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Chapter 4

Daryl "Are we going now?"
Rick "Yep, you, Eugene, and Jesus will come with me, and others stay here."
Abraham "I'm not going to stay here."
Rick "You do as I say."
Rosita "Why in hell should we stay here?"
Rick "If I say that you are stay here, then you will stay here, no objections!"
Rosita "Okay then."
Rick "And if Eve and Eva come back, please let us know."
Abraham "Okay."
Then Rick, Eugene, Jesus and Daryl went out and walked toward the car.
Eugene "Sara does not agree with our suggestion, I'll tell you."
Daryl "Well, if she does not agree, we will make him agree."
Eugene "What are you going to do to him? You threaten him?"
Daryl "If you need it."
Eugene "You do not understand."
Jesus "What Should We Understand?"
Eugene "Well, Sara is so lonely wolf, she does not want friends or anyone, she just wants to be alone."
Daryl "Well, it's changing now."
Eugene did not say anything.
Rick "Get in the car."
Daryl, Jesus and Eugene went to sit inside the car. Rachel walked to Rick.
Rachel "Be careful."
Rick "We are."
Rachel "I love you."
Rick "I love you too, but now I have to go."
Rick hugged Rachel.
Rick "Take care of the rest."
Rachel "I will."
Then Rick went inside the car and he started the car and Rachel opened the gate. And Rick drove toward the north. And Rachel put the gate shut.
Judith "My dad is strong, no one can hurt her."
Rachel, "I've noticed."
Judith "Have you ever had children before?"
Rachel "I had a daughter, her name was Alice."
Judith "Oh, where is she now?"
Rachel "She's not here anymore, she's gone."
Judith "Is she ... dead?"
Rachel "Yes unfortunately."
Judith "How did it happen?"
Rachel "What?"
Judith "I mean, how did she die?"
Rachel "Walker bites her, so I had to kill her."
Judith "It was definitely a difficult decision."
Rachel "Yeah, it was."
Judith "Well, now you have me and Carl."
Rachel "Yes, I have."
In the meantime, on the other hand, Sara was sitting in the ground and she tried to get the fire started.
Sara "Do not bother!"
Sara tried again.
Sara "Come on!"
Sara tried again.
Sara "The fuck came fire already!"
Sara tried again. But nothing happened.
Sara "A fucking fucking fucking fuck!"
Then Sara kicked the firewood away. Then she noticed when the car drove toward his camp.
Sara "What the fuck?"
Sara got up from the ground.
Sara "Who the hell are those, and how in the hell did they find me?"
Sara walked to the car that had just stopped.
Sara "If they're going to steal something here, then there's nothing to steal here."
Then Rick, Eugene, Jesus and Daryl got out of the car.
Rick "Good day, Miss."
Sara "Good day, sir? How can I help you?"
Rick "I'm Rick, Rick Grimes and I'm looking for a young woman named Sara."
Sara "You just talk to her."
Rick "Are you Sara?"
Sara: "Well, there is no one here but me, so I am."
Rick "We came here ...."
Sara "If you came here to steal something, then there's nothing stolen here."
Rick "I was just saying that we came here to talk to you."
Sara "Why?"
Daryl "We need your help."
Sara "Why?"
Jesus "You're a weapon expert, right?"
Sara "Yeah I'm .... Wait ... How the hell did you know it?"
Jesus "Eugene told me."
Sara "Who the hell is Eugene?"
Daryl "He's Eugene."
Then Daryl showed Eugene.
Eugene "Hey."
Sara "Oh, hey, do you know me?"
Eugene "You helped me once."
Sara "Oh, I do not remember I helped you."
Eugene "I remember."
Sara "Well, I do not."
Eugene "Well, you helped me."
Sara "Well, I do not even know you."
Eugene "Well, I know you."
Sara "What do you want?"
Rick "We need someone who could make weapons for us."
Sara "Do not you have any weapons?"
Daryl "We had, but they were stolen."
Sara "Who's stole it?"
Jesus "Eva and Eve."
Sara "Those women know how to be assholes."
Daryl "You know them?"
Sara "Yeah, they tried to steal food here a couple of days ago."
Jesus "What did you do to them?"
Sara "I shot one of them on my leg."
Rick "So they did not get far."
Daryl "Did they have a gun bag included?"
Sara "I did not see them with them."
Jesus "Maybe they have hidden it somewhere."
Sara "It could be possible."
Rick "You come to our camp."
Sara "I'm not going anywhere."
Daryl "You are coming or we will put you to come."
Sara "I'm not coming."
Right then Rick walkkie talkie ring.
Rick "Sorry, I'll answer this."
Rick answered.
Rick "Yeah?"
Carol "They came back and someone fired Eve in the foot."
Rick "We already know who it is."
Carol "You know that?"
Rick "Yeah, we'll come in there."
Carol "Okay, we're waiting."
Then Rick quit.
Daryl "What?"
Rick "Carol said that Eva and Eve have come back and that someone has shot Eve in the foot and we already know who it was."
Sara "Well, now you can leave and leave me alone."
Rick "Oh no, we will not leave you here, you will come with us."
Sara "I'm not coming!"
Daryl "You're coming
Sara "What are you going to do to me if I do not agree, huh?"
Daryl "I'll kill you."
Sara "Yes, I guess."
Rick "Look, you'll come."
Sara "No, I will not come!"
Then Jesus brought Sara in her arms.
Jesus "Let's go."
Sara "Hey, get me down!"
Jesus "It will not happen!"
Sara "This is a deprivation of liberty! I'll tell this to the police!"
Daryl "Rick is a police officer."
Sara looked at Rick.
Sara "You are?"
Rick "I was."
Then they went inside the car.
Sara "This is a defamation!"
Jesus "Just the same."
Sara "This is wrong!"
Jesus "I will not listen!"
Sara "You will be charged with the deprivation of liberty!"
Jesus "It is seen."
Sara "Let me out of this car now!"
Jesus "It will not happen."
Sara "Hell!"
Then Sara crossed her arms.
Jesus "Did you stop already?"
Sara did not say anything, she just looked at Jesus murderously.
Jesus "I think that was yes."
Then they drove back to the camp.
Rick "You will have fun in our camp, we have electricity there and everything we need to survive."
Sara did not say anything.
Rick: "It looks like you're not going to talk to us."
Then they were in the camp.
Eugene "We're here."
Sara still refused to say anything.
Eugene "Let's get out of the car."
Everyone else got out of the car except Sara.
Rick "Come Out."
Sara did not move.
Rick "I do not have time for this."
Sara still refused to move.
Rick "Okay then."
Then Rick pulled Sara out of the car.
Sara "Hey, that was not nice!"
Rick "I just had to get you out of the car."
Sara "Well, you would not have needed it!"
Then Sara went to the ground and she crossed her arms.
Rick "You can not be fucking serious!"
Sara did nothing. Then Rick looked at Daryl.
Rick "Daryl, help me a little."
Daryl and Rick raised Sara to stand up.
Daryl "You know, you're a hellish case."
Sara did not answer anything.
Rick "Well, let's go."
Then Rick and Daryl dragged Sara into the inn where Eugene and Jesus had gone before them.
Rick "You know, this would be a lot easier if you would cooperate with us."
Sara still did not say anything.
Rick "You're a tough piece of shit that you know."
Sara still did not say anything.
Daryl "Do we bring him directly to the living room?"
Rick "Yeah."
Then they dragged Sara into the living room where others already waited for them.
Rick "She did not agree to walk, so we'll help him a little."
Sara pulled herself off.
Merle "She's a pretty hot case."
Mia "What did you say?"
Merle "I mean, she's a hellish case."
Mia "Oh, yeah she is."
Then Eve and Eva noticed Sara.
Eve "That hell shot at my leg!"
Carol looked at Eve.
Carol "Really?"
Eve "Yeah, really."
Carol "Well, maybe she had a reason."
Everyone stared at Sara, who still said nothing.
Carl "Why does she say nothing?"
Gabriel "Maybe she's shy."
Sara just stared at them and did not say anything.
Rick "Listen, if you do not talk now, we'll put you to talk."
Sara did not say anything.
Rick "Well, you asked for this."
Then Rick pulled a gun out and he showed it to Sara.
Rachel "Rick, what the hell are you doing?"
Rick "I'll put her to talk."
Sara stared at the gun in the barrel, then opened her mouth.
Sara "Hell, shoot me!"
Rick looked at Sara.
Sara "I said shoot me!"
Rick did nothing.
Sara "Well, what are you waiting for?"
Rick put the gun down.
Sara "You're a coward."
Rick "I'm not going to shoot you for no reason, I just wanted you to say something."

to be continued....



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