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Chapter 2

Ariel "Do you know what?"
Mia "What?"
Ariel "I'm nice as fuck. So if you see me being mean to someone, they earned that shit."
Mia did not say anything.
Merle "Hey, bro, is all okay?"
Daryl "Yeah, why?"
Merle "I just thought."
Daryl "Well, do not worry about me."
Merle "You and Carol are together?"
Daryl "No, we are not, we are just friends."
Merle "But you are pretty close."
Daryl "Yeah, we're close friends."
Meanwhile in the camp.
Rosita "You and Daryl are together?"
Carol "No, we are not, we are just friends."
Rosita "But you are pretty close."
Carol "Yeah, we're close friends."
Abraham "I do not know how to get Ariel to accept you."
Rosita "Do not force him, then she will hate you more."
In the meantime in the woods.
Merle "Hey, I know you, and I know you're lying."
Daryl "I'm not lying, we're just friends!"
Mia "What's the matter?"
Merle "Daryl claims rock hard that he and Carol are just friends."
Mia "Maybe they are."
Merle "But they're pretty close."
Mia "You know, friends can be close and it does not have to mean anything."
Daryl "I told you."
Then two young women came to them.
Eva "Because of you, we're lost!"
Eve "We are not lost!"
Eva "We are!"
Eve "We are not!"
Eva "We are!"
Eve "Shut up!"
Merle looked at Daryl and Daryl just shrugged his shoulders.
Mia "Should we help them?"
Merle "We do not even know them."
Mia "It does not matter."
Merle "They can kill us, so it does matter."
Mia "I do not think they would kill us."
Then Eve noticed them.
Eve "Look, sister they can help us!"
Eva "We do not know them."
Eve "It does not matter."
Eva "They can kill us, so it does matter."
Eve "I do not think they're killing us."
Eva "You're stubborn."
Eve "Well, I'm going to talk to them."
Eva "Go then, but do not blame me if something happens."
Eve "Nothing happens."
Then Eve walked toward Daryl, and Daryl lifted the crossbow up.
Mia "Daryl, not now."
Daryl "But we do not know what she does to us."
Mia "Daryl, put that damn crossbow down now!"
Daryl looked at Merle.
Merle "Do as Mia says."
Daryl reluctantly lowered the crossbow.
Eve "Hey, I'm Eve, and that's my sister Eva, and i think we are lost, so can you help us?"
Daryl "We ain't helping strangers."
Ariel "Daryl, you can not say that."
Daryl "I ain't gonna help them."
Ariel "Why not?"
Daryl "I ain't know them."
Ariel "Well, we can not leave them here, otherwise they could die."
Daryl "That ain't my problem."
Ariel "But ...."
Daryl "I ain't helping them!"
Merle "I think we should help them."
Mia, "I agree."
Daryl sighed.
Daryl "Okay, then."
Eve "So you help us?"
Daryl "Yeah, I think so."
Mia "We have a camp nearby here, you can come in there."
Eve called Eva.
Eve "Come on!"
Eva walked over to them.
Eva, "I'm Eva."
Mia "I am, Mia, and here are Ariel, Merle and Daryl."
Eva just nodded and they nodded back.
Mia "Let's go then, follow us."
Eva and Eve went to follow them.
Merle "Where are you from?"
Eva "We are from the north."
Daryl "Do you have a community?"
Eve "No."
Mia "So you are alone, huh?"
Eva "Yep."
Ariel "How did you manage to survive so long?"
Eve "Well, we've never lost hope."
Then they were back in the camp.
Jesus "They came back!"
Jenny "But they're not alone!"
They walked to Jenny and Jesus.
Jenny "Who the hell are they?"
Mia "They are Eva and Eve."
Jenny "Why in hell did you bring them here?"
Merle "Well, we could not officially let them die."
Jesus "You know what Rick says about this."
Right then Rick came to them.
Rick "What the hell is this?"
Eva "Hi, I'm Eva."
Eve "And I'm Eve."
Rick "I do not care who the hell are you! I just want to know what the hell you are doing here!"
Eve "Well, ask your friend."
Rick looked at Merle, Daryl, Mia, and Ariel.
Mia "We could not leave them to death."
Daryl "I told them it would be a bad idea, but they would not listen to me."
Ariel "I'm going inside now."
Ariel walked to the inn.
Rick "Are you alone?"
Eva "Yep."
Rick "Do you have a community?"
Eve "No, we do not."
Rick "How many walkers have you killed?"
Eva "Is this some fucking job interview, huh?"
Rick "Just answer my damned question!"
Eva "We have killed many."
Rick "How many people have you killed?"
Eve "Are you fucking serious now?"
Rick "Yes, answer me."
Eve "We have not killed any people."
Rick "Why?"
Eve "Why should we?
Rick "This will be more difficult than I thought."
In the meantime inside the inn.
Ariel "Hello, Dad I came back!"
Abraham "Where have you been?"
Ariel "I was in the woods Daryl, Merle, and with Mia. Did not anyone tell you?"

Abraham "No one told me anything."
Ariel "Maybe they forgot."
Abraham "Why did not you tell me?"
Ariel "Because I would have know your answer."
Abraham "And what would it have been?"
Ariel "You would have said it would be too dangerous."
Abraham rose up.
Rosita "What are you going to do?"
Abraham "I'm going to talk to my daughter."
Then Abraham started to scream.
Abraham "Do you know how worried I was? Your mother would have been very disappointed with you now!"
Ariel looked at his father angrily.
Abraham "Why do not you say anything?"
Then Arial started screaming back.
Ariel "You would not fuck still care even though I would have told you! You just spend the fuckin 'time with that whore! I hate you! I wish you would be dead!"
Then Ariel ran angrily upstairs and they heard how Ariel would slammed the door of the room shut.
Carol "That was not necessary."
Abraham "She deserved it."
Rosita "But that was a bit too much."
Abraham "She would not have believed me otherwise."
Rosita got up.
Abraham "Where are you going?"
Rosita "I'll go talk to Ariel."
Abraham "She does not speak to you."
Rosita "At least I can try, unlike you."
Then Rosita walked to the upstairs stairs.
Abraham "Am I a bad dad? Tell me straight, Carol."
Carol "No, you are not."
Abraham "Was that sarcasm?"
Carol "No, that was true."
In the meantime, Rosita had arrived at the door of the room where Ariel was. Rosita knocked on the door.
Ariel "Go away, dad!"
Rosita "It's not your dad!"
Ariel "What do you want?"
Rosita "Can we talk?"
Ariel "You're not my mom!"
Rosita "I know I'm not, but can we talk?"
Ariel did not say anything.
Rosita "Well, will you open this door?"
Ariel reluctantly got up from the bed.
Rosita "I will not go anywhere until you have opened this door and spoken to me."
Ariel opened the door reluctantly and Rosita went inside the room.
Rosita "You have a neat room."
Ariel "Thank you, I guess."
Rosita "Do you like Motley Crue?"
Ariel "Yeah, and I like Metallica .... and all other rock bands."
Rosita "I like them too."
Ariel "Wow, I think so."
Rosita "Your dad should not have done it."
Ariel "I think I deserved it."
Rosita went to sit on the bed.
Rosita "Listen, I know that I would never ever replace your mother, but we could even try to be friends, not the best friends, but friends."
Ariel "Maybe we could."
Rosita just nodded.
Ariel "Do you know what?"
Rosita "What?"
Ariel "You're not so bad what I thought."
Rosita just smiled.
Ariel "Listen, I'm sorry when I said you are a whore."
Rosita "I've heard worse."
Ariel "Really?"
Rosita "Yep."
Ariel "But I'm still sorry."
Rosita "It's nothing."
Ariel did not say anything.
Rosita "Well, I'll go now, I'll see you later."
Ariel "Okay."
Then Rosita left the room. And she went back downstairs.
Abraham "Did she consent to speak to you?"
Rosita "Yes, and we may become friends."
Abraham "It's a good thing."
Rosita "Yep."
Then Ariel walked downstairs.
Abraham "Ariel, can we talk?"
Ariel "Not now, Dad."
Abraham "But ..."
Ariel "Later, then."
Then Ariel walked out of the inn.
Abraham "Where did she go?"
Rosita "I do not know."
Ariel walked toward the church. That was when Gabriela opened the door of the Church.
Ariel "Hey, Gabriella."
Gabriella "Hey, Ariel."
Ariel "Is your brother over there?"
Gabrielle "He's always there. I sometimes feel that he lives in that church."
Ariel just laughed.
Gabriella "What brought you here?"
Ariel "I just wanted to come here."
Gabriella "I've never seen you here."
Ariel "Well, I've never been to church."
Gabrielle "Well, now is your chance."
Ariel "Yeah."
Gabrielle "Well, I'll go now."
Ariel "Okay."
Gabriel left to walk away, and Ariel went inside the church.
Ariel "Hey!"
Gabriel turned around and he saw Ariel.
Gabriel "Hey, Ariel, I've never seen you here, what brought you here?"
Ariel "I wanted to talk to you, I guess."
Gabriel "Sit down."
Ariel went to sit on the church bench.
Ariel "I've never been to church before."
Gabriel "Well, now you are."
Ariel "Yeah."
Gabriel went to sit next to Ariel.
Gabriel "You can tell me everything between earth and sky."
Ariel "Sometimes I feel myself outcast."
Gabriel "It's normal."
Ariel "How is that?"
Gabriel "Look, I myself sometimes feeling outcast, even though I'm a priest."
Ariel "Really?"
Gabriel "Yes, we priests are ordinary people too and we also make mistakes sometime."
Meanwhile, on the other hand.
Rick "You can stay here for a while."
Eva "Thank you, Rick."
Rick "And tomorrow I will decide what I will do for you."
Eve "Are you killing us?"
Rick "I did not say so."
Eve "But are you going to kill us, huh?"
Rick "Why should I?"
Eve was silent.
Rick "Go to bed."
Eve "Where do we sleep?"
Rick "in the basement."
Eva "in the basement? Was that a joke?"
Rick "No, it was not."
Eva "I'm not going to sleep in the basement!"
Rick "Take or leave."
Eve "Come on, sister, we can sleep in the basement for one night."
Eva "It's just one night."
Eva and Eve walked toward the basement. And Eugene opened the basement door.
Eugene "Oh, hey?"
Eva "Hey?"
Eugene "Who are you?"
Eva "I'm Eva."
Eve "And I'm Eve."
Eugene "Nice to meet you. I'm Eugene. But why did you come here? This is my cellar."
Eve "Rick, told us to come and sleep here."
Eugene "Well, Rick mistaken, probably."
Eva "No, he did not make a mistake."
Eugene "Well, I sleep and I live here."
Eve "We have to sleep somewhere."
Eugene "Why are not you going to sleep inside the inn?"
Eva "Rick, do not want us there."
Eugene "And I do not want you here."
Rick "Eugene, you let them in!"
Eugene "Where in the hell do I sleep then?!?!?!?"
Rick "There too!"
Eugene "I'm not going to sleep with them! They can do me something!"
Rick "They're women!"
Eugene "What then!"
Rick "They will not do you anything!"
Eugene "But ....!"
Rick "No shit!"
Eugene looked at Eve and Eve.
Eugene "All right, come inside."
Eve and Eve went inside the basement. And Eugene still looked at Rick.
Rick "You're lucky!"
Eugene "Shut Up!"
Then Eugene raised the middle finger up and Rick and the others just laughed.
Eugenie "Oh come on, bro!"
Eugene just shook her head, then he went inside the cellar and shut the door.
Eugene "Be like your home."
Eve and Eve looked around.
Eve "You call this place as a home?"
Eugene "Yep."
Eva "This looks like a fucking bunker."
Eugene "I think you can call it a bunker, too."
Eve "What are you doing here?"
Eugene "Science tests, mostly."
Eva "Are you some fucking scholar or something?"
Eugene "No, I'm a scientist."
Eve "You scientist?"
Eugene "Yes."
Eva "You do not look like a scientist."
Eugene "I am."
Eve "If you say so."
Eugene was silent.
Eva "I'll go to bed. Do you have a sleeping bag or something?"
Eugene "Yep, the closet should be."
Eva opened the cabinet.
Eva "I can not find anything other than weapons here."
Eugene "It's the wrong cabinet."
Eva "Oh, sorry."
Then Eva opened another cabinet.
Eva "I found it!"
Eugene "Good."
Eva took two sleeping pags from the cabinet, she threw another sleeping bag to Eve.
Eugene "Look for a good corner for yourself."
Eva "Okay."
Eve and Eve found a good corner and they slammed the sleeping bags on the floor.
Eva "I'm going to bed now."
Eve "Okay, I'm awake a little while longer."
Eva "Okay."
Then Eva fell asleep and Eve went to Eugene.
Eve "Is Rick a good man?"
Eugene "Yeah, he's a good man, and he's the leader here as well."
Eve "Really?"
Eugene "Yep."
Eve "You do not talk much."
Eugene "Well, that's true."
Eve "Do you have a girlfriend?"
Eugene "Not currently."
Eve "Have you had it?"
Eugene "I had."
Eve "What happened to her?"
Eugene "She died."
Eve "How?"
Eugene "Well, how people are dying now."
Eve "She became a walker?"
Eugene "Yep."
Eve "Did you kill him?"
Eugene "I could not."
Eve "But someone killed him, right?"
Eugene "Yeah, someone who was my friend."
Eve "Who was it?"
Eugene "It was Abraham and I can never forget it."
Eve "But you understood that it was necessary to do, right?"
Eugene "Yeah, I did understand it, but it was a tough decision."
Eve "I understand what you mean."
Eugene "Did you have to kill someone?"
Eve "Yeah, I had to kill our parents. Eva could not do it, so I did it."
Eugene "I'm sorry."
Eve "Do not, it's just part of life."
Eugene "Yes,I suppose."

to be continued.....



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