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Chapter 13

In the meantime, Woodbury.
Governor "Where the hell are they?"
Tara "Who?"
Governor "Logan and Daisy, they should have come back now."
Benjamin "Maybe they're lost."
Governor "You, Holly and Mason are going to find them now."
Mason "What the fuck? I've not eaten yet!"
Governor "You eat later then!"
Mason "But ....."
Governor "No shit!"
Mason! All right, boss. We go."
Then Holly, Mason and Benjamin went to look for Logan and Daisy, and Tara and Governor stayed in Woodbury if Logan and Daisy would return to the others.
Tara "Where's Carol?"
Governor "She fled."
Tara "Okay."
In the meantime in the woods.
Mason "What if we do not find them?"
Benjamin "We find them."
Mason "What if they're dead?"
Holly "Hardly."
Then Benjamin saw Daisy, who lay on the ground.
Benjamin "Look, it's Daisy!"
Mason "Why in hell is she lying on the ground?"
Holly "Maybe she fell asleep."
But they do not know that Daisy was dead.
Mason "Well, let's get him awake."
They walked to Daisy or at least they thought so.
Mason "Hello, daisy wakes up!"
But Daisy did not react.
Benjamin "Daisy, really wake up now! The governor is waiting for you!"
But nothing happened.
Holly "I'll turn her around."
Holly turns Daisy around.
Holly "Holy Jesus!"
Then Mason vomit.
Benjamin, "Dude, that was disgusting!"
Mason "Sorry."
Holly "Jesus, the fucking Christ, she is dead."
Benjamin "But who killed him?"
Holly "Not at all human."
Mason "How is that?"
Holly "It's a trace that's an animal."
Benjamin "Yeah, but what animal?"
Holly "If I guess, then it's a wolf."
Mason "Why would the wolf kill him?"
Holly "Maybe that wolf protected something."
Benjamin "Maybe."
Mason "Now we have to find Logan. Hope he is not dead."
Benjamin "Or maybe he is."
Holly "How is that?"
Benjamin "Look at that there are bloodstains."
Mason "I do not want to see another body."
Holly "Let's go."
They followed the bloodlines that led to the river.
Mason "No Hell!"
Benjamin, Holly and Mason stared at Logan's body that had been torn to pieces.
Holly "God of the Holy Trumpet!"
Benjamin "What?"
Holly "I had to say Holy fucking god."
Mason "He's dead."
Holly "Maybe the same wolf has killed him too."
Benjamin "But why?"
Holly "Wait ..... maybe Logan and Daisy found Carol, and they tried to kill Carol and then the wolf saved Carol."
Mason "Why the wolf would save Carol?"
Holly "I do not know, animals are sometimes strange."
Benjamin "So we'll go back to Woodbury and tell them they're dead, huh?"
Holly "That's the only thing we can do."
Mason "But Governor wants testimony."
Holly "Well, then we drag those bodies to Woodbury."
Mason "Not in hell!"
Benjamin "Do you have any other option?"
Mason "No, no."
Benjamin "Well, then we're dragging those bodies of hell to Woodbury!"
Holly "You can do it."
Mason "Why do we?"
Holly "I do not want to mess my hands in the blood."
Mason "I do not either."
Benjamin "Mason, you do as Holly says!"
Mason "Okay, but I do not take Logan's body."
Benjamin "You do not have to, I'll take it."
Holly "You then take Daisy."
Mason "All right."
Then they started pulling the corpses toward Woodbury.
Holly "We'll be in Woodbury soon."
Mason "Hope, because this body weighs like sin."
Holly "Shut up, Mason."
Benjamin "Logan weighs more than Daisy."
Mason "Yeah, but she's in pieces unlike Daisy."
Then they had finally arrived in Woodbury.
Tara "They came ... and they have ..... Daisy and Logan's bodies?"
Governor "What did you say?"
Tara "They have Logan and Daisy's bodies."
Governor "What the hell?"
Then Benjamin and Mason threw the bodies to the ground.
Benjamin "We found them."
The governor stared at the corpses.
Governor "Who the hell is killing them?"
Holly "Well, not at least Carol."
Tara "It looks like the wolf has killed them."
Governor "I should have guessed this."
Mason "Huh?"
Governor "The Bloody Wolves threatened me last time and they told me that one day some of you will die."
Holly "Well, it looks like they were in hell seriously."
Governor "This means war."
Tara "Did you find Carol?"
Holly "No, we did not find her."
Tara "So the wolf saved Carol, huh?"
Holly "Probably."
Governor "Why in hell?"
Holly "I do not know."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Daryl "Are you okay?"
Carol "Yeah, I am. Do not worry about me."
Daryl was silent for a moment.
Daryl "Oh, I read that letter."
Carol did not say anything.
Daryl "I'm sorry when I did not notice how much you loved me."
Carol "Maybe, I'm good at hiding my feelings."
Daryl "Yeah, just like me."
Carol just smiled.
Daryl "I wanted to see that."
Carol "What?"
Daryl "Your smile, It helps me stay normal, I think."
Carol "What do you mean?"
Daryl "Well, without you I would lose my mind."
Carol "Well, then I'll do something right."
Daryl just smiled crookedly.
Carol "The wolf saved me."
Daryl "I heard it."
Carol "Do you know where the half of the weapons are?"
Daryl "Yeah."
Carol "Where are they?"
Daryl "They are in the community called Bloody Wolves."
Carol "Okay."
Daryl "Sara is trying to find out their whereabouts."
Carol "It looks like Sara is a genius."
Daryl "Yeah, probably she is."
That's when Sara came to the living room.
Sara "I found ...."
In Sara, Sara noticed Carol.
Sara "Carol, fun to see you again."
Carol just nodded.
Daryl "What were you saying?"
Sara "I was saying that I found their place."
Daryl "Really?"
Sara "Yep."
Daryl "Where is it?"
Sara "30 miles from here to the south."
Daryl "We will go there."
Sara "Yeah."
Carol "I'll come with you."
Daryl "No, you do not come, you have to rest."
Carol "I'm fine."
Daryl "You will not come."
Carol "No, I'm really okay."
Daryl "Carol, you're hurt."
Carol "I'm not dying."
Daryl "If something happens to you .... I could not live with it."
Carol "Daryl, I'm okay."
Then Rick came to the living room.
Rick "What now?"
Sara "I found the Bloody Wolves a place of community."
Rick "Really?"
Sara "Yeah, that's 30 miles south."
Rick "We'll go there."
Sara "Carol, I want to come."
Rick looked at Carol.
Rick "No, you will not come, you will stay here to rest."
Carol "I'm fine, Rick."
Rick "I do not take the risk that something will happen to you again."
Carol "Nothing happens."
Rick "You're not coming in."
Carol "I'm coming!"
Rick "No!"
Carol "I'm coming! And you can not stop me!"
Rick sighed.
Carol "Rick, I know where the wolf went."
Rick looked at Carol.
Carol "I can take you there."
Rick "You do not give up, do you?"
Carol "I did not think."
Rick "Hell, woman you're stubborn."
Carol "I've always been."
Daryl "Well, that was true."
Carol stood up.
Carol "Let's go then."
Rick "Not yet."
Carol "Why not?"
Rick "We're going at night."
Daryl "Why at night?"
Rick "The wolves move at night."
Sara "That's true."

to be continued.....



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