham "It's not that way!"
Ariel "Yes it is!"
Then Rosita came to the kitchen and she saw that Abraham and Ariel quarreled.
Rosita "Hey, what's going on here?"
Abraham "Well, officially my daughter can not tolerate that I spend time with you."
Rosita looked at Ariel.
Ariel "Do not say anything! I will not listen to you!"
Rosita "And why not?"
Arial "Because you are not my mom!"
Rosita "I'm not trying to be your mom."
Ariel "Well, then you can leave my father hell alone!"
Abraham "Ariel!"
Ariel "Fucking shit, both!"
Then Ariel ran out of the kitchen angrily and she ran into Carol.
Carol "Hello, look out for a little!"
Ariel "Sorry, Carol I was not meant to."
Carol "Is everything OK?"
Ariel "Yeah, why are you asking?"
Carol "You look angry, is there anything that happened?"
Ariel "Well, me and my dad we argued."
Carol "It happens sometimes."
Ariel "I think my dad is spending too much time with Rosita."
Carol "And you can not stand it, right?"
Ariel "Yeah, something like that."
Carol "Maybe you should spend time with Rosita too and give her a chance."
Ariel "Rosita will never replace my real mother."
Carol "Maybe she will not replace it, but at least you could become friends."
Ariel "I do not really know about that."
Carol "Give her a chance."
Ariel "Maybe I could."
Carol "I'm going to the kitchen now."
Ariel "Okay."
Carol "I'll see you later."
Ariel "Yeah."
Then Carol went to the kitchen.
Carol "Hello, Rosita and Abraham."
Abraham nodded.
Rosita "Hello, Carol."
Carol "I came across Ariel when I came here."
Abraham "What did she say to you?"
Carol "That you argued."
Abraham "Well, Ariel is a little bit selfish, I think."
Carol "I talked to her."
Abraham "What did you say to her?"
Carol "I said she should spend time with Rosita and give Rosita the chance."
Rosita "Well, what did Ariel say?"
Carol "She said maybe I could."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Ariel "Hey, Daryl."
Daryl "Oh, hey Ariel, what's up?"
Ariel "Nothing special, what are you doing?"
Daryl "I'm going to hunt."
Ariel "Can I come with you?"
Daryl "I do not know, what would your dad say?"
Ariel "I do not think he'll care."
Daryl "What do you mean?"
Ariel "Well, officially Rosita is more important to him than I am."
Daryl "That's not cool."
Then Merle and Mia came to them.
Merle "Hey, dear little brother."
Daryl "Shut up."
Merle "Do not bother."
Mia "Where are you going?"
Ariel "We're going to hunt."
Merle "What would your dad say?"
Ariel "Nothing, and I think she would not care for a shit."
MIA "How is that?"
Ariel "Because he spends much more time with Rosita than with me."
Mia "That does not sound nice."
Ariel "Believe me, it is not."
Merle "We're coming with you."
Daryl looked at Ariel.
Ariel "I guess it's okay."
Mia "Awesome, let's go then."
Then they walked to the forest.
Mia "Have you tried to talk to your dad?"
Ariel "I tried this morning, but we just started arguing."
Mia "You should give Rosita a chance."
Ariel "Carol said the same."
Mia "Maybe Carol is right."
Ariel "Maybe."
In the meantime in the living room.
Rick "Are you okay, honey?"
Rachel "Yeah, yeah, why?"
Rick "Nothing."
Then Judith and Carl came to the living room.
Carl "Dad, can we go to the woods?"
Rick "No."
Judith "Daddy, please!"
Rick "No, no."
Carl "But Ariel, Merle, Mia and Daryl also went."
Rick "It's different."
Judith "Daddy, you're boring!"
Rachel "No, your dad is not boring."
Then they heard the explosion in the basement.
Rick "What the hell was that?"
Then Rick get up from the couch.
Rachel "Where are you going?"
Rick "See what happened in the basement."
Rachel "Okay."
Rick went out of the house and walked toward the basement door. He was just about to open the door when Eugenie opened it.
Rick "What the hell happened here?"
Eugenie "Ask my brother!"
Rick looked at Eugenie whose hair was upright.
Rick "Do not just say that your brother did another one of the science tests."
Eugenie "Well guessed."
Then Eugene came out of the basement and his face was black.
Eugene "I thought it would have worked, but officially it did not work."
Rick "What did not work?"
Eugene "Well, the bomb that I did."
Rick "You did a bomb?"
Eugene "At least I tried."
Rick "You could have blown up this whole hell of a place! What the hell are you doing, are you crazy, huh?"
Eugene did not say anything.
Rick "Jesus fucking Christ with you!"
Then Jesus and Jenny came to them.
Jenny "Nice hairstyle, Eugenie."
Eugenie "Thank you, I guess."
Jenny "What happened?"
Eugenie "Well, my idiot brother made a bomb and it exploded."
Jesus "Did you make a bomb?"
Eugene "I tried at least."
Jenny "What the fuck, Eugene? You could have blown this whole place! Are you crazy, huh?"
Eugene "No, I'm not, I'm just a scientist."
Jesus "Yeah, a scientist trying to kill us all."
Eugene "I did not try to kill anyone!"
Jenny "But that could have happened."
In the meantime in the church.
Gabriella "You should learn to use weapons, brother."
Gabriel "I do not use weapons."
Gabriella "You should."
Gabriel "The Bible is enough for me."
Gabriella "It would not save your life."
Gabriel "Oh my sister, yes it will save me."
Gabrielle: "So sure."
Gabriel "Why did not you become a priest?"
Gabriella "Do not know, I think I and the god have a bit of disagreement."
Gabriel "It could all change."
Gabriella "I do not know about that. I've always been the black sheep of our family and you know it quite well."
Gabriel "Yeah, I guess I know."
Gabriella "You know, sometimes I feel outcast here."
Gabriel "Everyone feels that from time to time, even me."
Gabrielle "You, even though you are a priest?"
Gabriel "Yes, I do."
In the meantime in the woods.
Ariel "Sometimes I feel myself outcast."
Mia "Do not say that."
Ariel "Especially when my dad spends more time with Rosita."
Mia "Listen, I do not know why you hate Rosie so much."
Ariel "I do not hate her, I just do not ..... like him, I guess."
Mia "Though your mind would change if you would spend time with them. "
Ariel "Rosita will never replace my real mother."
Mia "I understand it."

To be continued...



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