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Chapter 11

The next morning in the upstairs Daryl woke up and he wondered why her hand was sore. Then he looked at the knuckles and he noticed that they were covered with dried blood.
Daryl "What the hell has happened to me?"
Then Daryl looked at the wall and he noticed there was a hole in the wall.
Daryl "How the hell is that hole coming to that wall?"
Then he heard Eugene sound behind the wall.
Eugene "Dude, you break it yesterday at night."
Daryl "Why in hell did I do it?"
Eugene "I do not know, but you could be a little angry."
Daryl "I was angry?"
Eugene "Yeah."
Daryl "I do not remember being angry."
Eugene "You were, but I do not know why."
Then Daryl remembered the conversation he had with Carol before he came inside the inn.
Eugene "Are you okay there?"
Daryl "Yeah, yeah I am."
Eugene "And you promised to repair that wall."
Daryl "Really?"
Eugene "Yeah, before you went to bed."
Daryl "Yeah, I fix it today."
Eugene "Let's go downstairs. Breakfast is definitely ready."
Daryl "Yeah."
Then they came out of their own room and in the corridor they came across Eugenie.
Eugenie "You rage yesterday at night."
Daryl "Yeah, I did."
Then Eugenie noticed the dried blood of the Daryl knuckles.
Eugenie "You killing someone yesterday?"
Daryl "Huh?"
Eugenie "Your knuckles are covered with dried blood."
Daryl "Well, I did not kill anyone."
Eugenie "How did that happen then?"
Daryl "I thought the wall needed an air hole."
Eugenie "You broke the wall?"
Daryl "Yeah."
Eugene "And it was not any wall but it was a wall that connected my room to Daryl's room."
Eugenie "Why did you break it?"
Daryl "I do not know."
Then they went downstairs where others were already in the dining room.
Rick "Good Morning!"
Daryl "Good morning."
Then Merle noticed that Daryl's hand was covered with dried blood.
Merle "Are you fighting with someone at night?"
Daryl "Why do you ask?"
Mia "Well, your hand is covered with dried blood."
Eugene "No, Daryl thought the wall needed an air hole."
Merle "You broke the wall?"
Daryl "Yeah, I did."
Rosita "Why?"
Daryl "I do not know."
Daryl looked around.
Jesus "Who are you looking for?"
Daryl "I'm looking for Carol, where is she?"
Rachel "We thought she would come with you."
Eugene "We did not see him upstairs."
Mia "Maybe she is still sleeping, I'll go to awaken him."
Rick "Okay."
Then Mia got up from the chair and walked upstairs. But Mia did not know that Carol was no longer in her room, she had disappeared. At last Mia had arrived at the door of the room leading to Carol's room.
Mia "Hey, Carol?"
No reply.
Mia "Carol, it's me Mia!"
There is still no answer.
Mia "Carol, wake up!"
Mia did not knew that she was talking to a room that was empty.
Mia "Carol, really open this door already."
Mia knocked on the door.
Mia "Carol, open this hell door now!"
But no one answered.
Mia "Carol, if you do not open this door now, then I'll go get some help."
There is still no answer.
Mia "I count to three and if you do not open this door then I'll really go get help."
Mia started counting to three.
Mia "Three!"
No reply.
Mia "Two!"
There is still no answer ,.
Mia "This is your last chance to open this fucking door!"
But nothing happened.
Mia "One, okay, I'm getting help now."
Mia ran downstairs and ran to the dining room.
Jenny "Are you okay?"
Mia "Carol does not open the damn door!"
Daryl "What?"
Mia "And she did not answer me!"
Rick "Daryl, let's go!"
Rick and Daryl got up from the chairs and ran upstairs. At last they had come to Carol's door.
Rick "Carol, are you there?"
Rick knocked on the door, but nobody answered anything.
Rick "Carol, it's me, Rick. Can you open this door?"
No one answered.
Rick "Carol, is everything all right?"
But there was no sound from the room.
Rick: "Me and Daryl will crack this door soon if you do not agree to open it."
But nothing happened.
Daryl "Now to me hell was enough! Go to the side, Rick!"
Rick went to the side and Daryl kicked the door.
Daryl "Carol, hell open this hell door now!"
But no one answered.
Daryl "Damn, woman! What the hell are you doing?"
At last the door gave up.
Daryl "Fuck, finally!"
Then they went to the empty room.
Rick "Carol, are you here?"
Daryl "Why is hell in cold here?"
Rick "I do not know, I put the lights on."
Rick put the lights on and they noticed that Carol's room was seen when there was at least a fight.
Rick "What the hell is this happened here?"
Then Daryl noticed that the window was open.
Daryl "I think someone has broke up here and kidnapped Carol."
Rick "Perhaps and looks like that Carol has tried to fight back."
Then Daryl noticed that Carol's backpack had also disappeared.
Daryl "Unless Carol has done this, it seems like there was a fight here."
Rick "How is that?"
Daryl "His backpack has also disappeared."
Rick "Do you think Carol has gone out of here deliberately?"
Daryl "I think so, and she said she was going to leave this place a couple of days ago."
Rick "And you did not tell me?"
Daryl "I thought she was not serious."
Then Rick noticed paper on the desk.
Rick "Look, there's paper on the desk."
Daryl "Maybe it tells you something."
Rick lifted the paper up from the desk.
Daryl "What?"
Rick "Carol wrote the message to us."
Daryl "Read it."
Rick started reading.
Rick "I'm so sorry that this is how things turned out."
Daryl "What?"
Rick "I was not ready yet."
Rick continues reading.'
Rick "I'm sorry, when I left, but I feel that I am not part of this community anymore. I feel that I am the only among the outcast others. Do not come looking for me. And the drawer is the second letter. Who ever read this letter, tell Daryl that he reads the letter which is in the drawer. maybe we'll meet again, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not months, but we will meet again. I'm going to come back when I'm ready to come back. Sincerely, Carol."
Rick looked at Daryl.
Rick "Open the box."
Daryl opened the box and found another letter where he read his name.
Rick "Open and read it."
Daryl opened the letter and he started reading it.
Daryl "I lost myself in loving you. Everything become about you and what you needed, and no one was taking care of me. This is why i had to leave."
Rick looked at Daryl.
Daryl "I did not know she loved me."
Rick "Did you love her?"
Daryl "I .... I .... fuck .... I do not know."
Rick "Let's go back downstairs."
Daryl "Yeah."
Daryl and Rick went back downstairs where others had already moved to the living room.
Abraham "Did you find Carol?"
Rick shook his head.
Rachel "What?"
Daryl "Carol has left and she may not be back."
Mia "Carol has left?"
Rick "Yeah."
Merle looked at Daryl.
Daryl "What the hell are you looking at me?"
Merle "Carol left because it's your fault."
Daryl "I did not hell told him to leave!"
Merle "You were the last to reject her!"
Daryl "It does not mean it's my fault that she left!"
In the meantime, Woodbury Carol had awakened.
Carol "Where the hell am I?"
Carol got up from the couch and saw Tara still sleeping.
Carol "Who the hell is that?"
Carol walked out of the living room.
Carol "This is not my camp."
Then Carol came to the dining room.
Carol "I do not remember that our diner would be so big."
Then she heard the Governor's voice.
Governor "Good morning, Carol."
Carol turned around and stared at the Governor.
Carol "Where the hell am I?"
Governor "You're Woodbury."
Carol "How the hell did I end up here?"
Governor "Do not you remember?"
Carol "No, I do not remember. You kidnapped me?"
Governor "No, of course, I do not have the habit of kidnapping people."
Carol "Well, if you do not kidnapped me, so how can it be possible that I am here now?"
Governor "My people found you from the forest in the middle of the night last night."
Carol "Why in hell were I in the woods in the middle of the night last night?"
Governor "To that question I can not answer anything."
Carol did not say anything.
Governor "Coffee?"
Carol "Oh, thank you."
The governor went to put the coffee machine on.
Governor "Are you gonna stay here?"
Carol "I do not know."
Governor "You know, Emma and Judith fled here yesterday."
Carol did not say anything.
Governor "I do not know how they did it."
Carol "Maybe they were wiser than you."
Governor "Maybe."
Then the coffee was ready.
Governor "Coffee is ready."
Carol "Okei."
Then the Governor gave Carol a cup of coffee.
Carol "Thank you, I guess."
Governor "You could help us find them."
Carol "I can help you find Emma."
Governor "I want Judith too."
Carol "Why?"
Governor "Because I make her my new daughter."
Carol "You can not take the other man's daughter and make him yours."
Governor "Yes I can."
Carol "Have you done that before?"
Governor "Yeah."
Carol "What happened to them?"
Governor "What?"
Carol "What happened to those kids?"
Governor "Well, let's say I do not like them anymore."
Carol "What did you do to them?"
Governor "I cut off their heads and now they are in my aquarium."
Carol "You're sick!"
Governor "Thank you, I guess."
Carol went to the Governor.
Governor "This is rather close."
Carol "You're the sickest person that I have met."
Governor "I'll take that compliment."
The governor was not prepared for what Carol had done.
Governor "Do you want me to kiss you?"
Carol "You ugly."
Then Carol threw hot coffee into the Governor's face.
Governor "What the hell?"
Then Carol picked up his backpack and his gun and ran out.
Governor "Go after him!"
But nobody did anything because they were still sleeping.

to be continued....



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