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Chapter 16

Governor "They die!"
Tara "But what if they have joined forces?"
Governor "It's no hell to stop us."
Tara "But they are officially more than us!"
Governor "Whose side are you Tara?"
Tara did not answer anything.
Governor "So I thought."
In the meantime in the camp.
Daryl "Hey, Carol."
Carol was preparing for the war so she did not first notice Daryl.
Daryl "Is anyone home?"
Then Carol winced and turned to look at Daryl.
Daryl "Hello, my lady."
Carol "Jesus, Daryl, you scared me!"
Daryl "Sorry, I was not meant to."
Carol "What do you want?"
Daryl "I thought you would have needed some help or something."
Carol "No, thanks, I will soon be ready."
Daryl "The Governor and his remaining people do not know what to expect them here."
Carol "Yeah."
Then Jesus came to Carol to pick up weapons.
Jesus, "Hey, Carol."
Carol "Hey, Jesus."
Jesus, "I need a weapon,"
Carol "Any matter what?"
Jesus "Not really."
Then Carol handed Jesus a shotgun.
Carol "This is the fastest weapon ever."
Jesus "Thank you, Carol."
Carol "Nothing."
Then Jesus disappeared.
Daryl "So your job is to share weapons with others, huh?"
Carol "As you can say."
Daryl "Well, I do not need a gun, I have a crossbow."
Carol "Yeah, but you need arrows."
Daryl "Do you have them?"
Carol "Yeah and Eugene have made you special arrows."
Daryl "Special arrows, what the hell are those?"
Carol "Well, I do not know, Eugene did not tell, he just said that these are special arrows, give them Daryl."
Daryl "Okay."
Then Carol gave the arrows Daryl.
Daryl "These are cool. Where's Eugene?"
Carol "He's just going through the map with Jenny."
Daryl "I'm looking for them."
Carol "Okay and I continue to share arms."
Daryl nodded, then he went looking for Jenny and Eugene.
Rosita "Hello, Carol!"
Carol "Hello, Rosita. What weapon do you want?"
Rosita "I'll take a rifle, thank you."
Carol handed the rifle Rosita.
Rosita "Have you seen Ariel?"
Carol "She went to church."
Rosita "I'll go there."
Carol "Okei."
Then Rosita went to walk to the church.
Ariel "Gabriel, I'm leaving."
Gabriel "Wait, what?"
Ariel "I said I'm leaving."
Gabriel "You can not leave."
Ariel "I'll leave and I will never come back here."
Gabriel "Ariel, you can not leave."
Ariel "I'm sorry, but I have to."
Gabriel "Why?"
Ariel "This place no longer feels like home."
Gabriel "Where are you going to go?"
Ariel "Do not worry about it."
Gabriel "You have to use the back door."
Ariel "Why?"
Gabriel "Because Rosita is coming here."
Ariel noticed Rosita walked toward the church.
Ariel "Gabriel, thank you for everything."
Then Ariel hugged Gabriel.
Gabriel "Take care of yourself."
Ariel "Always."
Then Ariel ran to the back door and she opened it, then she went running towards the woods and Gabriel went to shut the door.
Gabriel "Be normal."
Then Rosita walked into the church.
Gabriel "Rosita, how can I help you?"
Rosita "I'm looking for Ariel."
Gabriel "She is not here."
Rosita "Carol said she was here."
Gabriel "Well, maybe she has been, but she is not anymore."
Rosita "Have you seen her?"
Gabriel "I have not seen her since the episod that happened at the gate."
Rosita "Strange."
Gabriel "Yeah."
Rosita "Are you prepared for war?"
Gabriel "Do you know, I think the Bloody Wolves community can kill the Governor and others."
Rosita "I tried to say it to Rick, but he did not listen."
Gabriel "Rick will never listen to anyone."
Rosita "Yeah, that's true."
Then they heard how the car drove into their camp.
Rosita "What the fuck?"
Then Rosita and Gabriel ran to see what was going on.
Governor "Hey, everybody!"
Rick "Governor."
Governor "Rick."
Rick "What the hell are you doing here?"
Governor "I came to get Emma, Eva and Eve home."
Nobody said anything.
Governor "Well, where are they?"
Then Raven opened her mouth.
Raven "They're not here anymore."
Governor "What do you mean?"
Raven "They're gone."
Mason "They're gone forever?"
Riley "No shit."
Holly "So they're dead, huh?"
Darcy "Yeah, our wolves killed them."
Benjamin "Wolves?"
Governor "Are you the Bloody Wolves community?"
Evelyn "Is not that obvious?"
Tara "Why are you here?"
Nora "We joined forces with Rick."
The governor did not say anything.
Tara "I said that they are more than us!"
Governor "Shut up, Tara."
Then Rick winked at Cathleen and Cathleen nodded, then she looked at Ciara.
Cathleen "Let the wolves free!"
Ciara did as Cathleen said.
Mason "Oh my God! Run!"
Mason, Holly and Benjamin ran to the car, but the wolves were the fastest.
Holly "No! Help us! Help!"
But Governor did nothing he just watched the wolves rip Benjamin, Holly and Mason into pieces.
Tara "You did not help them."
Governor "Do not shit, Tara."
Rick "You can still go and stay alive."
Governor "I'm not leaving anywhere."
Rick "Well, then you die."
Governor "I will not die."
But Governor was wrong. The wolf hit his tail from behind.
Governor "No! No, I do not want to die like this!"
But it was too late a wolf killed the Governor and Tara stood motionless.
Sara "Why is Tara still alive?"
Fiona "Because the wolves did not kill her."
Rick "Why?"
Mona "Because they did not like Tara as an enemy."
Rick walked to Tara.
Tara "No, do not kill me."
Rick "I'm not killing you."
Tara "What?"
Rick "I saw you hated the Governor."
Tara "Yeah, maybe I hated her."
Rick "You wanted to take revenge on him, am I right?"
Tara did not answer anything.
Rick "Am I right?"
Tara still did not answer, she just turned his gaze away.
Rick "Look at me, am I right?"
Tara turned his gaze back to Rick and she nodded. And Rick noticed the tears on Tara's cheek.
Rick "Hey, do not cry, everything is fine, you're safe now."
Then Rick hugged Tara.
Tara "I'm sorry."
Rick "Do not."
Tara "I should have prevented him from doing this."
Rick "Tara, do not blame yourself."
Tara "I just ... he was .... monster ..... he never listened to anyone ..... and if someone did not do as he wanted .... he ..... he. ...... he .... I can not say it. "
Eugenie "You can."
Tara "No, I can not."
MIA "Did he do something bad?"
Tara nodded.
Gabriella "Like what?"
Tara "He .... he ... he raped everyone who did not obey her."
Jesus "The Governor also raped men?"
Tara "No, no, only women."
Gabrielle "But what happened to all the men who did not obey him?"
Tara "He killed them, I saw it."
Rachel "The Governor also raped you?"
Tara nodded.
Eugene "I'm sorry,"
Tara looked at Eugene.
Tara "Thank you."
Eugene "Well, we could spend time together."
Tara "Sorry, I like women."
Eugene "So do I."
Jesus "Oh, Eugene Tara meant she was a lesbian."
Eugene "Oh, what a pity."
Mia "Wait, if you are a lesbian, how the Governor could have raped you?"
Tara "He did not care about it."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Ariel "I can not live anymore like this."
Then Ariel picked up the gun.
Ariel "I do not feel myself outcast anymore if I kill myself."
Ariel stared at the lake.
Ariel "No one can find me here."
Then Ariel wrote a farewell message and he put it under the rock.
Ariel "I hope someone finds me and my message."
Then Ariel put the gun barrel on his forehead.
Ariel "Goodbye cruel world. Goodbye, Dad, I loved you, but you do not love me anymore, because Rosita took your heart, I hope you're happy now when I'm gone."
Then Ariel sighed.
Ariel "Goodbye everyone."
Then she pressed the trigger and the bullet pierced his forehead and she fell dead in the lake.

to be continued......



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