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Chapter 14

In the meantime elsewhere.
Cathleen "One of our wolves saved the woman."
Ciara "What?"
Cathleen "One wolf saved a woman."
Darcy "Should not he have killed him?"
Fiona "Maybe that woman was not on the Governor's side."
Mona "It may be possible."
Nora "If that woman was not on the Governor's side, then who is she then?"
Evelyn "She was Survivor."
Riley "What?"
Evelyn "I know a community is called the Survivors."
Raven "How is that?"
Evelyn "I've been watching them."
Raven "And you have not told us?"
Evelyn "I had it, but I forgot it."
Ciara "Are they good or bad?"
Evelyn "Mostly Good."
Darcy "How do you know that?"
Evelyn "They hate the Governor, as much as we do."
Nora "Finally somebody who hates the Governor too."
Just then they saw when the car drove towards their camp.
Ciara "What the hell?"
Raven "Prepare."
They raised the arms for security, because they did not know who was in the car.
Raven "We will shoot them if there is a need."
Then the car door opened and Rick came out of the car.
Rick "Good evening."
Raven "Put your gun down."
Everyone did as Raven said.
Rick "I'm Rick, Rick Grimes, I lead a community called Survivors and I want to thank you for the fact that you saved Carol life."
Cathleen "Is Carol okay?"
Rick "Yeah and she's with me."
Then Rick turned to the car and nodded, then Daryl and Carol stepped out of the car.
Cathleen "Good that you're okay."
Carol "Thank you."
Raven "It's nothing."
Rick "Why did your wolf save Carol?"
Raven "Because he knew that Carol was not an enemy."
Daryl "What?"
Raven "We have taught them who is the enemy and who is not."
Rick "Logan and Daisy were enemies, huh?"
Raven "Yes, and so are the Governor and the rest of the people."
Rick "You have half of our weapons."
Fiona "Yeah, so be it."
Rick "We need them."
Ciara "We need them too."
Rick "I have a suggestion."
Raven "And what is it?"
Rick "I do not tell it before I met your leader."
Raven "You're talking to her right now."
Rick "Are you the leader?"
Raven "Yep."
Rick "I thought we could combine your power and kill the Governor."
Everyone looked at Raven.
Raven "I'm thinking about it."
Rick "Do not think, but act."
Raven was quiet for a moment.
Raven "All right."
Rick "We have a deal?"
Raven "Yes."
Then Rick and Raven shook hands.
Rick "You can come to our community."
Mona "Why should we?"
Daryl "Well, the Governor will officially be here first."
Riley "How is that?"
Daryl "Well, your wolf killed Logan and Daisy."
Nora "That was true."
Carol "Come with us."
Evelyn looked at Raven.
Raven: "All right, we will, but we will stay there until such time as we have killed the Governor and others."
Rick "Okay."
Then Raven looked at the others.
Raven "Take everything you need and take the wolves."
Daryl "Wait .... you take the wolves?"
Raven "Yep."
Carol "Oh, why?"
Raven "They are our weapons."
Rick "You can take the wolves, as long as they do not kill my people."
Raven "They do not kill, I'll take care of it."
Daryl "But, we have a couple of people who are on the Governor's side."
Raven "Well, they can be in danger of dying."
Rick "I do not care if they die."
Raven "Okay."
Then they were ready to leave.

To be continued.....



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