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Chapter 15

Raven "I hope your camp does not have people who are on the Governor's side."
Daryl "Well, actually we have a couple."
Raven "Well, that's a bad thing."
Carol "How is that?"
Raven "Well, our wolves can kill them."
Rick "As I said earlier, I do not care if they kill them."
Carol "You can not say that, Rick, they are on our side now."
Rick "Who said they were on our side?"
Carol "Well, they've been in our camp for about a couple of days."
Rick "Yeah, but it does not make them our people."
Daryl "So you let them die, huh?"
Rick "It's not my decision."
Carol "Who is it then?"
Rick "It's a wolf's decision."
Darcy "Well, I can say that our wolves do not think twice of killing the enemy."
Rick "Well, then they will kill them if they kill them."
Evelyn "They'll kill them."
Carol "This was a bad idea."
Rick "It was not."
Then they had come back to camp and others saw when the Bloody Wolves community was with them and they also had wolves involved.
Merle "What the fuck do they bring the wolves here?"
Mia "Yeah, it looks like that."
Abraham "Why the fuckin '?
Rosita "I do not know."
Then they walked inside the camp.
Rachel "Rick, what is this?"
Rick "They're the Bloody Wolves community and they're going to stay here until the Governor and his other people are dead."
Rachel "Why do they have wolves involved?"
Rick "They use them as a weapon."
Rachel "But those wolves can kill us."
Cathleen, "Madam, our wolves are just killing enemies, so you're safe."
Then the wolves found Emma, Eve and Eva. And they started barking.
Emma "What the heck happened to them?"
Fiona "Well, they know that you are enemies."
Eve "So we are not safe, huh?"
Mona, "Yep."
Eva "I do not want to die!"
Riley "The wolves do not care about it."
Emma "Rick, you can not let them kill us! I saved Judith!"
Rick "I can not stop it."
Emma "Rick, you must! We are not enemies!"
Rick "Wolves thinks you are."
Emma "If we were enemies, we'd already kill someone from your people."
Rick "As I said, I will not decide if the wolves are killing you."
That's exactly when Eve did something nobody was prepared for. She took knife out and she pulled Carol to close to her.
Carol "What are you doing?"
Eve "You are my hostage now,"
Rick "Eve, stop. You do not want to do this."
Eve "If those wolves do not leave, then this is the last time you see Carol alive!"
Daryl "If you do something Carol, then I'll kill you!"
Eve did not say anything.
Nora "Stop!"
Eve "Why should I?"
Nora "That's why you'll die soon."
Eve "What?"
Right then, one of the wolves jumped over to Eve and he bite Eve to his wrist and the knife dropped to the ground.
Eve "Fuck."
The wolf did not release his grip.
Eve "Please help me!"
Nobody did anything, so the wolf killed Eve.
Eva "Oh God! Is she ... is she ... dead?"
Carol nodded.
Emma "Shit."
Ciara "And you are the next victim."
Emma "Wait .... wait .... we are not like Eve .... Eve was stupid ..... and stupidity killed her .... we are different ..... we do not want to kill anyone ... "
Eva "Emma, stop, they will not listen to you."
Emma "Be nice and do not kill us!"
Then Daryl picked up the crossbow and he was aiming for Emma.
Emma "Daryl, do not do this! You know that I am a good person!"
Daryl did not listen, he just pressed the trigger, and arrow pierced Emma's heart.
Daryl "Asshole."
Eva "Do not kill me I pray to you!"
Rick "Kill her."
Then the wolf jumped into Eve's and the wolf tore her into pieces. Everyone stared at Rick.
Ariel "This is like some slaughterhouse!"
Everyone turned to see Ariel.
Ariel "Rick, you can not kill people anymore!"
Nobody said anything.
Ariel "I know killing is easy! But it's also wrong!"
Nobody said anything to him.
Ariel "I can not stand this anymore!"
Then Ariel ran away.
Abraham "Ariel, wait!"
But Ariel had already disappeared.
Gabriel "I am sure that she ran to the church."
Rosita "How is that?"
Gabriel "Well, she has spent a lot of time there."
Abraham "Why?"
Gabriel "Your daughter feels outcast here, did not you know that?"
Abraham "She has not told me anything."
Gabriel "Well, I do not know why she did not say it to you."
Abraham "Why did she tell you about it?"
Gabriel "Maybe your daughter trusts me more."
Then Gabriel walked to the church.
Abraham "I'm a bad father!"
Rosita "You are not."
Abraham "I should have noticed that Ariel was not in good shape."
Rosita "You could not have helped her."
Abraham "I could have known if I had known."
In the meantime in the church.
Gabriel "I knew you were here."
Ariel "How?"
Gabriel "Because you've been here many times."
Ariel did not say anything.
Gabriel "Do you want to talk about it?"
Ariel "What?"
Gabriel "If you have something to say, you can say it."
Ariel sighed.
Gabriel "You know I'm listening, right?"
Ariel nodded.
Gabriel "So tell what your weight is about."
Ariel "Be friendly to everyone, but open only to a few, since you never know who stabs you in the back."
Gabriel "Yeah, that's right."
Ariel "I think my dad has been stabbing me in the back."
Gabriel "How is that?"
Ariel "I do not know, I just have such a feeling."
In the meantime, Woodbury.
Governor "We're going to the Bloody Wolves community camp and we'll kill them!"
Tara "All of them?"
Governor "Yes, Tara."
But they did not know that the camp was empty.
Mason "Do we go now?"
Holly "Of course, you're stupid."
Then they headed for the Bloody Wolves community camp.
Governor "We will not leave anyone alive! Not even wolves!"
Then they had arrived at the Bloody Wolves community camp.
Benjamin "It's quiet here."
Holly "Maybe they're sleeping."
Governor "Check the whole place!"
They began to check the entire camp, but they did not find a trace of anyone, not even a wolf.
Mason "Boss, they're not here anymore."
Governor "Where are the fuck they are?"
Holly "Maybe they're gone elsewhere."
Benjamin "Or if Rick has come here, he would have made some kind of deal with them."
Governor "That could be one option."
Holly "Let's go to Rick's camp and go there."
Governor "Yep."
Then they started driving towards the Survivors' Camp.

to be continued.........



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