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Chapter 10

In the meantime in the woods.
Mason "We do not fuck find them anymore!"
Holly "We do not go back."
Mason "Why the fuckin '?
Daisy "You heard what the Governor said, no one will come back before we've found them."
Then they noticed the flashlight light and the fact that Carol walked toward them.
Holly "Is that a woman?"
Logan "Yeah."
Holly "What the hell is she doing in the middle of the night in the woods?"
Mason "Maybe the Governor sent him to help us."
Benjamin "That woman is not one of us."
Mason "How is that?"
Benjamin "I have not seen him in Woodbury."
Mason "Maybe the Governor has kept him hidden from us."
Daisy "She is not one of us."
Mason "Are you sure?"
Daisy "Woodbury is in a different direction, where does that woman come from."
Mason "Maybe she was using a detour."
Holly "There's no fucking detour!"
Then Carol noticed them, and she raised the gun.
Mason "Yeah, maybe she is not one of us. She has a gun."
Logan "No shit Sherlock."
Mason "What the hell are we doing? That crazy woman shoots us."
Daisy "I would not guarantee that she would be crazy or what I know."
Carol yelled at them.
Carol "How many are you?!?!"
Logan "Six! We're six!"
Carol "Do you have any weapons?"
Holly "Of course we do. How in hell would we otherwise survive?"
Carol "What are you doing in the woods in the middle of the night?"
Logan "The same thing we can ask you, ma'am!"
Carol "Answer me!"
Benjamin "We're looking for Emma and Judith! They went out to Woodbury and the Governor will be very angry if we do not find them!"
Carol "I'm looking for them too!"
Mason looked at Holly.
Mason "I told you she is one of us."
Daisy "Why in hell has she got a gun, why does she show it to us in hell?"
Mason "She protects himself, officially."
Holly "But if she is one of us, then why does she want to shoot us, huh?"
Mason "Maybe she saw the wrong thing when it is dark now ..."
Holly "Shut up."
Logan looked at Carol.
Logan "Are you one of us?"
Carol did not answer.
Logan "Are you?"
Carol "I may be who knows."
Logan "Stop playing and tell me!"
Carol "How's your foot?"
Logan "What?"
Carol "Eugenie should shoot you in the foot."
Logan "Where the hell do you know it?
Carol "I was there when it happened."
Daisy looked at Mason.
Mason "Well, maybe she is not one of us."
Holly "What do you want?"
Carol "Nothing."
Daisy "You want something, you would not be in the woods in the middle of the night."
Carol "Well, maybe I want something."
Daisy "Like what?"
Carol "Another place to go."
Holly "I thought you were having fun there."
Carol "I'm tired of Rick and the others."
Daisy "Why?"
Carol "They do not do anything sensible."
Benjamin "What are they doing then?"
Carol "Well, they just have fun, even though death is around them."
Mason, "Come on, Woodbury, we're doing sensible things."
Carol "Maybe I'll come."
Holly "The Governor would appreciate it very much."
Carol "Where's Woodbury?"
Holly "You can follow us."
Carol turned to look at the camp where she lived or used to be lived.
Carol "Forgive me, Rick."
Then Carol turns to look at Holly.
Holly "Are you ready?"
Carol "Yeah."
Then they walked to Woodbury. And Carol did not know what a mistake she was doing.
Daisy "You and the Governor will surely be friends."
Carol just smiled.
Benjamin "And we are looking for more members in our community."
Carol just nodded.
Logan "Can you cook?"
Carol "Of course, I was once a mother."
Holly "Did you have a child?"
Carol "Yeah, I had a daughter."
Daisy "What happened?"
Carol "Well, the walker bites him and the rest you know."
Benjamin "Did you kill him?"
Carol "No, but Rick did it."
Logan "Sad to hear that."
Carol "It's just part of life."
Daisy "The governor also had a daughter."
Carol "She died, right?"
Holly "Yeah."
Carol "Walker bite her?"
Daisy "Yeah."
Carol "It may be the most common reason why people are dying nowadays."
Mason "Yeah, and, frankly, I would rather die walker bite when hit by a car."
Holly looked at Mason.
Holly "What the fuck, Mason?"
Mason "What? It was just my opinion."
Logan "Well, everyone has their own way to die, I suppose."
Carol "Well, if a walker bites you, you will not die, you will come back to life and you will be walking dead and then someone will kill you."
Mason "Well, maybe I'll choose a hit by a car."
Holly "You're really weird."
Mason, "I was born weird, baby."
Holly shook her head.
Benjamin "Welcome to Woodbury."
Carol stared at Woodbury, which was bigger than what the Rick camp was.
Benjamin "Impressive, right?"
Carol "What?"
Benjamin "Your expression told everything."
Carol "Yeah, this is really impressive."
That was when the Governor stepped out of the mansion.
Carol "Do you have a mansion?"
Daisy "Yep."
The governor walked toward them.
Governor "What is this?"
Logan "We came across Carol when we were in the woods."
Governor "Why were you in the woods in the middle of the night?"
Carol "Well, I left."
Governor "What?"
Carol "I was impatient with Rick and others, they do nothing useful, they just have fun while people are dying around them."
Governor "That did not sound nice."
Carol "It's not."
Governor "Well, this place is different."
Carol "I see it."
Governor "Follow me."
Carol followed the Governor inside the mansion.
Governor "Do you drink?"
Carol "Yeah sometimes."
The governor went to the wine cellar.
Governor "Whiskey?"
Carol "I do not like whiskey."
Governor "What about champagne?"
Carol "That sounded better."
Governor "Red or White?"
Carol "Does not matter."
Governor "Okay."
The governor took a red champagne bottle and two wine glasses.
Governor "Let's go to my office room."
Carol "Okei."
Then they went to the office room.
Governor "Close the door, thank you."
Carol shut the door.
Governor "Sit down."
But Carol had been staring at the aquarium that was full of walkers' heads.
Governor "Judith also stared at them."
Carol did not say anything.
Governor "Impressive or What?"
Carol "Yeah, really. Are those real walkers heads?"
Governor "Yeah."
Carol "I should say that this is sick, but this is pretty cool."
Governor "Thank you, sit down now."
Carol sat on the armchair. And the Governor handed him a wine glass.
Carol "I heard you had a daughter."
Governor "Yeah."
Carol "Sadly what happened to her."
Governor "His head is in that aquarium."
Carol "Really?"
Governor "Yeah, up there right at the corner."
Carol looked up.
Carol "She was certainly beautiful."
Governor "Yeah, she was. Do you have a daughter?"
Carol "I had."
Governor "What Happened?"
Carol "The walker happened."
Governor "Did you kill him?"
Carol "No, no, but Rick."
The governor, "I'm sorry."
Carol "Do not, it's just part of life."
Governor "Yeah, that's supposed to be."
Carol "I'm tired."
Governor "You can sleep in the living room on the couch and talk more tomorrow."
Carol "Yeah."
Governor "And you must come tomorrow morning to the breakfast."
Carol "I'll come."
Governor "Great."
Carol "Well, good night, we'll see you in the morning."
Governor "Yeah, we'll see."
Then Carol came out of the office room and Tara waited for her.
Carol "Oh, hey?"
Tara "Hey, I'll show you where the living room is."
Carol "Oh, okay."
Carol followed Tara to the living room.
Carol "Thank you."
Then Carol noticed two sofas.
ara "Yeah, I'm sleeping here, too."
Carol "Okay."
Tara "If that's okay for you."
Carol "Of course it is."
Tara "Well, good night, I guess."
Carol "Nights."
So they fell asleep.

to be continued.....



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