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Chapter 3

The next morning.
Eve "Good morning."
Eugene "Good morning."
Eve "What time did I go to bed?"
Eugene "The clock should be something 1 or 2 at night."
Eve "Were I awake so long?"
Eugene "Yes and you told me all kinds of things."
Eve "Like what?"
Eugene "Well, you said you had to kill your parents."
Eve "Did I tell it?"
Eugene "Yep."
Eve "What else did I ask?"
Eugene "You asked me if I had a girlfriend."
Eve "Okay ..... this is embarrassing."
Eugene "Well, maybe it's a bit embarrassing."
Then Eva woke up.
Eve "Good morning, sister."
Eva got up.
Eva "Good morning."
Eugene "How did you sleep?"
Eva "Well, I could have slept better."
Eugene "Maybe this night you can sleep at the inn."
Eve "Well, that depends on what Rick says."
In the meantime in the church. Gabriel awakened Ariel, who had fallen asleep on the church bench.
Gabriel "Hello, wake up."
Ariel opened his eyes.
Ariel "Where the hell am I?"
Gabriel "You're still in the church."
Ariel "How did I get here?"
Gabriel "You came here yesterday."
Ariel did not say.
Gabriel "My sermon Made You to Sleep?"
Ariel "Yeah."
Gabriel "I knew it."
Ariel "Do you have used to that someone falling asleep in your sermon, huh?"
Gabriel "Unfortunately."
Ariel "Okay, I just wonder if the breakfast is ready, I'm hungry."
Gabriel "Let's go see it."
Ariel "Good idea."
They came out of the church.
Gabriel "Today will be a beautiful day."
Ariel "Let's hope so."
Then they walked toward the inn and Gabriella joined them.
Gabriella "Good morning, both of you."
Gabriel "Good morning, sister."
Ariel just nodded.
Gabriella "You fall asleep in the church, huh?"
Ariel "Yeah, I fell asleep in the midst of your brother's sermon."
Gabriella "I would not be surprised if that happened."
Ariel "What do you mean?"
Gabrielle "Well, my brother's sermons are sometimes ..... how would I say this ... they are sometimes boring, I guess."
Gabriel "They are not boring."
Gabrielle "Sometimes they are."
Gabriel "Well, maybe sometimes, but not always."
Then they came to the inn and Gabriella opened the door and they went inside.
Judith "Good morning."
Gabriel "Good morning, Judith and the blessing of the Lord."
Judith just shrugged his shoulders.
Gabriel "Where are the others?"
Judith "In the dining room."
Gabriel "We'll go there."
Judith "Okay."
Ariel "Do not you come?"
Judith "I ate already."
Ariel "Oh, right."
Then they walked toward the dining room and Rick raised his gaze.
Rick "Good morning."
Gabriel "Good morning."
Rick "Come sit down."
Ariel, Gabriel and Gabriella went to sit at the table.
Eugenie "Have anyone seen my brother?"
Ariel "We did not see him, maybe he'll come later."
Eugenie "Yeah, yeah."
In the meantime in the basement.
Eugene "Hey, you can not take them! They're our weapons!"
Eva "We do not care about the shit!"
Eugene "Why are you doing this? We just try to help you!"
Eve "Look, we do not need help."
Eugene "This is wrong!"
Eve looked at Eugene.
Eve "You know, we should be a good couple."
Eugene "No thanks."
Eve "Is there any fault in me, huh? I'm not beautiful enough, huh?"
Eugene "No, nothing like that. There's nothing wrong with you and you're beautiful."
Eve "Well, why can not we be a couple?"
Eugene "Listen, no harm, but I do not think you will understand me."
Eve "You have another woman, is that it?"
Eugene "No .... no ... or so in a way I have."
Eve "So of course."
Eva "Eve, come help me!"
Eve looked at Eugene.
Eve "You will still regret this!"
Eugene did not say anything.
Eve "Do not move and do not shout or you die."
Then Eve went to help her sister.
Eve "Are you going to take all the weapons?"
Eva "Is not that obvious?"
Eve "Sorry when I asked."
Then they punched all the weapons in the bag.
Eva "Thank you for the hospitality, but we are leaving now."
Eugene "Hey, you can not take all the weapons! How in hell do you think we can survive without weapons?"
Eva "Look, you're a scientist, so I'm sure that you invented something."
Eugene "Put them back ... or I ..."
Eva "Or what? You kill us, huh?"
Eugene "I could."
Eva "You do not kill us."
Eugene "You can not be so sure."
Eva looked at Eve.
Eva "Hit him, then he goes unconscious."
Eve did as Eva said and she hit Eugene and Eugene fell unconscious on the floor.
Eve "Sorry dude, I had to do that."
Eva "Let's go, before we get caught."
Then they ran out of the cellar and ran to the woods and nobody knew anything because they were eating in the dining room.
Eva "That was easy."
Eve "Too easy."
Eva "Yep."
Eve "You think Eugene tells them what happened."
Eva "I do not think he remembers anything."
Eve "Let's hope."
In the meantime, in the basement, Eugene had come back to his consciousness.
Eugene "What the heck happened?"
Eugene got up.
Eugene "Damn it, my head! Did I drink too much alcohol yesterday?"
Then Eugene remembered he did not drink alcohol.
Eugene "Oh, yeah, I do not drink alcohol. I guess I hit my head somewhere, probably."
Then Eugene went out into the basement and she went to walk toward the inn.
Eugene "I did not see Eve and Eve, maybe they've already gone to eat, maybe."
Then Eugene opened the inn and walked to the dining room.
Eugene "Good morning, everyone equally!"
Everyone looked up and stared at Eugene.
Eugenie "Where the hell have you been, we've been waiting for you for about 2 hours!"
Eugene "I probably hit my head and I was a little unconscious."
Eugenie "Yes, sure."
Rick "Well, now that you're here, come sit down."
Eugene went to sit next to her sister.
Carol "Coffee?"
Eugene "Yeah, thank you."
Carol poured coffee into a cup.
Carol "It should awaken you."
Eugene "Yeah."
Then Eugne looked around, but she did not see Eve and Eve anywhere.
Eugene "Have they already eaten?"
Daryl "Huh? Who?"
Eugene "I mean, have Eve and Eve already eaten?"
Rosita "They have not been here."
Eugene "What?"
Jesus "We thought that they would come with you."
Eugene "Well, they did not officially come."
Mia "Maybe they're still sleeping in the basement."
Eugene "Well, officially they did not sleep there anymore."
Merle "You're kidding, right?"
Eugene "No, I'm not kidding."
Merle "What the hell?"
Eugene "I did not see them anywhere."
Jenny "Maybe you were blind?"
Eugene "I'm not blind."
Rachel "If they are not here, where are they?"
Eugene "I do not know."
Jenny "You should."
Eugene "How is that?"
Jenny "Well, they slept with you in the basement."
Eugene "I'm not a fucking babysitter!"
Rick "That's enough!"
Everybody looked at Rick.
Rick "We need to find them."
Daryl "Where are we going to start from?"
Rick "from the basement, officially, where they were last."
Daryl "I'll go there now."
Rick "Okay."
Daryl got up and he grabbed the crossbow and left off.
Carl "What if we do not find them?"
Rick "We find them, they have not been able to go far."
Daryl had arrived in the cellar and went inside the basement. And he looked around.
Daryl "This place is worse than a fucking prison."
Then Daryl looked around and he noticed the cabinet was open and it was empty.
Daryl "What the hell? Where are all the guns?"
Then Carol came to the basement.
Carol "Did you find anything?"
Daryl turned around.
Daryl "What are you doing here?"
Carol "I thought maybe you need help."
Daryl "Thank you, but no thanks."
Carol noticed that all the weapons had disappeared.
Carol "Where are our weapons?"
Daryl "Maybe Eva and Eve took them."
Carol "But Eugene would have seen it."
Daryl "Unless one of them hit Eugene unconscious."
Carol "Do you think so?"
Daryl "Well, do not you remember when Eugene came to the dining room and he said he had hit his head and he was unconscious."
Carol "Yeah, I remember."
Daryl "I think someone hit him unconscious."
Carol "We need to tell this to others."
Daryl "Yeah, we go back to the dining room."
They went back to the dining room.
Rick "Did you find anything?"
Daryl "No, but the weapons had disappeared."
Rosita "Did all the weapons disappear?"
Carol "Yep."
Abraham "What the hell?"
Abraham looked at Eugene.
Abraham "You should have been careful when you let them sleep there."
Eugene "I did not want them there, damn it! It was Rick's fault!"
Everybody looked at Rick.
Rick "I did not know they would steal our guns!"
Mia "What the hell are we doing now?"
Rick "We'll find them!"
Merle "What if we do not find them?"
Rick "We're going to find them!"
Carl "Dad, we can not fight without weapons!"
Rick "We have Eugene."
Daryl "Even if we had Eugene, it does not help."
Merle "Unless Eugene can do weapons."
Everyone looked at Eugene.
Eugene "What?"
Jenny "Can you do weapons?"
Eugene, "I am not a gun expert. I am a scientist."
Jenny: "But you were trying to make a bomb, so you would know how to make weapons."
Eugene "I can not do weapons, but I know one person who can do weapons."
Jesus "Who is she?"
Eugene "His name is Sara."
Jenny "Where is she?"
Eugene "His camp is about 50 miles from here and she is alone."
Rick "Is she alone?"
Eugene "Yep."
Eugenie "Why do not I know him?"
Eugene "Well, she helped me once."
Eugenie "Why did I not know anything about this?"
Eugene "Well, perhaps because I'm not accountable to you, even though you are my sister."
Eugenie "Is she a nice person?"
Eugene "Yeah, as long as you do not make her angry."
Jesus "We're going to get him here, right?"
Eugene "She will not come voluntarily."
Jenny "If she does not come out on a voluntary, we will force him."
Eugene "No one can force her until she does so."
Rick "Well, we can at least try to talk to her."
Eugene "You can try, but I do not think it will succeed."
Rick "You'll come in, maybe she'll agree to talk to us."
Eugene "Oh, I do not know that."
Rick "You will come because you know where she is."
Eugene "Okay then."

To be continued....



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