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Chapter 12

In the meantime own room, Sara tried to find out which community would have taken half of Rick's weapons.
Sara "Fuck, this was harder than I thought."
Then Jenny knocked on her door.
Sara "Yeah, who is it?"
Jenny, "It's me, Jenny! Can I come inside?"
Sara "Of course, the door is open."
Jenny stepped into a room with chaos.
Jenny "Oh, here's a chaos."
Sara "I know, I have not had time to put all the goods in place."
Jenny "I saw it."
Then Jenny noticed a laptop.
Jenny "Do you have a laptop?"
Sara "Well yeah. Then i can figure out which community would have taken half of your weapons."
Jenny "Have you found anything yet?"
Sara "In fact, yes."
Jenny "Really?"
Sara "Yep. I have three options."
Jenny "Tell me."
Sara "The first community is the Kingdom, the other is the community called Bloody Wolves and the third community is the Eagles."
Jenny "How did you find them?"
Sara "I went through all the communities that the Governor has been dealing with."
Jenny "Okay."
Sara "And these three communities were most conected with the Governor."
Jenny: "Well, now we have to find out who of them took half of our weapons."
Sara "I know who it might be."
Jenny "Well, who is it?"
Sara "I am quite sure that it Bloody Wolves."
Jenny "How is that?"
Sara "Well, the Kingdom hates the Governor as well as the Eagles."
Jenny "Well, now we have to find the Bloody Wolves somewhere."
Sara "It will not be a problem."
Jenny "What?"
Sara "I know where they are."
Jenny "You know?"
Sara "Yep."
Jenny "Let's go then."
Sara "We can not go there alone."
Jenny "Why not?"
Sara "Well, let's say they're not nice peoples."
Jenny "Well, tell Rick what you found."
Sara "Well, I do not think Rick needs to know this."
Jenny "What the hell? True to hell, Rick needs to know this."
Sara turned off her laptop.
Sara "Where's Rick?"
Jenny "He's in the living room with the others."
Sara "Okay."
Jenny "By the way, did you know that Carol is gone?"
Sara "What?"
Jenny "She's gone."
Sara "When did it happen?"
Jenny "Last night, probably."
Sara "Why did she leave?"
Jenny "I do not know, but Merle said it would be Daryl's fault."
Sara "Hardly Daryl told her to leave."
Jenny "I do not believe it either."
Sara "Well, are we going?"
Jenny "Yeah, of course."
Then they walked downstairs and they went to the living room where the others sat quietly.
Sara "I know who took half of your weapons!"
Rik raised his gaze and he looked at Sara.
Rick "I do not care where the hell's guns are, I just want to know where Carol is and why she left and left us."
Jenny "Rick, listen to what she has to say."
Rick did not say anything.
Jesus "Well, I want to hear where the fuck is half our weapons."
Sara "I am quite sure that the community called Bloody Wolves took them."
Emma: "Did you say the Bloody Wolves?"
Sara "Yeah, I said."
Emma "I thought the Governor hated them."
Sara "Well, officially he did not hate them."
Emma "How is that?"
Sara "I found information that the Governor would have made a trade with them."
Emma "Now I know why he did not tell it."
Daryl "Where are they?"
Sara "I'll find out."
Daryl nodded.
Rosita "We must also find Carol."
Rick "Yeah."
In the meantime in the woods.
Carol "I do not know if I should go back to others."
Carol was messed up.
Carol "Maybe I have to go back and talk to Daryl before it's too late."
Carol started to walk back to the camp where she belonged.
Logan "I see him!"
Carol heard Logan's voice.
Carol "I'm in trouble."
Daisy "Do not let him escape!"
Then Carol started running for the sake of his life.
Logan's "Fuck!" '
Daisy "We run after him!"
Daisy and Logan start ran to after Carol.
Logan "Hell, that woman is like a cheetah."
Daisy "Yeah, how the hell can she run fast?"
Logan "Maybe she's been an athlete sometimes."
Daisy "Probably."
Carol ran and ran, Logan and Daisy tried to stay behind him.
Logan "Hell, is not she gonna stop ever?"
Daisy "Not sure."
Carol "And are they not going to give up already?"
Carol continues to run, so did Logan and Daisy.
Logan "We will never catch him!"
Daisy "Well, maybe we have to shoot him or something."
Logan "Yeah, maybe."
Then Daisy picked up the gun and tried to shoot Carol, but the bullet hit the tree.
Daisy "Fuck!"
Logan "I'm trying."
Then Logan tried to shoot, but the bullet hit the tree again.
Logan's "Fuck!"
Daisy "We can not shoot him, either."
Logan "What do we do then?"
Daisy "Let her go."
Logan "The governor is angry with us if we can not catch him."
Daisy "I know."
Then Logan noticed that Carol had slowed down.
Logan "Look, she slows down."
Daisy "At last."
Logan "I shoot him on the shoulder."
Daisy "Good idea, maybe she'll give up then."
Logan raised his gun again and he was aiming for Carol, and he pressed the trigger, the bullet scratched Carol's shoulder.
Carol "Hells!"
Daisy "Well, at least the bullet scratched her."
Logan "Yeah."
Then Carol saw when Daisy and Logan walked toward him.
Carol "I do not want to die yet."
At last Logan and Daisy had arrived at Carol.
Logan "Hell, you were a difficult case."
Carol did not say anything, she just stared at them.
Daisy "Well, let's go back, Governor waits for us."
Carol "I ain't coming back there."
Logan "Well, that does not matter."
Carol "I'm not coming!"
Daisy "Yes, you will come!"
Carol "You can not force me!"
Logan "Yes, we can!"
Then Logan caught Carol's hand.
Logan "You come with us or else ...."
That's when the wolf jumped to Daisy's neck.
Daysi "What the hell?"
Logan turned to see what was happening.
Logan "What the hell?"
Then he saw that the wolf bite Daisy in his neck.
Logan "Fuck! I'll get out of here!"
Logan let Carol out of his hand and he ran away and the wolf ran off after him. Carol was staring at Daisy's body in shock.
Carol "Was it a wolf? Why did the wolf help me?"
Then Carol lifted his backpack up from the ground and he went on his way to the camp. And she felt when blood dripped from his shoulder.
Carol "I hope I will not die."
At last Carol had arrived at the gate. And she knocked with his last powers and Gabrielle opened the gate and saw Carol.
Gabriella "Carol!"
That's when Carol fainted and Gabriella caught him.
Gabriella "What has happened to you?"
Gabriella lifted Carol up.
Gabriella "Come on now."
Gabriella dragged Carol towards the inn.
Gabriella "Do not die now, we need you."
At last they had reached the stairs of the inn. And Gabriella called for help.
Gabriella "Hey, I need help! I found Carol!"
Daryl heard it.
Daryl "I'm going to open."
Daryl ran to the door and he opened it and saw Carol who was unconscious.
Daryl "What happened to her?"
Gabriella "I do not know, she came to the gate and then she just suddenly fainted."
Daryl "I'll help you."
Daryl and Gabriella dragged Carol inside.
Daryl "Do not die now, Carol."
Eugenie "Take him to the living room."
Daryl "Yeah."
They pulled Carol into the living room unconscious.
Rick "Carol!"
Rosita "Put her on the couch to lie down!"
Daryl and Gabriella dragged Carol to the couch and they brought her to the couch to lie down.
Mia "Look, someone has tried to shoot him."
Then Rick noticed a bullet scratching the mark on Carol's shoulder.
Nobody said anything.
Daryl "Carol, can you hear me?"
Then Carol opened his eyes.
Carol "Where am I? Am I Woodbury?"
Rick "No, you're not Woodbury."
Carol "Rick?"
Rick "Yeah, it's me."
Daryl "What happened to you?"
Carol "Logan shot me and they tried to take me back to Woodbury, but that was when the wolf attacked them."
Emma "Did you say a wolf?"
Carol "Yeah, I saw everything."
Sara "Bloody Wolves."
Rick "What?"
Sara "Bloody Wolves sometimes use wolves as guns."
Carol "Why would they have helped me?"
Sara "I do not know."
Merle "Why did you leave?"
Carol did not say anything.
Merle "Why did you leave, I asked."
Carol "It's complicated."
Merle "What the hell, Carol?"
Mia "Merle, stop!"
Merle looked at Mia.
Mia "Carol, tells us when she is ready to tell it."
Then Mia looked at Carol.
My "Right, Carol?"
Carol just nodded.
Mia "I am happy when you came back."
Carol "I could not leave you, you are my family."
Then Ariel and Judith came to the living room and they saw Carol.
Ariel "Carol, you came back!"
Ariel ran to hug Carol.
Carol "Oh my shoulder!"
Ariel "Oh, I'm sorry."
Carol "It's nothing."
Judith "Somebody shot you?"
Carol "Yeah."
Judith "That was awful."
Carol "Yeah, that was, I thought I was dying."
Ariel "But it did not happen."
Carol "It could have happened if the wolf had not saved me."
Ariel's eyes were rounded.
Ariel "Did you say the wolf saved you?"
Carol "Yeah."
Ariel "That was strange."
Carol "Yeah, that was it."
Rick "Rachel, clean up Carol's wound."
Rachel nodded, then she went to get a first aid kit.
Rick "Who tried to kill you?"
Carol "Logan and Daisy, but they're already dead."
Gabriel "How?"
Carol "Well, the wolf killed them."
Then Rachel came back.
Rachel "Okay then."
Rachel went to Carol.
Rachel "That does not look so bad."
Then Rachel started cleaning the wound.
Rachel "Who ever shot you can not use the weapons properly."
Jesus "What do you mean?"
Rachel "Well, this is just a scratch."
Jesus "Yeah, but it's a deep scratch."
Rachel "Yeah, but it could be worse."
Then Rachel got the scratch cleaned, then she put the bandage around Carol's shoulder.
Rachel "Done."
Carol "Thank you, Rachel."
Rachel "It was nothing."
Rick "Now we have to find out where the wolf came from and why it helped Carol."
Sara "I'll start now."
Rick "Thank you."
Sara ran upstairs and she ran to her room.
Abraham "You came back, huh?"
Carol "Yeah, I did."
Abraham "Nice when you came back."
Carol just nodded.
Ariel "Hello, dad?"
Abraham, "Yeah, goldfish?"
Ariel "Can I and Rosita go fishing?"
Abraham "Of course."
Then Abraham looked at Rosie, who was surprised.
Rosita "Of course we can go, dear daughter."
Then Ariel and Abraham stared at her.
Abraham "Did you say your daughter?"
Rosita "I could say."
Ariel "Let's go then, Dad, will you come too?"
Abraham, "I could."
Then Abraham, Rosita and Ariel left.

to be continued.....



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