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Chapter 5

Sara "Well, you would not have needed hell to show me that hell of a gun."
Rick "I wanted to get you to just talk to me."
Sara "Well, you could have done it in another way."
Rick "Well, you would not have agreed."
Sara "Maybe I would not."
Rick "Why are you who you are?"
Sara "My past has made me what I am now."
Rick "Has something horrible happened to you in the past?"
Sara "I would not like to talk about it."
Rick "Well, are you willing to cooperate?"
Sara "No, I'm not."
Rick "You know, I'm going to lose my nerves, because of you."
Sara "And that's my problem, huh?"
Rick "Well, officially yes."
Sara "Well, nobody told me to bring me here. You brought me here so it's your fault."
Rick started nervous.
Rick "Listen, if you do not agree to co-operation, then I ...."
Sara "You do what? You kill me?"
Rick did not say anything.
Sara "I will not cooperate with you. It was enough for me when I was in co-operation with the Governor."
Merle "Who the hell is the Governor?"
Sara "His real name is Philip Blake, but for some reason he calls himself Governor."
Eugene "Maybe he was a bad man, but we are not."
Sara did not say anything.
Rosita "Is he still alive?"
Sara "Yeah, and her community is located in Woodbury."
Rick "Is it far from here?"
Sara "It's 100 miles from here to the north."
Merle "I'll go there and talk to that asshole."
Rick "No one go anywhere."
Eugene looked at Sara.
Eugene "Listen, if you would cooperate with us, you would have the chance to take revenge on him. I do not know how you would do it, but you could."
Sara did not say anything.
Eugene "I know, this may be difficult for you."
Sara "They're on the Governor's side."
Rick "Who are they?"
Sara showed Eve and Eva.
Sara "Those two assholes who stole your weapons and they've probably taken them already to Woodbury."
Everyone turned to see Eva and Eve.
Eve "Oh shit."
Rick "You lied to us!"
Eva "How is that?"
Rick "We asked you if you have a community and you said you did not have it."
Eve "Oh, we forgot it."
Daryl "No one can forget about that."
Eve "Well, we can."
Rick "Where are our weapons?"
Eve "If we knew so we would not tell."
Rick "Where the hell are they?"
Eva "We do not know."
Daryl "And hell, you know!"
Eve "Well, even if we knew we would not tell."
Daryl took the crossbow up and he was aiming for Eve.
Daryl "Tell me or I'll shoot this arrow hell you in the ass!"
Eve "You would not do it."
Daryl "I would."
Eve "Was that threat?"
Daryl "Listen, you've been shot once and I'm not afraid to shoot you again."
Eve did not say anything.
Sara "Better that you tell them where the weapons are, it would be much easier for everyone."
Eva "You're not telling us what we should do."
Sara "That was just a suggestion, damn it."
Eve stared at the crossbow.
Daryl "Are you telling me?"
Eve "No, I did not think."
Daryl "You have two options, either you tell where they are and you're alive or you will not tell and you will die. What is your choice?"
Eve did not say anything.
Daryl "And you know, I do not care what you choose because you'll die sooner or later."
Eva "Tell them."
Eve "They're already Woodbury, as Sara has said."
Daryl "Well, we'll go there."
Eva "The Governor will kill you if you go there."
Daryl "I do not mind shit."
Carol "I do care, I do not want you to die."
Daryl "I will not die." '
Carol "You could."
Daryl "Why are you suddenly worried about me?"
Carol "Well, maybe because I care about you and you are important to me."
Daryl did not say anything.
Rick "Carol, he will not die, I'll take care of it."
Rachel "Are you going to go to Woodbury?"
Rick "How else would we get our weapons back?"
Rachel "Maybe we could call the Governor."
Rick "We do not call, we will go there."
Rachel "But ...."
Rick "We're going."
Rachel sighed.
Rick "We will go there, but we will not go today, maybe tomorrow."
Daryl just nodded.
Rick "Today we are all done tomorrow morning."
Gabriella "I could have been there today."
Rick "We'll go there tomorrow."
Gabrielle "When we're there, I'll kill that asshole."
Rick "We do not go there to kill."
Gabriella "But we do not know what they do to us."
Rick "And we do not go there to kill them."
Gabriel "You're always killing someone. Why?"
Gabriella "That's my habit."
Gabriel "You really are that black sheep."
Gabriella "Better be a black sheep when an act like shy white sheep."
Gabriel just shook his head.
Rick "Get ready for tomorrow."
Everybody nodded.
Ariel "Hello, dad."
Abraham "Hey, hey."
Rosita "I'll leave you two."
Then Rosita got ready for tomorrow.
Abraham "So?"
Ariel "Father, sorry if I had a little son of a bitch lately."
Abraham "Well, they all are sometime."
Ariel "Maybe so."
Abraham "Did you have something yet?"
Ariel "I am happy when you and Rosita are together."
Abraham "Thank you."
Ariel "Well, I guess I have to start calling Rosie to my stepmom."
Abraham "Would you like to do that?"
Ariel "If it okay for you."
Abraham "It's okay for me, but I do not know what Rosita says."
Ariel "I'll ask her."
Abraham "Okay."
Then Ariel went looking for Rosita. At last, she found Rosie, who was preparing for tomorrow.
Ariel "Hey."
Rosita "Hey, hey."
Ariel "I'd like to start calling you my stepmom. It was okay for my dad."
Rosita dropped the knife on the floor.
Rosita "Are you serious?"
Ariel "Yeah, if that's okay for you."
Rosita "I do not know."
Ariel did not say anything.
Rosita "Listen, I like you, but I do not know if I should be a good mother."
Ariel "Okay."
Rosita noticed that Ariel seemed disappointed.

to be continued....



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