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Chapter 17 (last chapter)

Mia "I'll go find Ariel."
Abraham just nodded.
Rick "Do you need help? I can come with you if you want."
Mia "No thanks."
Merle "You will not go alone! You can die!"
Mia "I was alone when you found me and I was not dead then, so I will not die now either."
Merle "But ..."
Mia "Merle, I know how to fight and survive."
Merle did not say anything.
Mia "I'll go now."
Carol "We're waiting for you."
Rosita "And if you find Ariel, bring him back."
Mia "I promise."
Then Mia walked out of the inn.
Abraham "I hope Ariel is alive."
Rosita "She is."
Abraham "Let's hope so."
Rachel "I believe Ariel is alive somewhere over there."
Raven "Rick, we're leaving."
Rick "What?"
Raven "Do you remember our contract? We will stay here just because the Governor is dead and now that he is dead, we will return to our camp."
Rick "Okay, and thank you."
Raven "Maybe we'll meet again, Rick Grimes."
Rick nodded, then the Bloody Wolves community went back to their camp.
Sara "How did not one of us notice that Ariel disappeared?"
Jesus "Maybe she disappeared when we fought against the Governor."
Jenny "It may be possible."
In the meantime in the woods.
Mia "Ariel!"
No reply.
Mia "Ariel, I know you're here!"
There is still no answer.
Mia "Ariel!"
In the meantime, back to the inn.
Judith "Father, are you sure Mia finds Ariel?"
Rick "I want to believe so."
Carl "But you do not believe."
Rick "Carl!"
Carl "You know if Mia could find Ariel, then it might be too late."
Rick "Carl, stop!"
Carl "Remember when you said that we find Sophia alive ....."
Rick "Carl, stop."
Carol "No, that's okay, let him say it."
Daryl looked at Carol.
Daryl "Are you sure you want to hear it?"
Carol nodded.
Daryl "Okay, continue."
Carl "Well, you found Sophia, but she was already a walker and you had to ...."
Then Carol got up from the couch and walked out of the living room.
Daryl "Carol, wait!"
Then Daryl ran after Carol.
Eugene "Just say it."
Carl "Rick had to kill Sophia."
Eugenie "What, and who was Sophia?"
Merle "Sophia was Carol's daughter."
Eugenie "It explains why Carol went away."
Rachel "Losing your own kid is never easy."
Rick did not say anything.
Rachel "Rick, you can never understand it, because you have not lost your own children yet."
In the meantime, back in the woods.
Mia "Ariel, stop this game!"
Then Mia noticed the footprints that led to the lake.
Mia "Maybe Ariel is over there."
Then Mia went to follow the footsteps.
Mia "Hope she's alive."
At last Mia had come closer to the lake, then she noticed Ariel who lay in the country, of course she thought Ariel had fallen asleep.
Mia "There you are!"
Mia went to walk towards Ariel.
Mia "I've been looking all over for you and the others are worried about you."
But Ariel did not answer.
Mia "We thought that you were gone like an ash to the wind."
But there is still no answer.
Mia "Ariel, why do not you answer me?"
At last Mia had reached Ariel.
Mia "Your face becomes dirty when you sleep like that."
Ariel did not move.
Mia "Ariel, do not bother playing dead."
But nothing happened.
Mia "Well, I guess I have to turn you around and help you up."
Then Mia turned Ariel, but in horror she noticed that someone had shot the bullet Ariel's forehead.
Mia "Oh, God!"
Mia took a step back and she fell to the ground.
Mia "What happened to you, who did this to you?"
Mia sat for a moment in the country, then she noticed the gun that was in Ariel's hand.
Mia "No, it can not be true."
Then the reality hit Mia, Ariel had killed himself.
Mia "Okay, this is not true. Somebody shot him and put that gun in his hand that it would appear that Ariel had shot himself."
Mia got up.
Mia "Somebody shot her."
But then Mia noticed the paper under the rock.
Mia "Okay, what is that?"
Mia lifted the stone off the top of the paper.
Mia "It's a kind of message. Okay, I'll read it."
Mia started reading.
Mia "I killed myself while trying to make everyone happy."
Then Mia noticed another message and read it too.
Mia "The demons are back and stronger than ever. They are looking for a fight, looking to win and this time, i might just let them."
Mia looked at Ariel's body.
Mia "If we had known we could have helped you, but it is too late now."
Mia sighed.
MIA "How do you think I can tell this to your dad?"
Mia sighed again.
Mia "I can not just say," Hi Abraham, I found your daughter, but she killed himself. "It's not okay."
Mia picked up the gun from the ground and put it in the case that hanged on her belt.
Mia "I guess, I just have to go to the camp and tell them what I found."
Then Mia put the papers in her pocket and she went back to the camp.
Mia "This will be difficult."
Meanwhile, Daryl had found Carol sitting in the garden.
Daryl "Hey, you okay?"
Carol "Yeah, sort of."
Daryl "Can I sit?"
Carol "Yeah."
Daryl sat next to Carol.
Daryl "What Carl said was not okay."
Carol "I asked her to continue."
Daryl "You would not have needed it."
Carol "I know, but I did it anyway."
Daryl "Why?"
Carol "Because I wanted everyone to know that Rick was a murderer."
Daryl "Rick was not a murderer, you know he was forced to do it."
Carol did not say anything.
Daryl "It was not easy for Rick, he would not have wanted to do it, but Shane pressured her."
Carol "Shane did not kill Sophia, it was Rick."
Daryl "Shane would've killed."
Carol just sighed.
Daryl "Shane tried to kill me."
Carol looked at Daryl.
Carol "What?"
Daryl "We had a quarrel. I would have wanted to go look for Sophia, but Shane did not let me go, then he tried to kill me."
Carol "Why did not you say anything then?" Rick could have banish Shane at that time."
Daryl "It just would have made things even worse and Shane was Rick's best friend."
Carol "If Shane had been Rick's best friend, he would not have sex with Lori."
Daryl "Lori thought Rick was dead, as Shane did."
Carol "Oh, yes."
Daryl "Do you think Shane was the father of Judith?"
Carol "Does it matter any more?"
Daryl "I think, maybe not."
Carol "You know, I'm not ashamed that I killed Ed. He deserved it."
In the meantime, Mia had come back and went inside the inn. But she did not go to the living room.
Jenny "Mia, you came back!"
But Mia did not answer anything, she just went upstairs.
Jesus "That was a strange thing."
Merle "I'll go upstairs to see what's wrong."
Rick "Okay."
Merle went upstairs and he heard when Mia was in the bathroom.
Merle "Mia, is everything all right?"
Mia "Yeah, I'm just going in the shower, so I'll come back then!"
Merle "Okay!"
Then Mia went under the shower.
Mia "It was a dream, Ariel is not dead, it was some other girl, it must be."
But the truth was another body was Ariel's body.
Mia "Okay, calm down."
Mia closed the shower and then she went to the mirror.
Mia "It was not Ariel."
But Mia did not get the picture out of her mind.
Mia "Okay ... maybe it was Ariel."
Mia just stared at the mirror.
Mia "I must tell it."
Then Mia put on clean clothes on her and she opened the bathroom door and she saw Merle standing behind the door.
Mia "Long enough you've been in it?"
Merle "All the time you were in the shower."
MIA "Why?"
Merle "I was worried about you."
Mia "I'm fine."
Merle "I heard you talk to yourself."
Mia did not say anything.
Merle "Did you find Ariel?"
Mia "Yeah, or indeed I found his body."
Merle "What?"
Mia "Ariel had shot himself, it was a suicide."
Merle "How can you tell that, Abraham?"
Mia "I will not tell."
Merle "You have to, you promised."
Mia "I can not just go to say" Hey, Abraham, guess what? I found your daughter, but she had killed himself. "
They did not know that Gabriella heard everything.
Gabriella "I'll go tell it."
Then Gabriella disappeared.
Gabriella "Hey, do you know what?"
Jenny "What?"
Gabriella "Mia found Ariel."
Abraham "Really? Where is Arial?"
Gabriella "You do not want to hear this."
Abraham "In hell I want to hear it! Ariel is my daughter!"
Gabrielle "I'll fix it, she was your daughter."
Rosita "What do you mean?"
Gabrielle "Well, apparently, your daughter has committed suicide."
Abraham "No, no Ariel would do it."
Mia and Merle came to the living room.
Mia "Well, sad but true she had committed suicide."
Abraham "I do not intend to believe that shit."
Mia "I found the suicide messages and the gun at which Ariel had shot himself."
Then Abraham looked at Gabriel.
Abraham "This is your fault!"
Gabriel "I did not command him to kill himself!"

to be continued....



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